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Friendship begins, when there is Unconditional Love by Parents

Updated on April 9, 2012

Divine Friendship

A beautiful friendship.
A beautiful friendship. | Source

A New Bond, A New Begining

Love is the most important needs for a happy childhood. To lead the child into a happy environment and healthy mind one must give due importance to there emotional needs. They are as important for the child as the so called essential needs as for food, clothing, medical care, toys and so on. When we talk of friendship, the very first thing comes to our minds are people whom we have met and connected with. There are people who we love unconditionally and who can take us for granted. But in general these are the people whom we love and care about and who showers all love and affection even when we are alone and need company.

There is another kind of friendship that i would like to share with u all. A beautiful bond that does not begin out of personal choice, a friendship that we would have loved to avoid and yet it's there to stay! There times comes in life when one has to rise of a bad relationaship. The negative vibrations can suffocate our existence in such things and life becomes challenge to focus on anything good. It can be anything which u want to just break through it.

Since childhood my parents are my best friends. They have nurtured me and my brother in an environment where we respect values and so there friendship. I still remember when i was in ninth standard and my father told me," you don't have to be afraid of anything in life. We are your parents first and friends second but when the time you need to cheer or need shoulder to cry we are your friends first. Our love for our kids is unconditional." They have given me freedom, taught me to live life independently and as a good friend i've always respected our friendship.Bless to have wonderful parents. Today i'm a mum of a 3 yr old adorable and naughty boy, and today i recall words of my parents there bond with me. I feel if a parent realise and actualise his own potentialities and make himself and others happy, to create a better world and a better place to live. A friendship for the sake of Love, an unconditional love that is possible only between a parent and child.

Feel blessed to share such a beautiful friendship and happy to begin this friendship with my very own darling child. In a time where my own abilities fell short, i borrowed wisdom from my best source and it worked for me n my son. When you share a friendship you feel like you are growing up with them and it brings out a child in you.

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    • profile image

      rama iyer. 5 years ago

      very correct ....and beautifully expressed.