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Gallman Family History Main Page

Updated on June 6, 2014

Page 1 Gallman Family History - Our Swiss Heritage

Our Swiss Heritage Chapter cover page
Our Swiss Heritage Chapter cover page

Page 2 Gallman Family History Book 2009

Inside the Chruch - photos by Jim
Inside the Chruch - photos by Jim

The Gallman Family History Book 2009 Edition

This is The Gallman Family History book. Our family has a huge amount of documented information from a wide variety of sources. Most of my personal information has been handed down to me in both written and spoken form. I can not guarantee you that everything here is absolutely correct, however, to the best of my knowledge it is. There are some of our family members that I consider to be authorities, Harriet and Jim are two, and there are others more colorful. It is my intent to present the most accurate Gallman Family History possible. If you have any disputes to the information here please contact me and I will do my best to correct it or insure you that the information is accurate. All items here are used with permission by the submitting party. I may or may not list the submitting party. It is not my intent to use anything without permission. This is not copyrighted by me so you are free to print out anything here. I hope you enjoy this trip through time as we visit our Gallman Family History. Please understand as new information and pictures are found they will be incorporated into the next years edition. This is the 2009 edition, there is a 2008 and a 2007 as well as a 2010 to come. I am guessing it will be 5 years before this will be complete. I am going to publish this now, however, I will be working on it so come back later for more info! There are links to both Jim and Harriet included below.

I will have to type a lot of this information so others in our family will be able to locate it by word search using the internet. I want to scan and post each page just as it was printed. I think you will be able to print the pages from the photos. I am still learning here. Remember I do get happy fingers. This is a time for all of us to see the information and make changes to it if need be. I am only the gather, almost every one in our family has contributed to this family history book. Some by leaving notes from years past. Some by having their actions documented in various historical documents etc. Others have family Bibles and photos to share. It has been very exciting for me to discover our past. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I may not work on this every day, but I will be working on it.

Thanks cousins!


See the section links at the bottom of this page





Contributed by

Harriet Imrey

The family of immigrant Jacob Gallman lived in Mettmenstetten, canton Zürich, Switzerland. In 1734, they joined a large emigration-party led by de-frocked pastor Moritz Göttschi, . . . 

Gallman 2009 edition


The Gallman’s Owned the Music of the Church Bells page 1

The Gallman’s Owned the Music of the Church Bells
as told by Jim Gallman
I went to Mettmenstetten. It was a cold day when I got there. I did not have a lot of time, the trip was a side excursion from a business trip. There was snow and I was not dressed for it. The slush had soaked my shoes and socks. I'd planned to go to the cemetery and look for very old tombstones but they were all covered with snow, it was getting dark, etc. The town sits on the slope of a hill. Not sheer but clearly rising. The church sits halfway up, opposite an inn, I think it was the white horse inn. I used to have a book of matches from the inn.
The Mettmenstetten Church was founded in the early 1500s. The town at that time had fewer than 500 people. I talked with the local priest, Ueli Mauch, who knew about the Gallman’s (there were still Gallmans there) and he told me a story about how the Gallmans owned the music of the church bells.
The old Mettmenstetten Church is where the Gallman's worshipped.
It was a Gallman in 1550 who had the first church bell made for the church. Thereafter, they would not ring the church bell on Sunday until they saw him riding over the hill on the way to church. I asked about the bell. It cracked in the late 1800s and was replace by three bells. The original bell is no more.
The next day I was in Zurich and tracked down the copy of the letter from Jacob Gallman in SC sent back to Switzerland. The copy TL referenced was not the letter. It was a copy of the letter made thirty years later by a Zurich University grad student, doing his thesis on Emigration. I saw his copy (it is in the rare documents section of the main Zurich library).
But it was the church, not just a church. And the church records, I saw the parish church records at the central library. It wasn’t a copy, the church records that were recorded, had been handwritten in ink. There it was, the birth of Kleinhein Gallman, penned five hundred years ago.
The Mettmenstetten church pamphlet and the translation are on my website.

