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Frugal Parents: Online Baby Product Website Comparison

Updated on May 7, 2012

Guess What? Babies are Expensive!

Guess what no one will ever tell you when you are expecting your first child? Kids are cheap. Yes, as I am sure you have either experienced or heard about by now, the first few years in a child’s life are expensive in ways that will not be matched and exceeded likely until you are sending your little bundle of joy to college. Hopefully they will at least be out of diapers by then. So like me, you will be looking for ways to save every little penny when it comes to baby’s needs for diapers, wipes, formula, and the like. You will also hear a lot of advice about where and how to go about buying the everyday things you will need to keep your baby clean, well fed, and warm. But how can you really know where to get the best deals on products like diapers? This article explores the prices and benefits of becoming a member of Amazon Mom,, and BJ’s Wholesale. Remember, staying sane and financially viable as a parent of a newborn through 3 year old is about both price and convenience as both money and time is often at a premium, especially in the earliest days of your child’s life.

Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom in conjunction with Amazon prime has be come a popular method for shopping for and ordering baby products, especially diapers, online. With a relatively low membership fee of $79.00 per year, customers receive free two day shipping on all Amazon Prime Eligible items, and there are many! So beginning the process at Amazon Mom ( one is enticed by the promise to save 20% on diapers and wipes, free standard shipping, 15% on household, beauty, and grocery items, as well as have exclusive discounts at your fingertips. Once signed up, the Amazon Mom web page has the typical Amazon eye candy display of different categories, deals, what others are buying, and recommendations based on your browsing history. Amazon is well versed on how to grab your attention and has many items to choose from but also has their typical “searchability” for whatever product you may be seeking. In this instance, we the consumer are looking for size 1 Pampers Diapers. Easily clicking through the menu items for diapers, then disposable diapers, and onto pampers size one 276 count, we find that Amazon’s price is $47.19 or $0.17 per diaper. With Amazon Prime, shipping is of course free and will not add to the per diaper cost. If you choose, you can elect to subscribe to this purchase and receive the diapers once a month which will bring the cost down to a special, super duper cost of $0.14 per diaper. Hooray! But as we know, the little bundles of joy grow pretty quickly so how many months in a row will we really need to have the same diaper size? So, that was easy enough and on we go to a fierce Amazon Mom competitor,!, like Amazon Mom, is a very popular website for frugal parents seeking discount and convenience in their child product needs. It is an easy website to navigate and has a wide array of different products to choose from. They do not appear to have an Amazon Prime type deal but do offer free 2 day or faster shipping for any order over $49.00 which as we parents know should be no problem achieving. pricing for Pampers size 1 diapers in the 276 count comes in at $47.19 or $0.17 per diaper. This is the same as Amazon Mom but they also throw in a $1.00 off “e-coupon” to bring the cost per diaper down fractionally. Still, to get the free shipping you would need to purchase something else as well which could be good or bad depending on your perspective! If you are an only occasional shopper for a product like diapers, say you are buying them as a gift for a baby shower, rates favorably compared to Amazon mom because you don’t need to pay $79.00 for a years worth of free shipping. So our first two comparisions are very competitive and decisions can be made clearer based on what type of customer you are. Next, lets check out BJ’s Wholesale!

BJ's Wholesale

BJ’s is my favorite of the “Big Box” stores as I feel it is the cleanest, best organized, and comfortable of the major competitors in the marketplace. Plus, they don’t exclude major credit cards like some big box stores do… Sam’s Club… BJ’s website isn't quite as nice as Amazon or but that is understandable considering their main business model is brick and mortar locations. No matter, it is simple enough to do a search for “pampers” which brings you to our comparison point straight away. BJ’s, as per usual, has a slightly different diaper count box than the other two mega-online shops. Their size 1 diapers come in at a cost for BJ’s members at $41.99 for a 246 ct box or $0.171 per diaper. This is practically the same as our previous two shops but there are a couple caveats. First, you don’t have to be a member to order product online but if you are not, you will pay an additional 5% non-subscriber surcharge bringing the total cost per diaper up to $0.18 which may not seem like a lot but over time will add up and we are about being frugal here right? Also, shipping is free but the wait is 3-5 business days as opposed to 1 or 2 days shipping from and Amazon Mom for the same product. This being said, if you want to spend the fuel costs and go down to your local BJ’s store, AND you are a member, you can avoid having to wait at all. Your choice!

Comparison Of Reviewed Stores Plus CVS and Walmart

Pampers Size 1 Price Per Diaper
Shipping Cost/ Days
Additional Features
Membership Fees
Amazon Mom
Free With Amazon Prime/ 2
Auto Deliver Subcription Feature, Customized Deals & Offers, Convinient Online Shopping, receive an additional 15% discount on top of the base 5% discount on select diapers and wipes when you sign up for Subscribe & Save delivery
$79.00 per year for Free 2 Day Shipping (applies to all eligible Amazon Products)
$0.168 - $0.17
Free With Orders over $49.00/ 1-2
,E-Coupons for Additional Savings, Convinient Online Shopping, Access to Sister Sites with joint check out (lowers free shipping minium to $39.00)
BJ's Wholesale
$0.171 to $0.18
Free Shipping or Purchase at Local Store/ 3-5 business days
Access to brick and mortor locations and huge wholesale club savings, option to buy online without membership
Free (add 5% to online orders) or $50.00 per Year (with access to brick and mortar locations and discounted online prices)
CVS Pharmacy
$0.25- $0.313
$5.49/ 5 to 10 day shipping
ExtraCare Card Savings, Access to CVS Drugstore Items and Prescriptions
Free With Purchase of $45.00 or more/ Free Shipping to Store 3-5 days
Brick and Mortar Store Options, to Store Delivery, Other Walmart Savings


In the end, whether you decide it is more important to save money or save time, any one of the choices of Amazon Mom,, or BJ's Wholesale, can provide you with either or both. The best bet is to probably constantly keep your options open and do comparisons all over the web and peruse the coupon books because sometimes even the notoriously expensive Pharmacies like CVS have deals and rewards that can make giving them a look well worth your while. Happy shopping and happy parenting!


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    • HawaiiHeart profile image

      HawaiiHeart 5 years ago from Hawaii

      Great comparison chart! Yes, babies are expensive, and any ideas to help save money are always useful!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      While I am long out of the diaper stage, I know there are many parents who are not. This hub is so great for new parents who haven't experienced the expenses they're facing. I think more hubs like this would be a great help to new parents and that's why I'm SHARING. Voted up and useful.

    • chaturrajneesh profile image

      chaturrajneesh 5 years ago from India

      You have just chosen the right product for review. I mean any father/mother would be looking for such info.