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G6PD Deficiency Information

Updated on September 8, 2011


Our four months baby has severe G6PD deficiency.

One of the doctor explained that Enzyme activity is 0% of normal and that is very rare.

The doctors told us if we avoid certain medicines and foods, our baby can spend normal life.

But, the more we did research, the more we were confused.

For example we knew that some kids with G6PD-Deficiency were sent to the hospitals and had a blood transfusion. Some of them ate what they supposed not to eat because their parents didn't know that their children had G6PD-D deficiency, and that was why they were hospitalized.We know that we can avoid this case, because we already have the lists that our baby should not eat or take.

One of the problems was about infection. It is said that the infection might melt the red blood cell.I found an articles that two child were sent to the hospitals because they had infection. Both of children were fine after transmissions. So what kind of infections did they have? They were not written. Was that flue? Food infection? We want to know the detail, but we could not.

We are also struggling with food. We are Japanese family and we eat a lot of soybean products. No Miso, no Tofu, no soy source, no soybean products. This restriction have changed our food life very much, and it is very stressful.

The baby has also skin problem. Depend of what mother eats, the skin condition has been influenced. Now she can't eat eggs and oily meat. She is afraid to drink milk. How can she have enough protein without eating those and beans?

There are so many things that we do not know about G6PD Deficiency.

Although we are still struggling,we are very sure that we will have extremely health food everyday.

We wish that we can find people who encounter the same situation and share the information and encourage each other to have happier and richer life.

by tanpopo (grandmother) from Canada

What can parents do?

When your baby/child is diagnosis as G6PD deficiency,what can we do for him/her?

  1. Get a list of " Foods That Should Be Avoided ".
  2. Get a list of " Medications That Should Be Avoided"
  3. Find doctors who knows about G6PD deficiency and can give you sufficient advice.
  4. Check the body temperature periodically and know what is normal temperature of him/her. Take the temperature at the same place and same time. Depend on right and left, morning and evening , the temperature will be changed.
  5. Study G6PD deficiency. If you learn more about it , the child will be safer and you will feel better.
  6. Educate medical staff about G6PD deficiency.
  7. Educate people around you about G6PD deficiency.
  8. Enjoy your life together.
  9. Contact with support groups.
  10. Prepare an emergency kit.
  • Health Care Card, and /or Health Insurance documents.
  • Lists of " Medications That Should Be Avoided"
  • Lists of " Foods That Should Be Avoided ".
  • Record of medication history
  • Phone numbers of Children's Hospital(emergency), Kid's Pediatrician, Home Doctor
  • Phone number of Taxi company.
  • Write down your address and phone number ,because when you are very upset or in a hurry, you might forget about them.
  • Money for telephone, Taxi, foods, etc
  • Diapers, water, dry snack, toothbrush, towel, blanket.

11. Keep record of medical history. Get all the medical documents including test results, treatment reports, and notes written by the doctor for each doctor, hospital, or clinic,and pharmacies where you visited. Put them in a file and organize.

Do Not!

Don't take other people's advice easily.

" I'm with G6PD-D. I eat peanuts butter for whole my life, but nothing wrong happen."
---->He is OK, because
1) His G6PD-D might be very light.
2) His G6PD-D type might not be affected by peanuts butter.
3) His body is not affected by peanuts butter yet. But later when his body condition is changed, or the part of beans might be piled up and reach the limitation, he might have symptom.

