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Getting Along With Your Teen

Updated on February 11, 2018

Getting Along With Your Teen


Getting along With Teens

Teens today are growing up in the ages of technology. The world today is much different than lets say ten years ago. Attitudes are different and the ways of thinking have changed greatly. Although the times are changing, the basic attitude of most teens will remain the same or have the same way of thinking.

Thirteen Going on Twenty

Thirteen Going on Twenty. Ever hear that before? Maybe you've said it yourself. These are actually the toughest years for young people. Bullying and peer pressures are most common at this stage of a young life. These are the times when a teen will be most confused, vulnerable and hostile. I would say that this is because they don't know who to trust and who to believe. In alot of instances I've seen that they think they have enough experience in life for crucial decision making. Not all, some have shown that they make excellent judgment decisions which is most likely to be brought on by good surroundings and smart upbringing.

These are the years when teenagers are now hanging out with their friends and getting into mischief. In some cases the kids are good. But most times they discover that drinking might be fun, or pot can be exciting, or worse. But basically the partying stage is about to begin.

It's Not Easy Being A Teenager

It's Not Easy Being A Teenager. Kids are sensitive to many different aspects of growing up.

How Far Do You Go To Protect Your Teen

How Far Do You Go To Protect Your Teen? Well in my opinion all the way. There are tell tale signs when your teenager is having trouble in life.

Guidance Over Pressure

Guidance over pressure is one of the best things to know when discussing life events or topics of interest especially serious matters. Nobody likes to be pressured into a corner and young people take it more to heart because of their ramped emotions. Even-though the exterior may seem to be tough and solid, the feelings that are withheld tend to get balled up but eventually must vent. This is the situation when the adult must understand what is going on in the mind of a teen. Attacking the problem may not be the solution because if people don't want to talk and are afraid or weary of the reaction of the adult, the problems will be balled up and a potential situation may be in the workings.


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