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Free Bedtime Stories For Children; Online Kids Story; Ollie The Big Red Bus Falls In Love

Updated on July 7, 2011

Get Your Free Bedtime Stories For Children Here - Read Ollie For Free!

Forget paying for your online reading matter - get your free online short stories here! In this series of free bedtime stories for children, we have another delightful story from our friend Ollie. Ollie is a big red bus who has many adventures on his journeys out and about. You can be the first to read all about him here - so don't miss out! All these stories have moral elements to them that help young children with morals, ethics and good citizenship. I know they will enjoy them, just like you will enjoy reading them! Enjoy and share the love!!

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Ollie Is Cleaned - It Is A Special Day!

One bright spring morning, Ollie had been given a really special clean by Sam and Molly. All the dust had been washed off his shiny red paintwork and all his seats had been brushed so that they looked like new.

"Is this a special day?" Ollie asked his friend Bertie, who stood next to him in the big garage. "Yes," replied his friend, "today's the day when a new coach is coming to live with us."


Ollie Saw The Most Beautiful Coach In The World!

Just then, Sam opened the big doors at the front of the garage and Ollie saw the most beautiful coach in the whole world. She was long and sleek, with pretty pink paint that glinted and glistened in the morning sunshine. Down her sides she had a long blue ribbon and, peeping from each side of her radiator, the most dainty headlights that Ollie could ever had imagined!

Ollie's engined turned a little somersault under his bonnet and his big black tyres felt all wobbly. The coach purred gracefully into the garage, stopping next to Ollie. She fluttered her windscreen wipers at him.


It Was Just A Normal Day... Before He Met Cassie

"Wha... What's your name?" stammered Ollie, his normally strait radiator twisting into a silly expression. "My name's Cassie." Replied the coach, in a rather low husky voice. Before Ollie had a chance to ask Cassie any of the hundred things that he wanted to ask her Fred, his driver climbed into the driving seat with Bill, his conductor, and jumped onto the platform at the back.

Fred started Ollie's engine and, with a ting ting of Ollie's bell, they rolled out of the garage, down the hill and off into the town - all ready for another morning's work! As usual, they were taking ladies to the shops, children to school and workers to the factory. It was just another normal day or so Ollie thought before he met Cassie.


Ollie Wasn't His Normal Self

Ollie knew his route as well as a cat knows it's tail. Today, however, he could not seem to keep his mind on where he was going. Twice he went right past bus stops, leaving angry passengers standing on the pavement.

"My, my," said Bill, "what's got into you today Ollie, you really are not your usual self!" But Ollie could only think of the lovely pink coach, with her sparkling headlights and pretty blue ribbon.


Cassie And Bertie In Deep Conversation

When Ollie returned to the garage that evening, he found Cassie standing next to his friend Bertie. They were in deep conversation with their headlamps turned towards each other and Bertie's radiator turned up in a silly grin.

"Hello Bertie," said Ollie, but Bertie ignored his friend and continued talking to the pretty pink coach. Ollie tried talking to Cassie, but she just got closer to Bertie as if poor Ollie wasn't there at all.


Cassie Only Had Headlamps For Bertie!

Ollie felt so sad and lonely. The pretty new coach, that he had been thinking about all day, only had headlamps for Bertie. Ollie had no one to talk to. He felt full up with unhappiness. Slowly, a trickle of water escaped from his radiator cap and ran down his shiny grill, plopping onto the garage floor. There forming was a little pool by his front tyres.

The next morning, Cassie was the first to leave the garage. She was to be shown off to the owners of the bus company. As she trundled out of the garage, she wrinkled her radiator and fluttered her headlamps at all the other buses. As she went out of the big garage door, she wriggled her exhaust pipe in a very rude way.


The New Coach Was Nothing But A Little Flirt!

All the buses in the garage were shocked at the new coaches behaviour. Bess, the eldest, said that she had never in all her years with the bus company seen such a display. Larry, the breakdown lorry, said that the new coach was nothing but a little flirt and should know better. Even the mini-buses wrinkled up their bumpers in disdain.

As Ollie travelled around the town, he had to pass where Cassie was being shown off. She stood in the middle of the square, looking proud and arrogant. Her headlights followed every lorry and truck - she even glanced cheekily at the cars standing in the car park!

Ollie thought what a fool he had been to allow the new coach to upset him. Whatever had he seen in here! She was only a flirt - why - she had even made headlights at Bertie!


Even the mini buses were shocked!
Even the mini buses were shocked!

Bertie Was Sorry To Ignore Ollie

When Ollie pulled up at a bus stop, waiting for his passengers to climb on and off, he saw the familiar shape of his friend. "Hello Ollie," said Bertie, "I am sorry I ignored you, but I can see now that old friends are the best friends and I will never ignore you again." "That's alright," said Ollie, "at first I thought that Cassie was wonderful, but after seeing her showing off, I don't think I want her for a friend afterall."

After Ollie had spoken to his friend, he felt so much better. Once again, he enjoyed taking the people round the town, and now, not forgetting to stop at the right places. Bill the conductor whistled a tune in time to the gentle swish of Ollie's tyres.


Nobody Wanted To Speak To The New Coach

That night, back at the garage, all the red buses talked amongst themselves. Nobody wanted to speak to the new pink coach. Cassie would have to learn that she was no better than all the other buses.

When the darkness was at its deepest, and all the garage was still, the sound of sniffing and sobbing could be heard. "What's that noise?" Said one bus looking over. "I don't know," said another. But the noise grew louder and louder. "It's me!" Said Cassie's cracked and broken voice, "I'm so ashamed at my horrid behaviour, please talk to me! I promise not to be a flirt or stuck up anymore!"


Ollie Forgives Cassie

When Ollie heard this, he could see that Cassie was really sorry, he rolled over to her. He layed his wing mirror on her shiny new paint and told her that she was forgiven. When all the other buses saw this, they joined in and told her she was very welcome to to be part of the bus fleet.

So, once again, the garage grew quiet and still. The big clock on the wall smiled on Ollie, Cassie and all the other friends as they waited for yet another day.


The Lessons Of Love With More Free Bedtime Stories For Children!

Arhh, the lessons of love all packaged up in this story. Ollie, Cassie and the rest of the garage certainly learned a valuable lesson here, don't you think? If you like this, then why not read more of my free bedtime stories for children here? Learn with Ollie and you too can enter the world of imagination with this lovable character. There are more links, here at the bottom, you know! Why not get on the bus for another great adventure today? Ting, ting!!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License


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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Great Britain

      Im glad you liked it - Ollie likes to please!

    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 

      7 years ago

      Its awesome .Thanks to share with us .

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      mioluna - glad you enjoyed it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      kaltopsyd - Why pay when you can get em for free! 'Get your free online stories here!... Roll up! Roll up!' hehehe

    • kaltopsyd profile image


      8 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      Aww, I like it! I should read this for my little godsisters. Thanks! I was due to buy them a new book! :)

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      HappyHer - Thanks - it seems that plenty of young children love Ollie too! hehehe

    • HappyHer profile image

      Tracy Morrow 

      8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Fun story! I used to love to read to my children.


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