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Fun Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Updated on March 10, 2014

Hosting a Baby Shower

What’s more fun and festive than a baby shower? Guests love to come and shower an expectant mother with adorable baby gifts. When it’s your turn to host a shower, you’ll want the cutest baby shower decorations to make the event come to life. Here are some ideas you can use to host your own baby shower.

All Adorable Favor Images courtesy of All About Gifts & Baskets
All Adorable Favor Images courtesy of All About Gifts & Baskets | Source

Peas in a Pod

This shower theme is perfect for moms expecting multiples. Whether it’s twins or triplets—or more!—you can create an adorable pea in a pod shower.

There are some wonderful themed supplies available online. They feature two baby faces in pea pods on napkins, candles, lotion containers, cookies, cupcake toppers and more.

You can use green accents for the silverware or balloons to complete the theme.

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Teddy Bear Tea

Any new mom would love to be surprised by a teddy bear themed tea party. Ask guests to bring their own version of baby's first teddy bear.

Set up a table with tea cups. You can use your own china or mismatched china from garage sales and thrift stores. You can send every guest home with their tea cup if you use inexpensive ones that you find.

Have a cake with a teddy bear made out of sugar on top or decorate cupcakes with little teddy bears. Offer teddy bear themed napkins, balloons and paper plates. The teddy bears can be seated all around the table and then given to the mom to open. You can take a photo of the expectant mom with all the teddy bears around her big belly.

Rubber Ducky Soap Favors
Rubber Ducky Soap Favors

Sunshine Yellow

Sometimes just a color can set the mood. If you don’t know the sex of the baby or you just want to use a happy color, yellow is the way to go. You can start by anchoring some yellow balloons to your mailbox. This will alert everyone to where the shower is. Then, go wild with yellow.

You can do cupcakes topped with miniature yellow rubber duckies or sunbursts. Have a large piece of yellow poster board for everyone to sign with a message to the new baby or advice to the mom.

Ask everyone to dress in yellow or to wear a splash of yellow in their outfit. Of course, streamers and paper goods can all be in yellow. You can send each guest home with a little soap in the shape of a yellow rubber duckie.


Sports World

Sometimes dads come to the shower too. If you’re having a co-ed shower, a sports theme can be fun. No one will feel like they’re out of place at an overly dainty party.

Have cupcakes or a cake decorated with soccer, basketball and football candies or plastic shapes. Have mini footballs, soccer balls and other sports equipment in miniature from a toy store to give to the new baby.

Buy the smallest size cleats you can find and display them as a centerpiece along with all the balls. You can make a wreath out of sports-themed toys and outfits. Just roll the outfits in a log shape and attach to a wire wreath form. Fill in with sports toys and you’ve got a wreath to hang at the party and send home with the parents to use for baby.

Any way you decide to go for your shower décor will look lovely if you take time to put your heart into it.


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    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 5 years ago

      Love the sports baby shower idea! You can find so many cute sports themed items at party stores these days.

    • ThePracticalMommy profile image

      Marissa 6 years ago from United States

      I love the idea of the teddy bear tea! How creative! Not so sure I'd want a ton of teddy bears to take home myself, but a few would be nice. Great hub. :)

    • icciev profile image

      icciev 6 years ago from Kuwait

      what an interesting article with lot of nice tips, wish I had a baby to host him a shower, I will try this for me and see if it will work. thanks and voted up