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Free, Easy Exercises for Your Teens to get in Shape

Updated on February 15, 2017
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

"Yay, Teens!"

Wildcat cheerleaders, 1949
Wildcat cheerleaders, 1949 | Source

It has to be

the part of a teenager's life we call the rites of passage when their room looks much like a landfill and that is on a good day. Simply stated, teenagers simply do not, as a rule, consider cleaning their rooms a serious item on their personal agendas. Now in some isolated cases, there are teens with a driven energy to always make their rooms look as spotless as the "White Room" at NASA where highly-sensitive (and expensive) equipment is repaired, designed and cleaned.

These teenager's super-clean rooms, in my opinion, need to be on public display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., as a glowing example of how some teenagers are to be applauded not just for great educational skills, social lives, but personal cleanliness at home.

Let me at this time just say, "Yay, Teens!" And teenagers everywhere, I mean this from the heart.

A typical teenager's room.
A typical teenager's room. | Source
 What most teens  think about during their waking hours.
What most teens think about during their waking hours. | Source

There is

another area of a teenager's life that is beginning to draw the attention of their parents and friends. And that, to be honest, is the teens lack of physical exercise. I know that this is a sticky subject and very sensitive to talk about openly, but you know and I know that a continued neglect of the physical body can lead to serious health issues to say nothing about shortening the life of those who disregard physical exercise.

I am not a doomsday sayer, but one who is just telling the truth. And once again, teens, I know if you are reading this, you are upset and angry right now, but when you are settled, you have to face the stark reality that I did not lie to you. You see? I know how all teenagers simply hate to be lied to and that hate extends to the liars. I am not either.

During a few hours of free time this week, I began to look at the area of "Today's Teenagers Lack of Physical Exercise," and how I could be of help. This project took several hours of serious thinking about every aspect of a teenager's life--and how busy they are these days. And yes, I do understand how time is precious to teenagers and in 2017, with all of the extracurricular activities that teens enjoy, there is not a lot of time for them to adapt to a regimented physical exercise routine.

So I have devised this list of ten "Free, Easy Exercises for Your Teens to get in Shape," without joining gyms, buying expensive work-out equipment and paying physical trainers bu-coos of money to train them each day to exercise and get into shape.

Both teenage girls and boys are busy in 2017 with extracurricular activities such as sports, dance practice and hanging out if they have time.
Both teenage girls and boys are busy in 2017 with extracurricular activities such as sports, dance practice and hanging out if they have time. | Source

Let's begin with . . .

10.) Elbow/Forearm Flex is probably the easiest exercise a teenager can do. All that the teen does is hold out each arm, squat to the floor, seize items on the floor, stand and release flex of hands to allow item(s) to fall safely on the bed or in their designated area.

9.) Knee bend/Squat can also be a fun exercise for teens who hate exercise. This exercise requires little work which most teenagers can appreciate. Teens are to stand straight, bend the knees--taking the edge of, let's say, the sheet or comforter on their bed and when the teen stands up, they can pull the sheet or comforter back where it belongs. The teenager's back, hands, and knees can all get needed exercise that will add years to their lives.

8.) Tight Lips is a new exercise for today's teens. In fact, this exercise is so easy and fun, the pre-teens can get in on the fun. Teens: make your top lip mesh against your bottom lip and keep this position for as long as an hour. This exercise that might be traced to The Orient, can build one's lip strength for talking nicely to parents, not talking disrespectfully to parents or teachers, even kissing that date good night. Hey, if this exercise was good enough for martial arts master, Bruce Lee, it is good enough for you.

7.) Hand Muscle Building is another new exercise where teenagers can end up with powerful hand muscles which will help if the teen is on a football (or any sports) team) or choosing to be in the trades after school say a master carpenter. Ask any carepenter or brick mason and they will tell you that Hand Muscle Building is the perfect exercise for this type of work. (e.g. super-star, Hall of Fame receiver, Jerry Rice of the NFL San Francisco 49'ers built up his hands by helping his dad at work. His dad was a master bricklayer). If the teen is not sports-orientated, those hand muscles can also be built up to be strong as vices by picking up items such as socks, underwear, empty soda containers which occupy the floor of a teenager's room.

