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Garden Fencing

Updated on March 28, 2022
aley kurian profile image

I am Aley Kurian hailing from India. I have been working as a content writer since some years.


      Garden fencing is a term encountered when considering the outward beauty aspects of a house. Most people make their gardens exquisite but forget all about fencing. To prevent encroachers, both from man and animals, garden fencing becomes a necessity. For security purposes, people go even to the extent of installing pointed spikes on the fences. Some grow thorny shrubs that spread over the length of the garden fence and this makes it difficult for thieves etc. to climb over the fence into your boundary.       

     A well kept garden boosts the confidence and protects from all sorts of depressive thoughts. Before going for garden fencing, the monetary constraints should be well taken into consideration. Lest in the end, you fail to enjoy the landscape and beauty. While planning a garden, a lot of points have to be taken care of like the landscape suitable, planning of fountains, garden furniture etc.  

     Regarding beauty aspects the best option is to go for bamboo fencing. Available in a variety of hues and colors, the natural rustic beauty is present and hence environment friendly. With bamboo garden fencing, certain traditional styles are also present. One is ‘kenninji’ which is a classic sort, with panels of bamboo poles with no gaps between them. The only disadvantage of this exotic garden fencing is that it is not so rot-resistant.

    There are garden laws and this should adhere with our garden fencing. As per the site map, all the boundaries should be well marked. Encroachment to the neighbors land is an offence and is punishable. If the property is on the highway, you should consult the authorities to ascertain the exact ratio of land to be left free and then in the remaining land, garden fencing can be done.

     Before going for garden fencing, the climatic conditions of the land have to be taken into consideration. For example, in windy places the best option is to go for concrete railings. Where the land is exposed to much heat, best option is to go for vinyl garden fencing. Though costly, unlike wooden railings, vinyl is much resistant to heat and rot, and can be cleaned with soap water. Vinyl garden fencing is available in four colors- white, tan, grey and wood color. There is lifetime warranty for vinyl products. Unlike wood, no repairing or painting is required.


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