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Freelancing Mom

Updated on April 8, 2020
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Gender Equality

In this millennial year, gender equality is now being promoted and practiced all over the places. The ability and talent of people today knows no gender, no race, no color, and no religion. All are equally respected and given chances to grow.

Back to the old years, most of the women are kept inside their respective homes. They willingly served their husbands after tireful day of work. She takes care of her children the whole time. The endless work of a mother at home is more challenging than being employed, nevertheless it has never been valued.

The transition of years opens a gateway of woman transformation. As time passes by, more women learn to do things like any other men can. They are able to prove themselves that chances is all they need to showcase their capabilities. They begin working outside their zone. Aside from being expert in doing household chores (literally), they now become part of certain companies who even make valuable contributions to improve businesses. They expand their skills and talents. Many people believe in women’s capabilities because of their endless patience and hard work.

However, the opportunities nowadays to make a working mother success in a certain company grabs so much of their time. The jobs eaten up the time that should be allotted with the kids and her husband. As well as some of special occasions that need to celebrate together with relatives and friends are being compromised because of being engaged in the company. These are just samples of the many reasons why mother struggles work over family, or vice versa.

As online businesses grow leaps and bounds, the luck for aspiring working mom spreads out. Online jobs offer freedom to work while at home. The hassle of waking up early and arriving late at night are now suppressed. They become free from pressure of attending meeting and submitting report to their bosses, and even beating up the deadline. These options trigger many mothers and give room to manoeuvre to earn money, attain success without compromising precious time with the family.

Being a freelancer or online job worker is challenging at first. All you need is to explore and study new things. Remember, nothing beats patience!

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