Medications That Should Be Avoided By Persons with G6PD Deficiency --WHO--

Antimicrobial for treatment of leprosy 疱疹状皮膚炎; ヘルペス状皮膚炎

Flutamide (Eulexin)
Antiandrogen for treatment of prostate cancer
flutamide - oral, Eulexin

Mafenide cream (Sulfamylon)
Topical antimicrobial

Methylene blue (Urolene Blue)
Antidote for druginduced methemoglobinemia

Nalidixic acid (NegGram)
used primarily for urinary tract infections

NALIDIXIC ACID - ORAL (nal-ih-DIX-ick acid) BRAND NAME(S): Neggram

Nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin)
Antibiotic used primarily for urinary tract infections

Phenazopyridine (Pyridium)

Analgesic for treatment of dysuria 心因性排尿障害

Antimalaria agent

Rasburicase (Elitek)

Adjunct to antineoplastic agents 抗癌薬

Sulfacetamide (Klaron)
Antibiotic (ophthalmic and topical preparations)

Sulfamethoxazole (Gantanol)
Antibiotic used in combination preparations (i.e., trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole [TMP-SMX; Bactrim, Septra]) 呼吸器感染症、尿路感染症、腸炎、腸チフス,肺炎、慢性呼吸器病変の二次感染、複雑性膀胱炎、腎盂腎炎、感染性腸炎、パラチフスの治療

Sulfanilamide (AVC)
Antifungal agent for treatment of vulvovaginalCandida albicans infection

Find Side Effects of Medicine

When the medicine is prescribed, you should ask about the side effect to the doctor. You also might check side effect by yourself.

C.Health easy to read and understand. easy to read and understand. very detailed. easy to read and understand. Reports from the medical and patients side.

Ask a Reports from the patients side.

Keeping Medical Record

♥ The reasons to keep your child medical record are....

  • You might visit different doctors, different hospitals, and different pharmacies. Each doctors keep their own records. It is better that you will have all the records with you.
  • When you transfer the hospital, or have a new doctor, the complete record will be very helpful for diagnosis.
  • The records might be lost / misfiled at hospital,or failed to delivered.( actually it happens very often. It is better to think that you have responsibility to keep complete medical records for your child, or for yourself.
  • In order to claim the insurance, you need records and bills.
  • When you have time, you can go through all the records. It might give you some idea what you should do for next time, and also it might be helpful to think to maintain healthy life.
  • Children can not remember what happened. When your child grow up and be independent, they might need those old records for future use.

What to include in the medical record

A complete medical record should include those.

  • Diagnosis. Doctor's name.
  • Date of diagnosis and treatment.
  • All medications your kid is taking, including prescription and over the counter drugs. ( name, dosage and how often they are taken.)
  • Copies of reports and diagnostic tests, including laboratory results (blood, urine, or tissues, imaging tests (x-ray, CT, MRI, PET,VCUG, DMSA ).
  • A schedule for subsequent treatments.
  • Immunizations and the anti-fever medicine.
  • When you see the doctor, ask him to make a copy of everything, such as diagnosis, test results,etc.
  • Before visiting the doctor, write down all the questions that you have.
  • Before you start to ask the questions, you might tell him/her "today I have five questions", so he/she can prepare to manage the time.
  • Write a memo after seeing the doctor.
  • When the child has treatment, keep the record of symptoms and side effects.
  • Keep daily health records. If you keep it through year, you might notice that certain symptoms might come back at certain month every year.
  • Keep copies of medical bills and insurance claims.
  • When you ask for a copy of medical record at doctor's office, you might be charged. Insurance might cover that, so, keep the bills all the time.

Organizing the medical record

  • Keep the record using a filing cabinet, a 3-ring binder, or big envelops / boxes.
  • You can organize the record according to the dates, or ,doctors, tests, and treatments.
  • It is possible to put the information on a computer.They might be scanned and upload ed on very secure site where only people who have password can open the file. (There are some medical programs; they are not free). Even though you don't have record, you can show them to the doctor using computer. (during traveling, or, natural hazard such as huge earthquake.)
  • Give a copy of medical record to your family, or close friends, for emergency.
  • If you have difficulties to keep the medical record, ask your family, relative, or friend for help.
  • Those information should be stored in a safe place.

Ibuprofen, aspirn , acetaminophan

Are ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen safe? Discuss about the medicine with your doctors.

Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin,Nuprin, Medipren)

Paracetamol, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen 2011


Can someone with G6PD deficiency have Ibuprofen 2002

Induction of hemolytic anemia by nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs. 1986

Tolerability of ibuprofen and flurbiprofen in G-6-PD deficient subjects: in vitro study. 1981

* My grandson used Advil when he was four months and had infection for six days. There was no problem for him. / 2011.


Drug-eluting stents in a patient with favism: is the aspirin administration safe? 2008

Haemolytic potential of three chemotherapeutic agents and aspirin in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. 1999

Long-term, low-dose aspirin is safe in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency 1991

Aspirin-induced acute haemolytic anaemia in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient children with systemic arthritis.1989

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Acute haemolytic crisis due to concomitant presence of infection and possible altered acetaminophen catabolism in a Philipino child carrying the G6PD-Vanua Lava mutation.2011

Acetaminophen can theoretically cause hemolytic anemia in persons with knownG6PDdeficiency. Although there are case reports linking acetaminophen to 2011

Acetaminophen side effect: Hemolytic anemia due to g6pd deficiency 2011

Company of tylenol acetaminophen 2011

Precautions and Warnings With Acetaminophen 2010

To accurately diagnose G6PD deficiency in a patient with acute hemolysis, it is important to retest G6PD activity after 2–3 months, when cells of all ages are again present 2008

Suggested Analgesic Protocol for G6PD Anemia Do not use acetaminophen (Tylenol) in patients with G6PD anemia because acetaminophen is an oxidant drug. .. 2008

Hemolysis as a Potential Complication of Acetaminophen Overdose in a Patient With Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency 2002 (To read whole article, copy the title and google)

Hemolysis as a Potential Complication of Acetaminophen 2002

Hemolysis after acetaminophen overdose in a patient with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.1996


Infection is the cause of acute hemolysis in G6PD Defficiency people. The mechanism is unknown.

  • Salmonella
    Food born illness
    Food Safety and Inspection Service QA
  • Escherichia coli
    Food born illness
    Family Doctor Org
  • Beta-hemolytic streptococci B群レンサ球菌(GBS)感染症
  • Rickettsial infections
    spread through ticks, mites, fleas, or lice.
  • Viral hepatitis
    spread through contact with blood and/or body fluids of someone who has the infection
  • Influenza A. H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu)

Urinary Tract Infection

If a baby cries irritably without any special reasons (screaming, speaking with unusual high voice), and tries to poop very hard, or has fever, you should take him/her to the emergency.

**Our baby had urinary tract infection and hospitalized six days and received treatment with IV antibiotics.(2011) The level of bilirubin was normal.The doctor explained if he was not G6PD Deficiency, he did not need to stay at hospital. Surrounding by medical staff, we could feel very safe with our boy. He was prescribed Cefixime, Suprax , Hydrocortisone 1% cream taro ,Amoxicillin. Side effects of Cefixime and Suprax were diarrhea, a lot of gas causing stomach pain. They did not cause hemolysis. **

Urinary Tract Infection

Further Medical article p.723 Antibiotics and duration of treatment.

*** The report from Chinese Health International (1978) : This is a very old case, and I believe that this kind of treatment should not happen today. Reading this article I thought parents and doctors should know which medicine they can use or not for treatment.)

Symptoms and Laboratory Evaluation in Patients with G6PD and Acute Hemolysis

SymptomsLaboratory evaluationFindings in patients with G6PD deficiency and associated acute hemolysis

Back pain / Complete blood count  全血球計算値/ Mild to severe anemia 

Abdominal pain / Reticulocyte count / Increases four to seven days after hemolysis

Jaundice 黄疸 / Peripheral blood smear  末梢血液塗抹 / Heinz bodies  ハインツ小体 G7PD

Transient splenomegaly / Haptoglobin / Decreased

Hemoglobinuria 血色素尿症 / Liver function tests / Elevated indirect bilirubin

Scleral icterus / Coombs’ test クームステスト / Negative

1)Edwards CQ. Anemia and the liver. Hepatobiliary manifestations of anemia. Clin Liver Dis. 2002;6:891–907.,viii.

