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Free Flash Cards for Learning Addition

Updated on February 14, 2013

Addition Flashcards

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Addition Facts Are Important

Learning your addition facts will help you because fluent in math facts and make math easier for you to complete.

Practice daily for 5 to 10 minutes at a time to learn the facts in no time. The hard work you put in will be rewarded.

The following links and website provide free ways to help you learn and memorize your addition math facts. Some of them may require you to print out cards and cut them out.

My favorite way to make a set of flashcard is to use 3 by 5 note cards. A pack of 100 can usually be found for around $1. I pick up these cards at the dollar store all the tiem to help my kids with whatever they are learning and working on.

Another great idea is to use post its and post them on the bathroom mirror. My kids practice their memorization as they brush their teeth or wash their hands. Although i do have boys that don't need the whole mirror to groom themselves.

Apple 4 Teachers

This site has great printable broken down by sets. I think this is a great way to get started. Practicing adding a set at a time allows you to break down the steps and memorize a smaller about at a time.

Apples 4 Teacher Printable Addition Flashcards.

You can also create your own on this site. This is a great site for beginners that need to start one number at a time.

Fact Monster

This is a great site for online flashcards and practice.

Fact Monster

It has 7 different levels and tracks for progress with positive rewards.

Addition Songs & Fact Families


This is another great site for online fact flashcards.


Make sure your javascript is enables for this one. If you have ever taught in a classroom you know that java isn't always there when you need it.

Cut & Fold Flash Cards - Prongo

I am not sure what this site really is but they have these great addition flash cards. Simply cut along the dotted lines and fold along the solid lines. I would probably add some glue stick or tape to close the flash card and make it into a single piece.

It looks like they also have some cool math and computer games for kids on this site, it might be worth investigating further.

Have Fun Teaching

Have Fun Teaching Online Flashcards

This site has a great online resource to work on addition facts. It allows you to chunk them into sets by addend. It also give you immediately feedback which can be helpful to the learning process. I like the green positive feedback screen and the red wrong answer screen as a visual cue.

Start Practicing

Start practicing your facts and become a successful math student in no time. The faster you can recall the basic facts of addition and subtraction the easier more difficult problems will become for you.

Look for my other hub on How to Pass Grade School Math for more ideas on becoming a successful math student.


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      ExpectGreatThings 4 years ago from Illinois

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