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Friendship, Feelings, and Adventures in Charming Christian-Based Children's Book

Updated on May 11, 2020
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Charming Chapter Book with Friendship, Faith, and Adventures

Adventures mixed with the concept of faith is a timely lesson to introduce
Adventures mixed with the concept of faith is a timely lesson to introduce | Source

Fun Read With the Concept of Faith Mixed Into the Adventures

Natasha Tabon and Angela Wood are authors who use their talent to mix their faith with fun stories for children. Their chapter book The Misadventures of Tood and Taboon is a good choice for family reading time in this unprecedented time that we are living in with being sequestered at home because of the pandemic. Families are enjoying reading time with children. Children have all kinds of questions about being safe. What better time to introduce the concept of faith with fun stories of a strong friendship.

Tood is a toad who is the queen of her lake home. Taboon is a baboon that becomes Tood's best friend. Taboon lives in the forest. They each work at a job that uses their individual talents and often meet for tea after work. Chapter 1 is the story of each being lost from each other on the way to meet for tea one afternoon. Each experienced fear and each remembered that God was always with them. They found each other and were grateful that God had heard their prayers for safety.

Chapter 2 tells the story of how Tood and Taboon met. The concept of fear and bullying is part of the adventure that they have with a fly. Chapter 3 concludes with a story that introduces the concept of anger and how faith brings forgiveness.

Tabon and Wood write with humor and easy to understand concepts of faith that are entertwined with the adventures. They include a Bible verse at the end of each chapter that deals with the feelings that omce wiht each adventure. Natalie Marino contributed her talents as an illustrator to The Misadventures of Tood and Taboon.

The Misadventures of Tood and Taboon was published by Xulon Press and is recommended for ages 5-10. It has an ISBN of 978-1-4984-9048-1.

Charming Illustrations by Natalie Marino


Bring Tood and Taboon Into Your Classroom

Teachers who teach in a Christian-based school environment will want to bring this charming chapter book into their classroom. Parents who want to introduce children to the concept of faith in this unprecedented time that we are living in now with the uncertainty and fears that children are experiencing will want to add the book to the family library.

*Read a chapter each day during a class reading time or family reading time. Engage children in the idea that best friends can come in all forms. Who would expect a toad and baboon to be best friends?

*Engage children in a discussion about their best friend. What makes a best friend? How is your child's best friend similar to your child? How are the friends different? Can differences be good?

*Tood and Baboon experienced fear in the first story. Engage children in a discussion of a time that they experienced fear. Engage children in the prayer at the end of Chapter 1 and the Scripture that teaches that God will not ever leave us and that they should not be afraid.

*Chapter 2 also centers around the concept of fear and being bullied. Engage children in the prayer at the end of the story and the Scripture that reminds us that God is there to help us always.

*The adventure in Chapter 3 can engage children in the concept of dealing with anger. Engage children in the prayer at the end of the story about anger and the Scripture that teaches that we should not end our day with anger.

*What can we do to solve our anger issues? Engage children in a discussion about a time when they were angry with their best friend? Tood apologized to Taboon. Engage children in a discussion about a time when they apologized to their best friend? Which feels better-anger or apologies?

*Create a class writing experience that will allow children to write their own prayer about a feeling that they have.

© 2020 Cindy Hewitt


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