Relatied Disease

Does G6PD cause other disease ??

When peopoe who are with G6PD get sick, they might concern that sickness might be caused by G6PD. It is very important to discuss about it with doctors.

There are related information.

G6PD Deficiency and Chronic Kidney Disease / 2011

Treatment Cases ( babies and children)

Treatment for cold

Blue Dye

Blue dye might cause anemia.


Ultrasound Jell FD&C Blue 1 / Brilliant Blue FCF

It is a synthetic dye produced using aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum.It is banned in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden.In the United Statesproduction exceeds 1 million pounds annually, and daily consumption is around 16 mg per person.



Naphthalene is very dangerous and poisoning to any children whethere the child has G6PD or not.

Naphthalene and baby's clothes or bedding
Naphthalene is absorbed by skin.

Mothball ingredient linked to baby's death
The death and brain damage of children were reported. European countries banned naphthalene in 2008.

Live without Naphthalene
Clean the places using a vacuum cleaner and expose clothes under the sun.

Naphthalene Poisoning
Where found? Symptons, Before calling Emergency, What to Expect at the Emergency Room.

♦ Emergency Contacts

If the baby/child ate or chewed naphthalene / moss ball ,call the poisons center immediately.No time to check the internet!!

Please make sure that the contact phone number is still active or not. (July 2011)

World Directory of Poisons Center

Beijing +86 10 63131122

Canada Poison Control Center British Columbia 1-800-567-8911

Hong Kong +852 2635 1111 (NB 9.00 to 17.00 only)

Japan 0990 50 2499 (24 hours) (Japanese only) +81 298 56 3566 (Japanese only)

Manila +632 524 1078

USA 1-800-222-1222

Hemolysis and time

Hemolysis typically occurs 24 to 72 hours after drug ingestion, with resolution within four to seven days

Diagnosis and Management of G6PD Deficiency

Pollun of fava beans might cause hemolysis faster, it might be a few hours.

My grandson's mother is breast-feeding. When she eats something which will melt red blood cell, his pooping becomes green after eight hours.

The food was wild sockeye salmon, dried fish, black paper for sushi, sesame seeds, more than three oranges per day and lemon.

After birth he was given Vitamin K, and next day the poop became green. We don't know it was because of Vitamin K or bilirubin.

After shot of vaccination for the first time, he took aspirin for his fiver. After six hours his pooping was green. We don't know which one melt the red blood cells.

Fava Beans

Baby boys and young boys are most affected by fava beans. When mother is breast feeding, a baby will be affected.

Uncooked fava beans are most dangerous.
Cooked freash fava beans are next dangerous.
Cooked stored fava benas are less dangerous.

The mechanism of Fava beans and damaging of the red blood cells is unknown.
Fava beans contain convicine and vicine.Those compounds break up to divicine and isouramil in the intestine. It is possible that they create a severe oxidant stress on the red blood cells.

What is Oxidant stress?

In Mediterenian area pregnant women and children might be told not to eat fava beans.

Alabama University

From where the G, 6, P and D come from? How about the relationship with G6PD and fava beans?

Effect of divicine and isouramil on red cell metabolism in normal and G6PD-deficient

The haemolytic factor in the fava bean is unknown. WHO 3.4.3

Why Blueberries Are No Good?

There is information that blueberries are not good for G6PD. Why?

There is no clear answer.

Blueberries' blue color is anthocyanadins. There is no proof that it couses anemia.

Eggplants and purple potato also contain anthocyanadins, but there is no proof that they are safe or dangerous for G6PD.

