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Fun Baby Showers Ideas

Updated on October 9, 2014
By imagerymajestic, Stock Photo - image ID: 10068922
By imagerymajestic, Stock Photo - image ID: 10068922 | Source

Baby Shower Themes – Fun Ideas for Your Baby Shower

If you are planning your first baby shower – or perhaps you’re a veteran but you are looking for new baby shower theme ideas – here are some ideas and tips to kick-start your baby shower theme planning.

  • A baby shower theme should be as personal as possible for the mother. What does she like? What are her favorite things? What sort of personality does she have? Will she want to have a quiet, intimate party where she can spend time with a few close friends, or will she want a raucous party with lots of guests?
  • Do you know the sex of the baby? This can really help you decide on a theme. You could go with blue decorations and balloons and a nautical theme for a boy baby shower theme. Or everything in pink and lots of Barbie dolls for a girl baby shower theme. If the sex of the baby is unknown, you could make the theme “mystery baby”!
  • A nursery rhyme theme is fun and decorations, music and gifts can all fit around it
  • A favorite cartoon or story character is another great baby shower theme idea. Winnie the Pooh is very popular, but there are many others to choose from. What are Mom (or Dad)’s favorites?
  • While baby showers are traditionally an opportunity to give baby gifts, Mom might really appreciate some pampering before the delivery, so a pampering / spa baby shower theme is another good option.
  • A “memories” theme is one of the best baby shower theme ideas. Guests can each bring a gift that relates to the year of the baby’s birth. These will be lovely mementos for your child as he or she grows up.
  • Multi-themed baby shower theme ideas – this is a fun idea where each guest brings a basket, each with his or her own baby shower theme idea in miniature.

While baby shower parties are traditionally held for the expectant mother and attended by female friends, more and more couples are holding unisex baby showers where mother and father are equally involved and all friends are welcome rather than just Mom’s girlfriends.

If your baby shower theme idea involves the complete couple, then it’s important to have Dad participating just as much as Mom. So you could have a motherhood and fatherhood theme. Guests could bring a gift specifically for Mom or Dad. How about a soft stuffed football for a boy baby shower theme gift, or baby clothes with “Daddy’s little princess” for a girl baby shower theme idea!

Do You Prefer A Baby Shower With A Specific Theme?

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By Clare Bloomfield, Stock Photo - image ID: 10013759
By Clare Bloomfield, Stock Photo - image ID: 10013759 | Source

Baby Shower Invitations

When you start your baby shower planning, the baby shower invitations are likely to be the first thing on your mind. Will you be happy with a standard baby shower invitation from the local card shop – or do you want something a bit more personal and meaningful?

A personalized invitation that is unique and special will have many guests actually keep or even frame your baby shower invitations. It’s amazing how far a little love and thought goes when you hand make your own baby shower invitations.

On the other hand, if you are taking a pragmatic approach to your baby shower invitations, or perhaps you have left it a little late and need to get them out in a hurry, then free printable baby shower invitations on the Internet could be ideal.

Baby shower planning and invitations

Do make sure that any invitations you choose have all the information you need on them.

Here is a quick baby shower invitation checklist to help with your baby shower planning:

  1. Date and time

  2. Venue

  3. Guest’s name

  4. Clear instructions on how to reply to let the organizer know that you’re coming

  5. If the baby shower is planned to be a surprise, be sure to mention this on the baby shower invitation so that no one accidentally lets the cat out of the bag!

  6. Are there any special instructions for guests? It’s a good idea to let guests know the theme of the baby shower so that they can, if they wish, co-ordinate their gifts to it.

Send out the baby shower invitations with plenty of notice. Guests will probably want to put some thought and effort into their gifts so they will appreciate plenty of time to plan ahead and shop.

Baby shower invitation wording

The wording of your baby shower invitation depends first of all on whether it is a shower held before the birth or after the baby has arrived. Both are generally widely accepted in the USA, so you should choose which ever seems most appropriate to you.

For a post-birth party, a nice idea is to word the invitation as if written directly from the baby. In this case you can also personalize the invitations with real baby footprints! Use mild poster paints, not ink, and gently paint the sole of baby’s foot before pressing against a piece of card to make a really cute, unique baby shower invitation!