6.) Trash Can Curse is fairly new to teenagers in bigger cities and just catching on to teens in the south and other areas of the U.S. All that the teen has to do to build strong thighs and reflexes, is stand near the trash can in their room. Do not talk. Bend over forward picking up the trash container then jogging (optional) to the nearest bigger garbage can that mostly sits outside of the home. Do this as many times as necessary depending on the amount of contents in trash can.

5.) Trash Can Relay is designed for one or more teenagers to get proper exercise. This discipline can be made fun by each teenager standing in a straight line and the teen on the end nearest the trash can in their room just bends over and hands the trash can to the nearest teen until the teen at the end ends up with it in their hands. Then the "trash can brigade" moves to the door that leads to the bigger garbage can outside and repeat process until all of the smaller trash bins in the home is emptied. You talk about building endurance and teamwork. This exercise is it.

4.) Trash Receptacle Press is much like the weight-lifting on ESPN's "Strongest Man Competition." But keep in mind that this exercise is for the older teenagers from age 15 through 19 who are living in the home. The teen simply power walks to the bigger garbage can sitting outside and with one swift motion, he or she lifts it over their head without it spilling and then power walking to the edge of the sidewalk where he or she puts the can down for the sanitation crew to empty the next morning. Exercise to be repeated as many times as there are bigger garbage cans outside of the house.

3.) The Mother Assist is for those fairly liberal, laid-back parents of 2017. Teenagers are to study a moderate amount of time before doing this exercise. The design is easy. Teens just mildly speak to the mom and offer to "assist" her when she cleans the house and by "assist," I mean, lifting the heavy objects such as ottomans where she vacuums or maybe the front of a recliner where the teen spilled popcorn last night. Just concentrating on the heavy items that you, the healthy teen can lift with hardly any problem. What does this exercise accomplish? It builds a healthy respect for mom and even dad if he is a single parent or mom if she is too a single parent and this exercise can help you fight that unwanted urge to just sit on your butt while the parent does all of the work.

2.) Sleep to Recharge Exercise has been around for many years and one exercise that teenagers as early as in the 1800's throughout the 1950's, 60's, and some of the 70's. It is so easy for a teen to do, I am ashamed to even publish it. All that any teen does is choose a healthy hour to go to bed. Then using the "off" or "disable" app on cell phones iPads, and such, lay the electronic device on the night stand that should be at the edge of the bed. Then the teen is so lay silently with both eyes shut and maintain this position until the electronic alarm says "get up" or the friendly voice of an authority figure instructs them it is time for a new day. This exercise also has a built-in condition: No sneaking phone calls to besties or person the teen is dating for a last-minute gab session in the late hours.

1.) Mind and Character Building is an exercise that all teens and pre-teens can do without any problem. When an authority figure asks a question, the teen involved with this exercise just relaxes, looks the authority figure or parent in the eye and tells the truth. That is it. The teen or pre-teen may not realize it, but little by little they are building for themselves a strong mind and character that will serve them well in college or vocational life after high school.

And if your teenagers do these exercises to the very best of their abilities, they will end up with a clean room, a healthy body, strong mind and character.

Good night, Haleyville, Alabama.

Somewhere in this room is a teenager. Can you find them?
Somewhere in this room is a teenager. Can you find them? | Source

© 2017 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 11 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Thank you, my good friend, for your support. This, and elayne001's comment helps me so much.

      Write me anytime.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 11 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, elayne001,

      Thank you sincerely for your warm response. I got to thinking (before this hub was written), why not combine the two areas where teens (and most adults) are failing.

      I haven't approached child experts with this concept, but I wonder if they would agree with me.

      Write me anytime.

    • faith-hope-love profile image

      John Ward 12 months ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

      There is also a set of exercises developed by, (I believe), the Canadian Air Force. Called or titled 5BX which was used to keep fit in awkward spots. They did progress to "Olympic Level". Takes only 15 to 20 minutes to do. Article contains some good information.

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 12 months ago from Rocky Mountains

      This is a terrific article. Very creative ways to get more than fitness for your teen. Loved it!