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Genealogy Treasures for your Family Tree Book - The Funeral Card

Updated on March 4, 2017

The Funeral Card

Including a variety of mediums will keep your Family Tree Book interesting, informative, and make it even more personal. The Funeral Card is a valuable addition.

I grew up in a big city, Chicago, Illinois. My parents didn’t own a car for most of my childhood and we used public transportation to get around. Times were simple back then. I can remember my parents being gone for an evening, coming home after dark after a visit to Pomierski Funeral home.

Funeral homes were staples in the community. It was where everyone gathered to pay their respects and say good-bye to loved ones and friends when they passed on.

After visiting the funeral home my parents would return home, in their dark colored clothing as was customary, and with them came their only tangible remembrance of the evening: The funeral card.

Mom collected them, and kept them together in her top dresser drawer. Today, they are spread out in the pages of my Family Tree Book and they tell a story of evolution of traditions, styles and customs as individual as the people they represent.

The oldest card I have is of my Dad’s brother Edward who died in 1934, followed by my paternal grandfather Karol who died in 1937.

These older cards are interesting in that the artwork is old school religious and the prayers long and formal. The current cards can reflect a span from old school to today’s lifestyle tailored to represent the person represented.

The older funeral cards can simply state the person’s name and date of death. Newer cards can contain name, birth and death date, place of burial, name of funeral home with date of service. Funeral cards can point you to the next step of searching for additional information about your relative. For example, the place of burial can be contacted for records they have regarding the person’s gravesite. You can visit and take pictures of headstones, which are another valuable addition to your Family Tree Book.

Whether you have your parent’s collection of cards, or you are just starting out, these cards make a wonderful addition to your Family Tree Book. Remember, while you may have not collected many cards yourself up until now, many of your relatives may have. So don’t be shy about asking around. When attending a funeral, some people often times take more than one card. When your relatives see your heirloom family history you are putting together, they can be happy to share with you, knowing it is also preserving their family history.

Happy collecting!

Funeral Card
Funeral Card | Source
Funeral Cards
Funeral Cards | Source


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