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Gifts that Benefit the American Red Cross

Updated on October 23, 2012

The American Red Cross needs your help to continue their critical work. They provide assistance to disaster victims in your neighborhood, in your country, and around the world. They also provide 40% of the safe blood supply to hospitals in the country. They support members of the military and their families by providing comunication, training, resources, and support. They also teach life savings and safety classes througout the community.

"No two days, weeks or years are the same at the Red Cross because so much of what we do depends on the needs of the people we serve. Here are some examples of what our generous donors have achieved through giving to the Red Cross in 2011.

  • 8.6 million people in 24 countries received disaster assistance.
  • Red Cross partners and communities in 33 countries were prepared for future disasters.
  • 220 million people were protected against measles.
  • 5,378 families turned to the Red Cross to find missing loved ones following wars and disaster
  • The American Red Cross provided more than 386,000 emergency assistance services to service members and their families.
  • We delivered $4.7 million in emergency financial assistance to nearly 3,500 individuals or families on behalf of the military aid societies.
  • More than 1.3 million service members, family members and others were briefed about the Red Cross and its services through the Get to Know Us Before You Need Us outreach program.
  • More than 8.2 million people learned lifesaving skills through the Red Cross.
  • 3.6 million people attended a Red Cross disaster education presentation. "



There are tons of opportunities to volunteer with the American Red Cross. Opportunities fit virtually every schedule and preference.

Outreach & Presenters go out into the community and talk to individuals, families, groups, and classes about a variety of topics including safety, disaster preparedness, and fire prevention.

Disaster Action Team responds to disasters locally, nationally, and internationally. You have the option to participate just locally or if you have the time, travel with Red Cross outside of your area when disaster strikes. I personally participate at a local level. Just last night I was able to assist two families who had been affected by fires at their homes.

Disaster Mental Health workers provide mental health services to those affected by disaster.

Disaster Health Services is always looking for nurses and doctors to provide health-related services to those affected by disaster. My mom is also an American Red Cross Volunteer. She works on Disaster Health Services as well as the Disaster Action Team. When the tornados struck Joplin, Missouri last year she spent ten days in Joplin working as a nurse in one of the shelter’s.

Office Assistants help with general office work and answering phone calls.

Aquatics Volunteers help teach water safety classes.

Donor Receptionist's greet blood donors and provide them with information regarding the process.

Refreshment Assistant's set up, maintain, and provide refreshments to those who have just donated blood.

Warehouse Volunteer's are needed in both Blood Services and Disaster Services to assist in moving, maintaining, and organizing the warehouse products. These products include items needed to help during disasters and blood donation.

Emergency Communications Volunteer – The American Red Cross is the official liaison between members of the military and members of their family when they are away from home. Volunteers assist in relaying messages between the military service men and women to their families and vice versa when the military men and women cannot call home themselves. These messages provide information relating to serious illness, births, and deaths. Volunteers assist in this process to get the messages to the military service men and women and their families.

Holiday Mail for Heroes – During the holiday season, the American Red Cross invites members of the community, organizations, and schools to write cards and letters to members of the military serving away from home. The American Red Cross then delivers these letters to the military men and women.

There are many other opportunities. 96% of the American Red Cross are volunteer’s. They cannot provide their humanitarian work without you.

Give Blood

You can give blood, double red cells, platelets or plasma. You can find a place to donate or make an donation appointment by going to:

Donate Money

You can donate funds online by going to:

You can donate $10 via text message by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate to Disaster Relief efforts, or PREVENT to 90999 to donate to the Measles Initiative.

Make a Purchase

Or, you can make a purchase at the Red Cross store. The link is below. The Red Cross store has apparel, first aid kits, weather radios, bags, books, and more. A portion of all proceeds go to support American Red Cross programs.

I have supported the American Red Cross both with financial support as well as through volunteering. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to volunteer. For the volunteers, it is a truly life changing experience.


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