The Gallman’s Owned the Music of the Church Bells page 2

With the town having less than 500 people. It sort of evokes for me some of the small country towns we still have in Texas. Farmers founding a small church. Everyone knows everyone.
Jim Gallman

Remarks by Paula -
As I read the words Jim wrote in his e-mails, a picture began to form in my minds eye. It was of a land in a far-off and unfamiliar place. In a valley among the Swiss Alps, in a time when Mettmenstetten was young. A small village of Swiss Gallman’s and Kliener’s. In this snow covered village that was situated “on the slope of a hill. Not sheer but clearly rising.,” there was a church that sat “ half way up, opposite an inn“ in the middle of the village. It was a church, built to worship the Most High God. This was my ancestors church. The church of Mettmenstetten. This was where the Gallman‘s lived and worshiped. A village of people who had a high regard for the Creator of the Universe. People who knew Him and revered Him. I was filled with a vague homesickness and I seemed to hear a faint whisper of a church bell summoning the faithful to worship. I could see, Mr. Gallman riding over the hills to worship, who could tell how often the bell had summoned? Then my thoughts drift back to the writers of long ago. There in that church a priest sat with quill in hand and penned the name Gallman in the records of his parish church. Jim had found his copies, did he say he was posting them? I went to Jims web site, I clicked on the first page of the church parish records. . The writing was beautiful, like artwork, I couldn’t read a word. I had forgotten, they were not written in English. I knew nestled in these pages of handwritten records were details of my family name. I clicked on another page and then another. As my eyes gazed upon these written words my heart skipped a beat. I saw it! Gallmann, that was my mothers maiden name, that was my family name. It had been only a story up until now. I was in awe, I was looking at a piece of literary history. Our history, the Gallman family history. How fortunate, to be envied are we to have been blessed by the ones who penned these words on paper so that 500 years later we could see them, and to cousin Jim who brought them to us from Switzerland. Jim, thank you!


Go to Jim's website to view all the parish records, all of the church phamplet plus tons of other info.

Summer Skiing?

A Gallmann Coat of Arms
A Gallmann Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

The story behind this Gallman Coat of Arms will be in the 2010 Edition.

This is not a Gallman Family Coat of Arms. One of our ancestors had this made for them self.

I did a brief study on the meanings behind the symbols represent here.

I think it depicts our ancestors pretty well.

Honourable warrior; valiant knight, having Justice and military honour using execution of military duty as a person with qualities of leadership

Half of a moline cross = 4th son

The colors seem to say Mighty - Victorious - Warrior

Here is the link if you would like to know more about

family crest and coat or arms.

Gallmans in Georgia


Jos (Joseph) Gallman

 Jos Born about 1574 in Obermettmenstetten, Switzerland He married Keingolt born after 1637

Jos and Keingolt had a son named Kleinheini Gallman Born about 1602 died about 1676


Jacob Gallman -

Jacob Gallman son of Hans Gallman and Elizabeth Dubbs was born before August 23, 1674 and died October 20, 1738 in the Saxotha Twp, Orangeburg District, South Carolina.

Jacob married Verena Staheli on October 10, 1698 in Mettmenstetten, Switzerland

Jacob arrived from London to Charleston, South Carolina on the Ship William with 9 children on February 7, 1735 register shows that he signed it himself.

This is a free site, however, ads will be placed here by google as this pays for the site. I have no control that I know of over these adds. I do know they are placed here according to the writing content and what google believes would be of interest to the readers. I am also required to write original text pertaining to the subject that this HUB is about.

If you have any stories you would care to share send them to me. Also

Please send me any info pics etc you would like to share.

There is a link above on the right that says contact Paula Gretchen, click on that if you dont have my e-mail address and it will be sent to me.

Please send me any info pics etc you would like to share.

Book pages 3 & 4 Palmetto Connections Harriet has revised this so I have only included 2 of the 4 pages.

Palmetto Connections page 1
Palmetto Connections page 1
Palmetto Connections page
Palmetto Connections page

Book pages 7, 8, 9, & 10 Mettmenstetten Pamphlet Jim has a lot more, Go to his sight to see the entire phamplet


Pages 13 & 14 Gallman's Owned the Music of the Church Bells

Pages 15 & 16 Parish Records Jim has many many more pages, these are the only ones I put into the book.

Pages 17 - 20 Switzers Petition 1735

Page 1 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 1 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 2 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 2 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 3 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 3 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 4 Switzers Petition 1735
Page 4 Switzers Petition 1735

These are the full size pages that were passed out at the Sylacauga Gallman Family Reunion.

I refer to it as an edition. As each year a portion of our Family History is presented to view and check. I am trying to put together the most accurate record of our family that I can.

These are proofs for you all to see and make changes if necessary. There are many in the family who do not own their own computers. Others may print these out for them to see. This is not my family history this is OUR FAMILY HISTORY !

 Because the information we have on our family is so large I will break it into sections. Please be patient as there is a lot of information.

Gallmans in South Carolina Hub

From Switzerland to South Carolina

Click on the link below to find these items and more.

