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For Mothers: Get to Know Your Daughter by Cooking Together.

Updated on May 23, 2016

The relationship between mother and daughter starts to form right at the time of the daughter’s birth and continues through the lives of both. Though this relationship, like any other, has its own complications, nevertheless there are many things that can be done to nurture it into a very strong one.


Cooking is one of those age-old parts of life that could come in handy when trying to bridge the gap between the women of the house.

Its a well known saying that good food brings people together, so why not mothers and their daughters who will get to spend quality time and enjoy a meal afterwards by themselves or with the rest of the family?

So how can you turn something that is seen as a chore by some, into a rewarding activity? The tips below can help:

1. Start at a young age: When kids are young, they tend to learn better and faster, that does not mean that you cannot start with your teenage or grown daughter now, its just a good idea to involve them when they are young.

2. Plan before actually cooking: Asking your daughter what to cook will make her feel important. Going through recipe books or old family recipes, and grocery trips will make the entire process even more intimate.

3. Go for something easy: Try recipes that are easy to follow, save the difficult ones for later when you both have the experience of working together. Even regular foods such as salads, soups,and sandwiches can create magic when prepared and eaten in an atmosphere of joy.

4. Be patient: Remember, this is not about the task of cooking but rather it is about cooking as an art and must be taught with lots of love and passion. Explain each process if your daughter is not experienced, such as the right quantity of ingredients,the methods used, the way to clean up afterwards and any other important point. By doing this, any doubt she might have will be removed. Do not scold her for any mistake, this is a time for bonding not fault-finding.

5. Talk about random things: Just having a conversation can do wonders and can create an unforgettable memory for both of you. Telling her about your past experiences with cooking will be a good way of having her attention. She might also tell you things about herself and this will help you to understand her better.

6. Show gratitude for her participation: Telling your daughter that it means a lot to you spending time with her, will have her looking forward to more of your mother-daughter bonding time. If possible, set a date or time for the next cooking program.

These tips and many more activities that you can come up with, since you understand your daughter better, will go a long way in fostering a life-long, healthy relationship of mutual respect and trust.

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    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 5 years ago

      So sweet of you to spend time with your grand daughter now, baking really is an enjoyable art!

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 5 years ago

      Glad to know about your relationship with your daughters :) Thanks for the vote and share, will visit your profile to see your work too!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      My daughters and I have spent much time in the kitchen. They are now better cooks then me and they enjoy cooking and I don't. I now spend time with my granddaughter baking and we make memorable memories! :)

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      Great Hub. I raised four daughters, and we always spent time in the kitchen together. Now, they are great cooks and bakers!

      I voted this Hub Up, and will share.

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      Very nice to know that you actually spend time with your daughter. Yes, hopefully with my hub and your comments, more people will realize how satisfying being a good mother is.

    • profile image

      Wooded 6 years ago

      I absolutely love it when my daughter and I are able to take time out and cook with each other. It is always such a great joy. I hope your hub will inspire more women to enjoy this. Thanks!!!

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      Thanks for the warm welcome. You are right, it is an amazing experience and more parents should pay attention towards this :)

    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Great hub! Every time my daughter and i cook together, we have a great laugh. More people should cook with their Daughter's.

      Welcome to hub pages :)