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Free Summer Activities Ideas For Parents

Updated on December 11, 2014

Some Suggestions

Public Libraries

Most public libraries host different library events that kids will have fun and learn from. Events such as: book reading, related crafts and hands-on learning. In addition to these events, there are various resources for children of all ages, not to mention, the accessibility to computer technology.

Splash Pads

Splash pads are wonderful ways to keep your kids staying cool on hot summer days. Most community centres have these available to parents and kids during the summer.

Summer Camps

Several organizations sponser summer camps each year thus providing grants that make summer camps free for kids. Art, writing, drama, math, science and reading are some of the themes of these camps.

V. B.S. (Vacation Bible School)

Some Churches host a free one week of fun activities to kids. Children of the members of the local congrgation or non-members can attend. Kids sing songs, learn Bible lessons, make friends, create craft, perform in skits and learn valuable life lessons. Each Church has its own age guidelines but ages 3 and up can benefit from Vacation Bible School.


This is a great way to teach kids to think about others. Collecting toys for the less privilege, visiting nursing homes, and helping to prepare meals for the homeless are just a few of the many ways kids can help and give back to their communities. One place to search for kid-friendly volunteer jobs is

Arts and Crafts at Museums

It is now becoming a common practise for museums to reach out to aspiring artists through free kid’s program that encourage them to create their own works of art.

Free Administration to Children’s Museums, Theatres and Art Museums

This is also an opportunity for kids to spend a day at a children’s learning museums free. Some locations have even reduced the admission cost, while others have waived the admission fee completely.

Free Bowling

Parents can also take advantage of free bowling for kids. Participating alleys are listed on

Building Workshops

Some home improvement stores offer free building workshops that helps kids build everything from a bird house to a miniature school house. At the same time kids get free aprons, goggles, and the required tools and supplies to build their own project with the help of the store’s employees. The most popular kids workshops are through Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Free Parks and Recreation Activities

Playing in the park can be more than an hour on the playground. Many parks and recreation departments set up a summer schedule of a day-long activities. Check your city’s local parks and recreation department websites to see what activities are planned near you.


A park is a good place for you to have a familiy picnic. This is great way to spend quality time with your kids, and also a wonderful way to play and have fun with your children.

So parents, spend some time to check out what activities are available to you in your neighbourhood; this summer holiday could just be the best one ever for your kids

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