Jacob Gallman brought his family from Switzerland to South Carolina.

Page 21 Saxagotha, South Carolina map

Pages 22 - 25 1737 Letter from Jacob Gallman to family in Switzerland about his emigration to Saxe Gotha, SC

South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC LINK


Page 27 & 28 Historical land records.

Book pages 34 - 36 Battle of Stono Ferry 1779

FreeSkiing at Mettmenstetten Water Ramps

More Summer Skiing!

Mettmenstetten Water Ramps --


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    • profile image

      Chris Gallman 

      8 months ago

      The Gallman Y DNA is R1B European, but the Gallmans of the Southern USA/Switzerland were Jewish before converting (some remained Jewish, but not the Swiss Gallmans). In the early Middle Ages before the Church became too strong a group of Gauls converted to Judaism, because the local rabbi was much more entertaining than the local priests. I have always wondered if that is our origin given that our Y DNA is R1B, but we also have Aschkenazi Jewish DNA and a name that means Gaulic person in Yiddish/German.

    • Kaye White Gatlin profile image

      Kaye White Gatlin 

      18 months ago

      So glad I found this site. My maternal grandmother was a Gallman from this family.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I am totally stumped! My G Grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Gallman (5/28/1853 to 11/26/1909) who is buried at Laurelwood Cemetery in Rock Hill South Carolina. Ancestry says her father is Nathaniel George Gallman but a lot of dates and things do not add up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! My email is

    • profile image

      Jarod A. Goodwin (Gallman) 

      3 years ago

      I've been looking for the longest time on information on the Gallmans.

      I was born Jarod Goodwin, and my father was born Jerry Goodwin but his father was born Jack Morgan Gallman. Something happened between my Great Grandfather and my Great Grandmother though and they split, my grandfather and great aunt and uncle all went with my great grandmother who remarried one James Goodwin. My grandfather took up the adopted name Goodwin and we've been that ever since. While I respect his decision I myself have always wanted to be Gallman again and in respect of my grandfather I will probably change my name at some point to Gallman-Goodwin but I am not entirely sure yet.

      I'll post a link to my family tree at the bottom.

      Just follow my dad, his dad and his dad over and over again. I have yet to add a good chunk of Gallman brothers and sisters and cousins as I have just found most of this through censuses and stuff.

    • profile image

      James S. Coyle 

      3 years ago

      My Mother's dad was Joseph not Jim. Error on my part.

    • profile image

      James Samuel Coyle 

      3 years ago

      Son of Evelyn Gallman Coyle - Daughter of Jim Gallman & Fanny Deffa Gallman of Gaffney S.C.

      If I can be of any help e-mail at or phone 252 269 9785 or 252 726 8897

    • profile image

      Paula Gretchen 

      4 years ago

      Hi Valarie, email me at if you want to.

    • profile image

      Valarie Davies 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for the great info. I really enjoyed it.

      Anyone know of a Gallman Y DNA project?


    • profile image

      Jim Gallman 

      5 years ago


      I happened to read your writeup on my emails to you on the music of the bells and your response to it. It is still a great piece of writing on your part. I had been looking at pictures I'd taken of the interior of the Church in Metmenstetten a little before rereading your writeup and it still brings memories. My biggest memory is how wet and cold my feet were trudging the in snow in my sneakers. I may have told you the story, but you retold it better. Thanks.


    • profile image

      Paula Gretchen 

      6 years ago

      Nice to meet you Paul, contact me if you would like to share information, and family photos, click on the link at the top of the page, where it says . . .

      by Paula Gretchen.

    • profile image

      Paul Gallmann Holland 

      6 years ago

      Paul Gallmann from Holland.

      Old nearly 64 Years and had become a Little Son from his Son Sjoerd.

      The jungest little Gallmann is called Tjeerd and the ypungest leves at Holland.



    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Gretchen 

      8 years ago

      Hey Cousins! Thanks for the comments!

      I am still working on these pages!

      Send me some pictures or documents if you have some you would share or like to post here.

      Then there is the 2008 and 2007 edition plus this years 2010.

      Thanks again!


    • profile image

      Pat Gallman Lankford 

      8 years ago

      thank you Paula....I luv this...It's great!!!

    • profile image

      Judith Gallman Schenck 

      8 years ago

      Outstanding work!

    • profile image

      Carol Gallman 

      8 years ago

      Thank you both for the hard work you have done in accomplishing this beautiful and interesting site. I'll definitely be a frequent visitor.


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