Blueberries contain salicylate. Favabeans,mint, wine, painkilling, and drugs also contain salicylate. However, orange, pineapple, green pepper, honey and so on also contain it too, and they are not on the list of dangerous food for G6PD defficiency.

Who put blueberries on the list?

There is a guess. There are so many food products those make people believe that tose products contain blueberries, but truth is not. Blueberry muffins, blueberry cornflake, blueberry candys.Their package show fresh blueberries picture. However, if you check the ingredients, there is no blueberries. The fake blueberries that consumers believe true berries are made from artificial color like bule #1, red #40, blue #2, oil, sugar and etc.

Blue dye is not good for people with G6PD deficiency. It might be that is why blueberries are on the list.

How about fresh blue berries they are just picked from the garden? Do they cause anemia?

Are you eating fake blueberies for breakfast?

What are Salicylates?

Favism and G6PD

When a person is affected by fava beans, it is called Favism.

All the Favism is G6PD.

A person with G6PD might be Favism, or not be Favism. It means not all G6PD people are Favism.


At fish farming, fish are give many type of chemical additives, especially in Europe.

"The farmed salmon showed consistently higher levels of PCBs, PBDEs, OPs (except toxaphene) than the wild salmon."Preliminary examination of contaminant loadings in farmed salmon, wild salmon and commercial salmon feed.

The truth about fish farming

Breast Feeding

If you don't seem to have enough milk for your baby, try this diet.

Eat :
Eat brown rice mixing with millet, quinoa, amaranths, oats, and sesame.

Iron: millet(awa) 7%, amaranthus 12%, sesame TS 5%

Calcium: quinoa TS / 8%, brown rice 1 cup / 8% sesame TS / 10%
Magnesium: quinoa TS / 6% ,brown rice 1 cup / 25% , sesame TS / 6%

Make whole grain bread putting a lot of different grains, such as oats, rye, sunflower seeds,etc.
A lot of carrots, potatoes, onions, They should be steamed or boilde
Watermelon( it must be sweet), orange

Sweets and snack such as icecream, cookies, cakes, pies,muffins, candies, chocolate.
Oily food; fried poteto, fried chicken, fried vegetables, meat with fat

Can not help food;

Be careful
Dried seafood should be checked because artificial ingredent might be added.

Black paper for sushi has a lot of culcium and iron. However depend on the brand, they will contain chemical staff.

Low milk supply



Molar mass 584.662
mg/dL / μ㏖/L
 27  460
 25  428
 20  342
 17  290 ( more that 17 is too high )
 15  257 
 10  171
  5  86
  1  17 --->(1 mg/dl is normal)

1 mg/dl is normal. when it is more than 2 mg/ dl, the eye becomes yellowish. Between 1mg/dl and 2 mg/dl it is difficult to diagnosis. More than 3 mg/dl, the skin will be yellowish.

Bilirubin calculator

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

About 50 to 60 percent of babies have a yellowish cast to their skin. Japanese babies are about 90 percent.

It peaks at five to seven days and may take up to two weeks to be normal.

The highest bilirubin levels:
Caucasian babies are 6.5-7.0mg/dl (111-120 µmol/L)
Asian, American Indian, and Pacific islander babies are 10.0-18.0mg/dl.(170- 307 µmol/L)

After two weeks it will be normal about 1.0mg/dl. (17 µmol/L)

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

High bilirubin and neurodevelopmental outcomes

"The neurodevelopmental risks associated with high total serum bilirubin levels in newborns are not well defined."

Outcomes among Newborns with Total Serum Bilirubin Levels of 25 mg per Deciliter or More

血清総ビリルビン値が 25 mg/dL 以上の新生児の転帰

Bilirubin and diseas

Blood Donors

Blood banks generally do not accept G6PD-deficient blood donors

Eligibility of prospective blood donors known to have G6PD deficiency


There is no specialists about G6PD today. Many doctors don't know about G6PD. Some doctors might hear or read about it. Some doctors might treat the patients, but I guess very few.

