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Gift Ideas for Parents Anniversary - The Ultimate Top Ten List

Updated on June 1, 2012
Top Ten Gift Ideas for Parents Anniversary
Top Ten Gift Ideas for Parents Anniversary

It's your parents anniversary - Now what?

We all know how hard it can be to buy gifts for our parents. It seems that more often than not, if they wanted something, they have already acquired it. This is an especially taxing problem when trying to think of gift ideas for our parent’s anniversary. Not only are we faced with the difficult task of original gift buying, but we have the added burden of sentiment. No small feat to be both creative and thoughtful when buying something for parents who seem to already have what they need.

That said, you need not worry any further; these top ten gift ideas for any parent’s anniversary are sure to offer you some great ideas so that your anniversary gift will be well received. Not only will you find some very creative alternatives to the standard gift, but they will all reflect your love for your parents.

A Weekend at B&B

What better way to help you parents celebrate their anniversary than a trip to a Bed and Breakfast. They will be able to enjoy each other’s company while relaxing in a full service locale. If you would like to up the ante just a bit, schedule a couple’s massage while they are there. Sure your dad might protest a bit, but once he hits that table, he will be glad he allowed you, his wonderful child, to talk him into it.

A Wireless Photo Frame

We have all seen the LCD frames and perhaps many of us have purchase one for the folks. Those were fine, but they are now available with a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to send new photos to the frame anytime you want. As a gift idea for your parent’s anniversary, it would certainly be hard to go wrong. Not only will they enjoy the pictures you pre-loaded, but you can surprise them with regular additions to their frame. They will be thrilled as they see the new pictures pop up. Indeed, it will be like a new gift every time you send an update.

Custom Jewelry

With more and more artist moving into jewelry, it is no longer difficult to have a custom piece designed and manufactured. Once the providence of the wealthy, now just about anyone can afford to have a unique, custom jewelry piece made for any occasion. Using slightly less expensive metals like silver, you can have an artist create a complimentary set for your folks. You may think of a necklace for your mom and a ring for your dad, both commemorating the family or their anniversary. This is certainly a gift that will show your parents that you really put some though into their anniversary present.

Trip to Their Honeymoon Destination

This one may take a group effort with your other siblings (if you have any), but the impact will be tremendous. What better gift idea for your parent’s anniversary than a trip back to their honeymoon destination. Not only will you help them remember the early days of their marriage, but you will give them a memory that is sure to last the rest of their lives.

Dinner with a Driver

A gift certificate for dinner is fine thought, but it doesn't create any urgency, and often they simply go un-used. Why not hire a driver and pre-pay for a nice dinner. Schedule the date in advance to ensure that your parents will hit the town. As an anniversary gift, what would be nicer for your parents than a chauffeured evening with a great meal?

Transfer Old Movies to DVD

One thing that your parents can’t buy are their memories. Think about finding all of those old movies and having them transferred to DVD. The whole family will be able to enjoy the walk down memory lane, and you can be assured, your parents will love the thought behind this great gift.


Yes, Netflix seems a little boring as a gift idea for your parent’s anniversary, but it is all in the presentation. The beauty of this gift is that you will be giving them movie nights all year long. You can also handle the low payments each month so that you don’t take a big hit simply because you have to buy a gift. This is truly the gift that will keep on giving.


You can never go wrong with a well thought out show. As a gift idea for your parent’s anniversary, tickets to see their favorite artist, or stage show will be very well received. Much like the dinner with driver, buying tickets will “force” your parents enjoy a night on the town. There will be no procrastinating, as the show is a date certain.

Wine Tasting

This gift idea can be handled in a couple of ways. The first is to simply schedule a tasting at a local winery or wine shop. Most vineyards offer private tasting, so scheduling should be relatively easy. The second approach is to have a sommelier come to your parent’s home for the tasting. In this instance, you can arrange for a group tasting so that your parents can share this gift with you or their friends. In either case, they will surely be impressed with this interesting and thoughtful anniversary gift.

Regardless of the gift you choose, your parents will be thrilled that you were thinking of them for their anniversary. With these options, they will realize that not only were you thinking of them, but you really wanted to make their anniversary gift special. Take a look at these anniversary gift ideas, and make your parents day very special.


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    • profile image

      xyz 5 years ago

      you could add some more better (INDIAN) ideas.So that Indian parents could like....................................

    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN


      Awesome, I hope they have a great time, and I am happy to hear this helped make their night special!

    • profile image

      Louisa 5 years ago

      Ah! This page gave me the best idea! We are getting my parents (who live 20 minutes outside of town) tickets to a night at the theater (we have great live stage shows in the town we live in) PLUS a town car to get them there and back so they can have a bottle of wine and not worry about driving! Thanks for the ideas! :)

    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Thanks Giselle,

      I am so glad you liked it and even more glad that it is helpful for you. By the way, there is nothing wrong with your planning early, you are just getting ahead of the game!

    • profile image

      Giselle Maine 5 years ago

      This is a fantastic hub! I read it to get ideas for my parents-in-law Christmas gifts instead of my parents anniversary and was thrilled to find that most of these ideas work equally well as a special Christmas gift for the in-laws (or indeed for any married couple!)

      Thanks so much for these great ideas! My in-laws are hard to buy for and you have given me some wonderful options here. (And yes, I start thinking about hard-to-buy-for Christmas gifts waaaay early!) Superb hub, voted UP, Useful & Awesome.