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Genealogy: Maiden Names and Married Names

Updated on September 28, 2013

A list of maiden names alongside the surname of the family they married into that I have encountered locally.

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One of the most difficult lines of enquiry into our genealogy is trying to find our maternal lines, a lot of the time the only clue we have is a woman's first name and it's trying to find those elusive maiden names that causes us such headaches. With that in mind I have decided to keep a list of maiden names and their married names as and when I find them and display them in this hub, I'm not sure how much help it will prove to be but hopefully it will prove of use in the future as the list grows.

The other way of informing people of the Mother's surname is to use it as a middle name for a child - I have therefore also compiled a list along these lines which can be found here:



Here is a list of Maiden Names alongside the Married Name that they married into which I have taken from my records:

Maiden - Married

Alderson - Davies

Allsopp - Charles

Arnold - Hicks

Arnold - Phelps

Atkins - Godden

Avern - Fetherston

Bateman - Bull

Bates - Woodward

Bayley - Raynor

Beaty - Higgins

Bell - Barrat

Biddle - Fulkes

Benbow - Morris

Bettle - Selby

Blancks - Cross

Boteler - Farrer

Brailsford - French

Brooks - Barnes

Buckland - Hewlitt

Burridge - Phelps

Chatfield - Rose

Chiverton - Colenutt

Clarke - Ottley

Colton - William

Cook - Carr

Covington - Brooks

Crossley - Brooks

Crozier - Taylor

Dagnell - Muddiman

Davis - Goodwin

Dell - Dellafield

Douglas - Line

Dowse - Harrison

Feasey - Sim

Francis - Holloway

Gibbs - Perrett

Green - Alderson

Gurney - Stevens

Hale - Petchey

Hall - Mitchell

Hannell - Bigg

Hannell - Crouch

Hannell - Homan

Harrison - Sells

Harvey - Sutton

Hawkins - Piercy

Hawtin - Hart

Heighington - Hillhouse

Henly - Newman

Henniker - Harcourt

Hopkins - Averns

Hox - Kitelee

Jackson - Barron

Jodrell - Cross

Johnstone - Campbell

Jolliffe - Warder

Kemp - Ransley

Mandleys - Ogle

Marshall - Clarke

May - Brown

McDonald - Fraser

McDonald - Hawthorne

Mitchell - Heley

Mitchell - McCourtie

Morris - Smith

Mortimer - Elliott

Nicklin - Lyne

Niton - Russell

Odell - Eames

Offley - Bernard

Olife - Hill

Olwen - Turney

Paget - Lee

Peach - Blowers

Perriss - Goodall

Perrott - Kitelee

Plumbe - Rawson

Rawson - L'Estrange

Rickford - Hunt

Robertson - McIntosh

Rogers - Bull

Sarney - Harcourt

Sharp - Emerson

Simpson - Matheson

Stafford - Holland

Stones - Mallory

Strange - Bent

Tede - Chesters

Van Der Auwera - Warder

Vere - Hughes

Walpole - Lingard-Monk

Wilford - Collier

Willgos - Purssell

Williams - Stevens

Woolhead - Dickson

Wright - Heaps

Wright - Tatham


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