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Genealogy - Free Family Tree Charts and Forms

Updated on November 1, 2016
You can print a blank copy of this chart at their website
You can print a blank copy of this chart at their website | Source

Family tree charts can be a great reference tool as well as a nice way to display your research. Genealogy charts come in a large range of sizes, styles and types.

Most of the free forms listed below are fairly plain but you can dress them up with scrap-booking supplies and photos. A chart can make a wonderful gift for so many different occasions and the gift is even better when you make it yourself for next to nothing.

Types of Charts

Here are some of the most common types of genealogy charts

  • Pedigree Chart - Probably the most commonly used chart, It shows a persons direct line of ancestors. It can also be called an ancestor chart or as I like to call it, a grandparent chart.
  • Descendant Chart - The display of a persons descendants. The primary person is usually printed at the top with the descendants below. A chart like this would make a nice gift for a milestone birthday for someone with a lot of grandchildren.
  • Relationship Chart - This chart usually has both ancestors and descendants and show the relationship to one individual.
  • Bow-Tie Chart - This type of chart is a pedigree done with the paternal ancestors on the left and the maternal on the right creating bow-tie like appearance.
  • Fan Chart - This chart looks very cool if you have a large number of generations that you want to display. It is a pedigree style that displays ones direct ancestors in a fan-like manner.

Other Creative Ideas for Making Charts

  • Quilting! I love quilts and have this dream of having my family tree hand-stitched onto a quilted wall hanging or bedspread.
  • Tree Stump - I think a Fan style charts would be cool painted or done with pyrography ( wood burning) on a thin slice off the base of a tree stump. Any woodworkers out there know of a good source??
  • Centerpiece - Good housekeeping has instructions on making an easy one
  • Family Corner- Danita Smith has a nice website on creatively displaying your family history. She has photos on her site of her genealogy "nook"


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    • ClarkParker profile image

      ClarkParker 5 years ago from California, USA

      Interesting! I think, this is also one the best gifts we can offer to our loved ones especially to our grandparents.Thanks!

    • coolenconnections profile image

      Suzanne Coolen 5 years ago from Toronto

      Thank you Starmom41 :)

    • profile image

      Starmom41 5 years ago

      very informative. thanks for writing this.