You can still ask the questions to your doctors. They will help you, but some doctors might give you wrong information. You have to learn G6PD deficiancy. If you know about G6PD deficiency, you can ask more precise questions, and the doctors might try to answer more detail or study about it for you. Please educate yourself and also doctors, too.

Only the name I found is below.

JENNIFER E. FRANK, MAJ, MC, USA, is a residency staff member in the Department of Family Medicine at Martin Army Community Hospital in Fort Benning, Ga.

She wrote the article for WHO.


1) Avoid oxidant stressors.




2) Transfusion is mere, but depend on the case it might be needed.

3) Folic aid and iron are useful for in hemolysis.( I don't recommend supplement.)

4) Vitamin E and selenium are useful or not is not proved.
Selenium and risk of diabate //2007//


5) Further reseach

Pycnogenol and haemolytic injury in G6PD deficient human erythrocytes.


Stem cell therapy


Stable in vivo expression of G6PD and rescue of G6PD deficiency in stem cells by gene transfer


Does G6PD-D affect sports?

when you do exercise and have those problems all the time, talk to the doctor.
High body temperature.

The World Health Organization classifies G6PD:

1 Severe deficiency (<10% activity) with chronic (non-spherocytic) hemolytic anemia.

2 Severe deficiency (<10% activity), with intermittent hemolysis.

3 Mild deficiency (10-60% activity), hemolysis with stressors only.

4 Normal activity (60-150%)

6 Increased activity (>150%)

(based on enzyme activity and clinical manifestations)

400 types

Depend on the region, the type of G6PD is different.More than 400 types have been found in 2011.Many of them were found during the research of malaia in Asia and other area.

Brazil    G6PD A− (202G → A, 376A → G
Cambodia and Myanmar, G6PD Viangchan (871G>A, 1311C>T, IVS11 nt93T>C)
G6PD Mahidol (487G>A) types,
the Mediterranean subtype (563C>T, 1311C>T, IVS11 nt93T>C)
Indo-Pakistan subtype (563C>T, 1311C,IVS11 nt93T).
Malaysians of Chinese G6PD Kaiping (1388G>A),
            G6PD Canton(1376G>T)
            G6PD Gaohe (95A>G),
Indian Malaysians G6PD Mediterranean (Indo-Pakistan subtype)
          G6PD Namoru (208T>C)
         5 G6PD-deficient cases with 2 nucleotide substitutions of 1311C>T
         IVS11 nt93T>C, but without amino-acid substitution in the G6PD molecule.
         Coimbra (592C>T),

Nepal - Mediterranean-Middle East sub-type

Singapole// Gaohe 95A>G, Orissa 131C>G, Vanua-Lava 383T>C, Mahidol 487G>A, Mediterranean 563C>T, Coimbra 592C>T, Viangchan 871G>A, Chatham 1003G>A,
Union 1360C>T, Canton 1376G>T and Kaiping 1388G>A. 4

Japan (G6PD Kyoto, Heian Tokyo and Tokushima Murcia 209A>G, Quing Yuan 392G>T, Nankang 517T>C, Chinese5 1024C>T.
6PD Musashino by other five variants had known missense mutations, namely,by 1387 CrT. Predicted amino acid substitutions causing G6PD Iwate, G6PD Niigata and G6PD Yamaguchi, 1160 GrA, 185 CrT, G6PD Asahikawa by 695 GrA, and G6PD Kamiube G6PD Fukushima, 1246 GrA, G6PD Morioka, 1339 GrA, and asymptomatic variants G6PD Musashino (62 ProrPhe) and which cause variants, G6PD Tokyo, G6PD Santiago de Cuba, G6PD Kamiube (463 ArgrCys) were located in regions near and G6PD Beverly Hills, 6

A case of new G6PD variant without chronic hemolysis is reported. 慢性溶血を伴わない新しいG6PD異常症(G6PD Shinjuku)の1例 /1984


France Southwest 7 Meditteranean Gd(-) and Gd(-)A identified variants
             Gd(-) Toulouse and Gd(+) Luz-Saint-Sauveur;

Germany G6PD Loma Linda.

