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Free Bedtime Stories For Children: A Kids Story About Ollie The Big Red Bus - Ollie's New Job

Updated on April 10, 2012

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Forget paying for your online reading matter - get your free online short stories here! In this series of free bedtime stories for children, we have another delightful story from our friend Ollie. Unfortunately this is the last one. As you might be aware, Ollie is a big red bus who has many adventures on his journeys out and about. You can be the first to read all about him here - so don't miss out! All these stories have moral elements to them that help young children with morals, ethics and good citizenship. I know they will enjoy them, just like you will enjoy reading them! Enjoy and share the love!!

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Free Bedtime Stories For Children : Ollie

The garage was very still that morning. Ollie and his friend Bertie stood side by side. They were waiting for the hands of the big clock, that lay above the double doors, to reach six. This was Ollie's favourite time.

At six o'clock Ollie, Bertie and all the other big red buses, would trundle off into town, taking all the people to where they wanted to go. But today was different. The little hand of the clock touched the six, but the doors did not open as usual. Bill, Ollie's conductor, did not jump on Ollie's step and Fred, Ollie's driver, did not climb into his driving seat. All remained quiet and still.

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The little hand of the clock touched seven, then eight, but still nobody came. Sunday - the day that the bus station was closed - was days away. All the buses in the garage got fidgety, and they all wondered why the garage did not open as usual.

The doors opened and all the drivers came in at once. They got onto the buses and one by one drove them in a long line along the road that led into the town. All of them, except Ollie and Bertie. The friends watched the buses disappear around the corner and all was silent in the big garage.

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Ollie's head lamps turned toward Bertie, "How will the children go to school? How will the people go to the shops and work without us today?" he said. "I don't know," replied his friend, as they stared out of the garage doors, watching the cars and lorries passing by in the busy street.

At last Fred, Ollies driver and Dave, Bertie's driver, walked slowly through the garage doors and climbed inside the buses. Now Ollie and Bertie had been at the garage a very long time, and their paintwork was not as shiny as it had used to be. Their seats were rather worn and their engines did not run as smoothing as when they had first came.

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Today Ollie and Bertie did not stop at the bus stops and they didn't follow their usual routes. Fred did not sing or whistle as he normally would and he drove very slowly. At last they left the town, driving along the main road that Ollie remembered led to the seaside. After a little while they turned off and went along a country lane which led to a farm.

Here they stopped. Fred and Dave got out and gave the keys, which normally stayed in Ollie and Bertie's locks, to a red faced man. He looked up and down in a funny looking way and then marched inside the farmhouse. Just then a car drew up and with a pat on their radiators, Fred and Dave got into the care which then sped away back along the lane.

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The friends stood alone in front of the farmhouse all day. It began to rain and Ollie wondered when their drivers were going to return to take them back to the garage. They didn't return.

It grew dark and cold. The rain turned into a miserable drizzle which seeped into every corner of the friend's red coach-work. "Oh dear," said Ollie, "what is to become of us?" "I don't know," said Bertie, "but it seems the bus company doesn't want us anymore."

All night they huddled together, cold, wet and miserable. Even when morning did come, the farmer who left the warm glow of his kitchen, only gave them a fleeting glance.

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They stood for hours, watching the daylight brighten. They saw the cows peeping over the gate at them and heard the cockerel crow. But still no one came. The farmer returned to the farmhouse and they smelt food being cooked in his warm kitchen, but stil no one came.

Only when the farmer had finished his dinner did he return to the buses with their keys in his hand. Just then a mini bus drew up and out of it jumped a group of people. They looked over them and then they looked under them and then inside them. They altogether examined them all over! Two of these people got into the driving seats and tried to start them.

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Now Ollie and Bertie had been left out all night. They had not been washed down or had their oil and water checked. All in all, they were not happy buses. Ollie said to Bertie, "I'm not going to start!" and Berties said "I'm not going to start either!" And they didn't. "Oh please start," said Ollie's driver. The voice was so kind and gentle, that Ollie - who was really a very good natured bus - started just to please him. When Bertie heard Ollie start, he started too.

They drove to a big shed on the farm. There all the people who had come in the mini bus started taking the two friends to pieces. They took out all the seats. They took out the engineand they took off all the old and faded red paint. They cleaned Ollie's and Bertie's insides and took their engines to pieces and put them back together again, replacing all the worn out bits. Then they put the engines back.

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Inside they put up pictures, they put in new seats, cupboards and tables.  They painted everything in fresh and bright pretty colours.  When Ollie and Bertie's insides were finished, the people painted the outside.  No more red paint; instead bright yellow and blue, with flowers and pictures.

"Oh, I do feel good," said Ollie, "and I do too," said his friend.  "I'm a new bus now," cried the friends together as they drove to a little village - a few miles from the farm.

That was a long time ago now. From that day to this, Ollie and Bertie travel every day to a different village where children run in and out of them and play happily inside them. For Ollie and Bertie are now the children's 'play buses' - and two happier buses you could not wish to find! At night they go off to sleep, holding each other's wing mirrors, knowing that the children are looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.

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An Ending to Ollie's Free Bedtime Stories For Children

Now, the lesson to learn from Ollie and Bertie is that to be old doesn't mean that you are put on the scrap-heap.  On the contrary, Bertie and Ollie found a new sense of freedom - one that became useful in the community, where they were valued for what they could offer.  Sure, they had to renew a few parts, but essentially, they were the same buses that they ever were.  As Ollie and Bertie enter into their twighlight years, we shall leave them to what they do best - keeping children happy!  This ends Ollie's free bedtime stories for children as we embark on new story realms.  Feel free to browse new characters and new worlds in the links below!

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