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Getting back to work

Updated on April 27, 2011

The way the economy is nowadays a job is mandatory and required for you to give your child everything he or she needs. I know it can be a scary and overwhelming but you have to set that example.My one wish is that I don't let my job take up so much of my time that I miss out on my son.

I saw me getting back to work as an opportunity to show my son that yes mommy graduated and is working in her field. My whole pregnancy was during my last year of college and it made me only fight harder to get everything done in time. Even after I gave birth I still went back for my finals and in April I got my degree. I was proud of myself for fighting to the bitter end and even more proud that I am able to give my son the life he deserves.

The months after college I spent with my son getting to know him and just being a mom. It was good but honestly it was time to get back to work. It was time to get back to me. Before my son came along I worked in the day and went to school at night putting myself through college. I was a worker, a busy woman who was working tirelessly to a goal, and those months of just taking care of him was not fulfilling for me. I wanted more.

Then when I started to look for a job I found myself feeling bad about leaving my child at home and going to work. I soon realized that it wasn't about me abandoning him it was about me giving him everything he needs.

It doesn't matter if your a single mother or a married mother you no longer have to give up who you once were. I'm not saying to be a crazy teenager but you can go back to work. Go back and not only will you bring more income into the household but you will feel better about yourself. Staying home with the kids might have worked for the mothers of yesterday but us mothers of today need to our thing.

I must say however that balance is key. Don't just work, work, work and forget you have a child to raise. Some say that a child's behavior problem comes from parents not being there enough, I say it's because they didn't balance between both jobs.

I would love to be with my little man everyday but I have to provide for him and I have to set a good example. So mother's I say to you, go out there get back to you. Take the plunge.

Here are some excellent books to ease your transition.


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    • profile image

      Olivia 6 years ago

      Thank for this story and the referral for the books.