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Fun Things to Do This Summer With Your Kids

Updated on September 16, 2013

Schools Out

Summer, the time that kids wait all year for. No more homework, school work or getting up at 7 am to get on the bus. It can be a hectic time of year. Some parents work all summer and have to put their kids in daycare or something like it. While others who may have enjoyed the time to keep their home in order now are dealing with kids tearing it apart all the time. Either way, as parents we love our kids and want them to enjoy their time with us in the summer months. Here are a few great things that every kids should get to experience during those warm summer days.


School Work

Yes I understand that your kids might not like this one and I also understand that it might not be considered fun, but you will be doing them and you a big favour if you keep up with their teaching throughout the summer. If your kids are behind try to get them caught up. If you yourself can not do that try a; tutor, summer school or a learning center.

If you kids are not behind there is still nothing wrong with keeping them learning year round. Stores such as Chapters/Indigo sell summer learning books that deal with keeping information that your child has already learned fresh in their minds for the next school year.

Reading is another learning activity that your child should keep up with in the summer. An hour of reading each day is always a good thing so pick up a few novels and pick one up yourself while you are at it.

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Don't Miss Out on These
Don't Miss Out on These | Source

Nature Walk

Taking your kids on nature walks throughout the summer is a great way to get outdoors and to learn while having fun. If you are already familiar with the plant, animals, bugs and spiders in your area then you can teach your children a few things about mother nature. As they become more knowledgeable about the subject you can turn it into a game and get them to try to find as many species as they can. If you don't know very much about the great outdoors that's okay too. There are various field guides to choose from that can help you learn along with your kids. Even big cities have parks with nature in them, so there is no excuse not to get out and enjoy your summer.

Amazing Sandcastle
Amazing Sandcastle | Source

Swim in a Lake

I realize that if you live in a big city that swimming in a lake can seem pointless, why not just go to the local pool. There are a lot of advantages to taking a trip to the lake instead.

The first is fresh air. If you stay in the city it can be hard to escape the humidity, even at your local pool. However the breeze blowing off of a lake is refreshing even on a hot humid day.

The second is sand castles. You can not go through the summer without spending some time making sand castles with your kids. The best part about doing this at the beach being able to run into the water and quickly clean all the sand off of you and your kids. Certainly an advantage!

Lastly avoiding the chemical cocktail that is put in a pool to keep it clean is a great plus. Ecosystems outside tend to be able to clean themselves, no chemicals necessary.

Fresh Apples on a Tree
Fresh Apples on a Tree | Source

Go to a Local Farm

Teaching your children where their food comes from can actually be very valuable to them in the future. People tend to have more respect for things and are more likely to make better decisions when given as much information as possible. This applies to food too. Many local farms have various fruit and veggies that you can go and pick yourself while enjoying nature and learning about farming. Some great ideas are; strawberries, beans, apples, peas, cherries and raspberries.


Go Fishing

I understand that this may take 'knowing where you food comes from' to a level where you may not be comfortable. However if you are comfortable with the idea of fishing you should certainly go. You don't need to have experience, or even a boat. Expensive fishing equipment isn't even a must. You can pick up a cheap rod and real at a place like Walmart. Pick up some hooks, bobbers and worms and enjoy a great day by a river or lake. You might not catch a fish, but you will be building lasting memories with you kids.


Head to the Zoo

This is getting into an activity that might cost a bit of money, but the summer time is the best time to visit the zoo. You will have a better chance of the animals being out in their natural environment as opposed to going and seeing the zoo in the winter months when they will likely be in cages or not on display at all. Also most zoos have some sort of riding transportation that gives tours. Small children will enjoy riding on a train or zoo-mobile and hearing about all the animals as they go.


Visit a Theme Park

This option can cost you a pretty penny, but if your family is up for adventure this is the way to do it in the summer. Theme parks are great for families because they offer a wide variety of activities. A lot of the time rides are divided into age categories, so if you just have little ones you can stay in that area and avoid rowdy kids or if you just have older kids you can stick to that area. Many also include water parks which are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Another great advantage of a theme park is the food. You can indulge in items like funnel cake and food long hotdogs until your hearts content. However you might want to wait a bit before getting on a roller coaster, if you know what I mean.


Teach Your Kids to BBQ

Teaching your children to cook is an excellent life skill and you can start teaching them at pretty much any age. You may want to keep younger children from the actual flame, but they can at least help with the preparation of food. Little kids as young as 18 months will have fun mushing up hamburgers and adding pretty coloured vegetables and spices to them. Older kids will have a great time cutting up veggies and preparing potatoes for the grill. When your children are old enough, age is really up to you, you can let them start cooking on the actual grill.

Most people consider BBQ as a very unhealthy option, but you can make it healthy by switching out beef for turkey or cooking up some chicken breasts. Make sure to add in lots of healthy vegetables and you will have a great well balanced meal that your whole family can enjoy.

Mediterranean Turkey Burger Recipe


Hiking and Camping

Hiking is a bit different than going for a nature walk. Usually this will be in a more remote location and involve a greater challenge in the way of hills, rocks and other obstacles. I suggest sticking to a marked path and ensuring that someone knows where you are going and when you are expected to arrive home if you are hiking. You can never be too careful in mother nature so make sure you bring plenty of water.

Camping is an excellent way to bond with nature, as long as you leave your electronics behind. Just make sure that you are adequately prepared before setting off into the bush and understand the risks of sleeping in nature.

So as you can see, there are many things that you can engage your kids with this summer. So when they start saying, "I'm bored!" You have a few ideas to get you started!


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