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Tag! You're it.

Updated on November 2, 2014

If the weather is decent you will find us outside. So since the kids were very little we have been playing, modifying, or making up games to keep everyone happy and active outdoors. We chose our house based on the distance to a park. There is a playground but also lots of open space. It was not unusual for us to pack a lunch and spend the day.

Play Tag - 100 different ways.

Traditional tag works. Playground tag where you can't step off the equipment or you are it or vice versa. Cat and mouse where the kids would run on the playground equipment and we would be the cats chasing or grabbing from the ground. Cops and Robbers, if you get tagged they take you to jail and in order to get out another robber has to tap you back in. As the boys get bigger it has become full on Parcour Tag free for all.

Use the open field for bigger tag games. I played TV tag as a kid but now it's Disney tag because there are 6 million Disney characters to choose from, something like that. Whoever is IT tries to tag you if you can yell a Disney character when they tag you are not IT. But you may not yell a character that someone else already did or you are automatically IT.

Freeze tag the old school version or zhoosh it up! Make others crawl under the frozen person's leg to unfreeze them. Or make them get down in a ball and leap frog over them to get unfrozen. ER tag is where you have to hold the spot where you got tagged and someone has to "bandage" it to unfreeze you.

Once you get started it gets really silly! The kids once made us play a whole game hopping on one foot, or doing a somersault to get unfrozen. And it never fails if we start a game of tag we end up with lots of new friends.

Tag! You're it....go Play.

Fun at the park


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