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Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Little Boys (grandsons, young kids)

Updated on January 9, 2013
my son with one of his favorite toys
my son with one of his favorite toys

Sometime it is hard to come up with a good present for a young boy. Seems like stores are full of dolls and glittery stuff for little girls but boy section can be quite boring. Not to mention expensive!

Little boys love running outside and flipping around and making as much noise as possible. Ok at least all my boys do! Any type of play toy outside can be a great gift. There is many types of dart shooting guns kids seem to love . (Make sure parents have no problem before ever buying any type of gun to a child!). Frisbees are nice gifts, batman sets or just super balls can provide ours of fun.

Kids love to dig so plastic tools and buckets and molds always come handy for active family. Cars and trucks are a classic choice, super heros from Transformers to Bob The Builder can be treasured presents. Sticker books can be fun or just get bucket of crayons and few coloring books, boys love to be creative just as much as girls do!

If you decide to get clothes as a present, remember kid will not find this as useful as a parent does so get something fun on the side. Even a soccer ball or maybe bubbles or anything hands on for a kid to get a smile on.

Books are nice, maybe a bigger storybook with lots of illustrations and short stories. Younger kid will not usually get into longer story time but loves to hear about monsters and puppies and everything in between. Just ask what is popular among kid books at the time.

Play-Dough has many cool kits to get and kids can create pretty much everything with little imagination. Just make sure this is not something he owns already. If you get Legos avoid the hard small piece sets, those can be frustrating for younger kids not to mention parents who will be stepping on lego pieces...

Try to get yourself on the position of the child. What would you want to do if you could act as a child? Go crazy, look from outside of the box and put a smile on his face and you will find yourself smiling as well!


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    • profile image

      Cousin Fudd 6 years ago

      Good ideas. We have two grandsons and they both love being outside playing. They have all kinds of toys from bicycles to Frisbee but love playing on the dirt pile made when I installed a storage building. The mound of dirt which isn't that big offers so many options for their imaginations.