Baby Shower Centerpieces – A Memorable Idea for Your Baby Shower

A really outstanding baby shower centerpiece can make for a memorable party and can be a great conversation starter. Floral centerpieces, especially with fragrant fresh flowers, are of course beautiful. But a really original baby shower centerpiece idea can be more interesting – and potentially much less expensive.

Baby shower centerpiece ideas

Buy a large model stork from a garden center. Decorate in the most amusing way your imagination allows!

  • A diaper cake is always popular, and is a great gift to make for the expectant mother in advance. You’ll need lots of diapers. It’s a good idea to find out if the mother is planning to use disposable or cloth diapers. Then you roll and stack the diapers to create a tiered “cake” that can look a bit like a wedding cake.

  • Balloon displays are always fun. Use pink for a girl baby or blue for a boy baby – or a multicolored display if the sex is not known yet. You can also add special shaped balloons to make it more interesting or to fit in with a particular theme that you have chosen for your baby shower.

  • Hang an umbrella upside down from the ceiling and fill with teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

  • Get a dolls buggy and use as the container for a floral display.

  • Fill a big wicker basket with all kinds of baby paraphernalia. As guests arrive, if desired they can add their gifts to the basket.

  • Use a chocolate fountain, with pieces of fruit to dip in and nibble on, as your baby shower centerpiece. You can even cut the pieces of fruit prettily into flower shapes, piece them onto sharp sticks and create a fruit “bouquet”.

  • Alternatively, how about a (non-alcoholic) cocktail fountain? These look particularly good with colored ice cubes floating in them, and lit up with candles from below.

  • Baby pictures of the mother – you can have a few cute / funny photos of the mother blown up as a display, or create a collage. This is sure to be a real talking point!

  • Baby laundry. A fun idea is to string up a washing line and hang pretty baby clothes, socks and diapers on it.

It is worth putting in a little extra effort to make a fun and original baby shower centerpiece – it will ensure your party is a great success.


By africa, Stock Image - image ID: 100128324
By africa, Stock Image - image ID: 100128324 | Source
By photostock, Stock Photo - image ID: 10033749
By photostock, Stock Photo - image ID: 10033749 | Source

Baby Shower Decorations

For a stunning set of baby shower decorations, you should look for a great idea for a baby shower decoration centerpiece, and then build on the theme of your centerpiece with general decorations that enhance it. It is also fun to have miniature fun decorative items scattered around, for instance on the table.

Baby shower decorations – centerpieces

Some great idea for centerpieces for baby shower decorations include:

  • Floral Potty – buy a cheap baby’s potty and take it to your local florist to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers arranged in it.
  • Stork and baby – buy a plastic stork from your local garden store and deck it out carrying a baby doll.
  • Baby bath – a pink or blue baby bath filled with ice cubes and used as a drinks cooler is a fun idea – and you can then extend the baby bath time theme throughout the room with other baby shower decorations, including lots of rubber duckies scattered about! If you don’t know the sex of the baby, you could use a yellow baby bath and then have yellow streamers and balloons as well as yellow rubber ducks.
  • Baby Christmas tree – if the baby shower party is in December, or even earlier if the baby is expected around Christmas, then a decorated Christmas tree decked out with pink or blue lights makes a lovely centerpiece. Instead of angels and stars, decorate the tree with miniature teddy bears and baby bottles and all sorts of other baby items. Guests can place their baby shower gifts under the tree just as though it is Christmas!

Baby shower decorations – general themes and decorations

It’s particularly easy to decorate when you know whether the proud parents to be are expecting a boy or a girl – it makes a choice of color very easy. Pink or blue streamers, balloons and banners can make your party venue look festive quickly and easily.

Other ideas for baby shower decoration themes include:

  • Nursery rhyme baby shower theme
  • Stuffed animals
  • Baby clothes – you can string up clothes lines around the room and adorn them with adorable outfits
  • Baby books

With any of these themes, don’t be shy to ask for input from all the guests – many will be eager to help, and also to contribute items and buy gifts that will fit in with the theme you have chosen for your baby shower decorations.

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