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Get movin'

Updated on November 2, 2014

Beat the Wintertime Blues - Go old School

Stuck inside? Smaller spaces can be tricky but as the mom of 2 active boys and wife to a personal trainer there is no sitting still in our house. All three of my boys have passed many winter hours with a deck of cards.

Use the cards to compete in a push-up contest. They draw a card and do that number of push-ups. This keeps going until the deck is exhausted, or the boys. Sometimes they rotate the exercises just for fun. Try jumping jacks, sit-ups, burpees, squats, climbers, air jump rope, hopping - two feet/one foot-alternate. Oh Yeah I can keep going!

Their favorite winter pastime of all? Dance party! Turn on the stereo, Ipod, wherever you get your groove on and boogie down. Whoever won the last Dance Party gets to pick the music, Kid's Bop, 80's Gold, or Today's hits. Wanna get everyone really giggly? Turn on something outside your box, country perhaps, folk music, or classical. Nothing better than seeing Dad try to pirouette to Beetoven.

Have a gym membership? Use the gym to play a game of P-I-G. Use a racquetball court to play dodge-sock. Bring all the socks in the house and line them up just like dodge balls, but remember even with socks there is no hitting in the face! Or start your own Marathon or running race. Keep track of everyone's progress on a chart or better a map can you run from LA to NY?? Ok, maybe that's only my husband! But you get the idea.

Even though my husband spends way too much time at work we have come up with some very create ways to use the Health Club. Considering that more than 50% of the members are adults that use only 1/4 of the facility. I am not advocating for getting yourself kicked out of a gym, but before they remodeled most of the gym I used my stroller on the track during the middle of the day and even brought scooters into the gym. Be Creative! and ask permission please.

What about an indoor Treasure Hunt? There are games you can buy with prepared clues in a treasure chest. There are plenty online, or make your own clues. No time for hiding all the clues? Take an object like a teddy bear and take turns hiding it anywhere in the house, then play Hot and Cold.

Half the battle to getting everyone up and moving is getting yourself up and moving. Like a cold - it is contagious. If the kids see mom and dad playing they will quickly join in. Look for more HubPages with game lists!!


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