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German names: meaning and origin

Updated on January 17, 2020
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Premina Parker, is a parenting advisor. She is the author, most recently, parenting blog called Genbabycarrier. Her work has helped Time

Wolfgang, Gertrud ), the second is foreign names borrowed from the Catholic calendar ( Johann, Katharina, Anna, Margarete ). German law prohibits giving children geographical names, surnames, or fictitious names as names (as is customary, for example, in the USA). Still, it allows you to provide an unlimited number of names, which is consistent with Catholic traditions, which adheres to a third of the German population.

Recently, short or diminutive names have appeared as passport names: Kathi (instead of Katharina ), Heinz (instead of Heinrich ). Fusion of double names is also practiced:

Marlene = Maria + Magdalene

Annegret = Anna + Margarete

Annemarie = Anna + Marie

German names transcription

In the latest 20th century, it was customary in Russian to transmit the German sound [h] as "g": Hans - Hans, Helmut - Helmut, Burkhard - Burkgard. According to modern rules of practical transcription, these names are referred to as Hans, Helmut, Burkhard. An exception (for obvious reasons) is made only for the transmission of the letter combination "her": Herbert - Herbert, Herwig - Herwig. In other cases, it is recommended to transmit pronounced [h] as "x." (Although the old traditions are still alive: we speak and write Heinrich Heine, Wilhelm Hohenzollern, although, in reality, these names should sound: Heinrich Heine, Wilhelm Hohenzollern ).

Feminine names ending in e in Russian transcription are sometimes transmitted with the ending -a. As examples, Martine - Martin, Magdalene - Magdalena (especially since the German language also has the forms, Martina and Magdalena ). At the same time, for some names, there is a stable form of transmission through -e: Anneliese - Annelise, Hannelore - Hannelore.

About the list of German names posted on this site

The list includes the most common German names, as well as several ancient German names, known from historical chronicles or mentioned in German mythology. There are numerous spellings of names such as short, diminutive forms, and Latinised form. Descriptions of origin and meanings also give Russian transcription.

  • Heimo - home
  • Hein - home ruler
  • Heiner - home ruler
  • Heino - home ruler
  • Helmudt - the bravery of the helmet
  • Helmut - the courage of the helmet
  • Helmfried - world of the helmet
  • Helfgot - help of the god
  • Helfrid - helmet world
  • Henning - home ruler
  • Henrik - home ruler
  • Heribert - bright army
  • Herman- Army man
  • Herrick - Army power
  • Hilbert - Bright battle
  • Hildebert - Bright battle
  • Hildebrand - Sword battle
  • Hinrich - Home ruler
  • Hedwig - Famous warrior
  • Hlodovik - Famous warrior
  • Hraban - Raven
  • Hooda - Famous
  • Hrodalf - Famous wolf
  • Hrodwulf - Famous wolf
  • Hrodebert - Famous
  • Hordaland - famous land
  • Hrodrick - famous power
  • Hrolf - famous wolf
  • Hugubert - bright heart, opinion, spirit
  • Hulderic - merciful ruler of
  • Honfreet - peaceful, giant
  • Huppert - golden heart, opinion, spirit
  • Hopprecht - gorgeous heart, opinion, spirit
  • Hamirich - home ruler
  • Heimo - home
  • Chustaffus - meditating
  • Eb - sharp as a boar
  • Eberard - bright as a boar
  • Eberhart - loud like a boar
  • Ebert - Strong as a Hog
  • Eberhard - Strong as a Hog
  • Ebner - Father
  • Evert - Strong as a
  • Hog Egger - Strong Sword
  • Egon - Edge of the Sword
  • Ezard- strong sword
  • Edsel - noble
  • Edward - the guardian of prosperity
  • Eilert - strong sword
  • Eckbert - sharp edge of the sword
  • Eckehard - strong sword
  • Eckhard - strong sword
  • Eckhardt - strong sword
  • Eldrick - old ruler
  • Eldrich - old ruler
  • Eldrich - old ruler
  • Emeric - the power of work
  • Emerys - power work
  • Emil - rival
  • Emmeric - power work
  • Emorri - hardworking power
  • Engel - angel
  • Angelbert- a bright, famous
  • Anne - an eagle
  • Erwin - a respectful friend, friendship
  • Erdman - a strong personality
  • Erdmudt - a brave and courageous
  • Erdmouth - a bold and courageous
  • Erich - ruler
  • Ernst - a fighter with death
  • Erhard - a brave and noble
  • Eugen - a well-born
  • Etzel - a noble
  • Yauld - legit ruler
  • J├╝rgen - peasant


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