Spain G6PD Malaga


Indian and Orang Asli (Aboriginal Malaysian) Backgrounds //2008//

4)Two new variants of G6PD deficiencies in Singapore. //2010//


6)Japan 1997

7)Distribution of G6PD types in the population of southwest France

8) Molecular characterization of a German variant of G6PD Aachen) //2000//

9) Prevalence of G6PD deficiency in newborns in the south of Brazi

100 Questions

There are so many questions about G6PD Deficiency. I got hints from web side. I am not a doctor or a scientist, and also I am not sure that the information that I got is true or not. Those are only hints when you think about G6PD Deficiency.

♥ Basic

What is G6PD Deficiency?

What causes it?

What are common triggers for symptoms?

What are the symptoms?

How is G6PD Deficiency diagnosed?

Who will be G6PD Deficiency?

How many people are G6PD Deficiency?

Is there any specific region where G6PD Deficiency is mostly appeared?

Is there any special time that G6PD Deficiency's symptom appear during the year?

Will male be more affected than women?

My baby is with G6PD Deficiency. If I have another baby in the future, will he/she be G6PD?

I heard that G6PD Deficiency has different level? What are those?


If it is mild, I heard a person can spend normal life. Is it true?

How many percent of child/adult is very severe G6PD Deficiency>0.5?

Does G6PD Deficiency cause brain/body damage?

Can a person with G6PD Deficiency donate his/her blood?

Does G6PD Deficiency cause other sickness?

What age will be the most serious stage for G6PD child or adult?

When G6PD Deficiency baby/child grows up does the symptoms disappear or will he be less affected by foods or medicines?

I heard When black American

Is favism the same as G6PD Deficiency ?

♥ 400 types of G6PD Deficiency

/ Where can I find the list?

Why there are so many varaieties?

How they are different from each other?

Can the test tell that what type does my baby will be?

If the type is found, does it tell that what kind of food or medicine should be avoided/

♥ Red blood cell

The doctor said my son's G6PD Deficiency is very severe. The red blood cell usually last 120 days, but my child's will last only one day.Does it mean the function that makes the red blood cell has to be more active than a person without G6PD Deficiency? Does it make a child more tired?

♥ If symptoms are appeared

After the serious symptom appears, how soon should we take the baby/child to the hospital? If the hospital is very far away, what should we do ?

♥ Test

What kind of test is done for G6PD Deficiency?

How much blood is needed?

Can't we find out exactly what kind of food or medicine will affect my baby? Can't blood tests tell that fava beans are bad, but soy beans are OK, like allergy tests?

Does child have to take tests regularly?

♥ Doctor

I can't find a doctor who knows about G6PD Deficiency very well. Where can I find the doctor?

Who is the most famous doctor about G6PD Deficiency?

What kind of doctor should I find? Pediatrician? Hematologist? Pediatric hematologist?

♥ Treatment

Is there any treatment for G6PD Deficiency?

So many people are G6PD Deficiency in this world. Why don't doctors, medicine companies, or governments try to more research and find the treatment for that?

♥ After birth

Can I do breastfeeding during the treatment of bilirubin? He is taking photo therapy.

My baby's level was 426. Is it very height? What is the normal lever? When can the baby be discharged?

The baby has the treatment of photo therapy. How many days does the baby have to stay in the hospital?

After birth, my baby was given Vitamin K that is on the list of medicine that he/she should avoid. Why did the doctor give it to him? Isn't it dangerous?

♥ Nursing baby

My baby's pooping is green today? Is there something wrong?

My baby looks very tired these days. Is it because of G6PD Deficiency ? Brest feeding

I am breast feeding, but the milk is not enough. Is there any way to increase the amount of milk?

