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Free Multiplication Worksheets

Updated on July 9, 2011

How to Use Free Multiplication Worksheets Correctly

Free multiplication worksheets can be a big help to homeschool moms. They save time and money which are both very improtant when you are busy homeschooling several children. To get the most out of these worksheets, you need to be sure you are using them correctly. How?

Make Sure Worksheets are Age Appropriate

Be sure that any worksheets, including multiplication worksheets, are age appropriate. Many well-meaning parents try to push their children ahead in math by giving them worksheets to complete before they have matured to the point where they can handle it.

Math is just like reading. Instead of reading letters, your children are reading numbers and number sentences. Just as you wouldn't dream of forcing your baby to try to read, don't try to teach your young child math that is way beyond his capabilities.

Children mentally mature and are ready for different math concepts at different ages. Pushing your child to do math before he is mentally capable will instill a dislike for learning in your child.

Free Multiplication Worksheets

Free Multiplication Worksheets
Free Multiplication Worksheets

Overuse of Worksheets

Children in public school often have a multitude of worksheets to do each day. The reason being is that a public school teacher has many pupils in one room who are all learning at different levels. Often when a teacher needs to do extra work with one group of children, she will assign worksheets to the other children just to keep them busy.

While this is necessary in public school due to the demands placed on teachers, it isn't necessary at home. Use free multiplication worksheets to help your child memorize her multiplication facts or to review a concept in multiplication that she is having trouble with.

Whatever you do, don't overload your child with worksheets thinking that this will put her "ahead of the game" in math. More than likely, this strategy will cause her to resent math and dislike the subject altogether.

Keep It Fun

It is very important to keep learning fun. Your goal should be to instill a love of learning in your child so they will enjoy and continue learning for the rest of their lives. Use only colorful and attractive worksheets that have been professionsally made. Make sure there aren't too many problems on each page and that there is plenty of room to work the problems.

By keeping these things in mind, you can easily use free multiplication worksheets effectively and for the benefit of your child. Just remember to keep it fun, interesting, and age appropriate for your child. For free multiplication worksheets, visit


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