My milk is not enough for my baby. Can I give him formula?

♥ A blood Transfusion

When do we need a blood transfusion? Is it dangerous to do that? Is there any side effect?

When does the doctor decide to d a blood transfusion?

Can parents donate the blood to their own child?

♥ Immunisation

Should a baby/child take immunization? Will he/she have side effect? Isn't immunisation a kind of infection? If he/she has a fever, can he/she take medicine?

After the immunization the pooping became green. Why? Is it OK?

Food and supplement
What kind of food do we have to avoid?

Why fava beans are not good? What cause problems?

Why blueberries are not good?

Can we eat fruits that contains Vitamin C as much as we want? Is there any limit?

After eating fava beans how long does it take to show the first symptom?

Does the amount of fava beans make the difference of symptoms?

If we notice that the child eat fava beans or naphthalene by mistake, what shall we do?

There are so many food that the child can't eat. Our food life is affected too much, and I am very stressful. What can I do?

Are all G6PD Deficiency children and adults affected by beans included fava beans?

I was diagnosis as G6PD Deficiency, and doctor gave me a list of food that I should not eat.But I have been eating whatever I like including fava beans, peanut butter, junk food that people said they contain a lot of artificial materials. Nothing happens for me.

If a person with G6PD Deficiency eat food which contains more iron regularly, can it help to avoid red blood cell's melting when it is attacked by infection,certain medicine, or food?

Why not tonic water?

♥ Medicine

What kind of medicine should he/she with G6PD Deficiency avoid?

If a person with G6PD Deficiency take medicine which causes melding the RBC, what shall we do?

♥ Infection

We are told to be careful about infections. There are so many kinds of infections. What kind of infection do we have to be aware of ?

Bird flue, swine flue...there are many new flue. Will a person who is G6PD Deficiency be affected by those new flue?

If a child get cold, should we give him a lot of water? Does it help to stop melting the red blood cell?

♥ stress and illness

♥ Social life

My husband can't understand G6PD Deficiency, even though I explained again and again.Our relationship become very difficult. What can we do?

My parents/ his parents/ relatives don't understand G6PD Deficiency. I want to take my baby to their home, but, their home have naphthalene. I don't expose my baby for danger.

When my child is invited for his friend's birthday party, what shall we do? There should be a lot of foods such as cake and sweet that will contain beans and artificial materials.

Can my child do excise or join the sport club? Is hard excise affect him/her?

Does over work or hard work cause tiredness?

♥ Traveling

I am living in North America. Is it safe to visit the country where sanitation is not good and also many infections are reported every year, including cholera ? (my husband parents and relatives are living there.)

Can we take our own food when we board the air plain?

Can't we go to the restaurant forever?

During the trip what should we do for food?

♥ Support group / other parents

Is there any group that will offer information or a meeting?

I am very worried about my child.How about other parents?


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    • Daniel Brummitt profile image

      Daniel Brummitt 

      5 months ago

      My son is also severely G6PD deficient less than 0.1%. It's been our experience the biggest concerns are the medical industry and fava beans! He should never have had the Vit K injection at birth and had severe hyperbilirubin as a result. We avoid soy products anyway because they are regarded as toxic to everyone unless they're fermented. That said he occasionally has traditionally fermented tamari without issue. He's never suffered haemolysis and has been ill, just like any kid. He's nearly five now, and it's never been an issue. I'm here because I just read the active compound in Manuka honey is methylglyoxal, we were warned that compounds beginning "methyl" were a danger. I just read the that this honey works by inhibiting the G6PD enzyme so will be careful with that. I think the real danger comes from pharmaceuticals, if they eat real food and don't require medicines you'd probably never know!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

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      2 years ago

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      hi im a mother of g6pd baby. he is 3mos.old now i just want to know is bonna milk ok for him.? what soap s safe for my baby ?thankssssssss


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