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Gifts Kids Love: Stationery, Labels, and Stamps

Updated on March 26, 2009

Personalized stationery, labels, and stamps are a wonderful gift that kids will be excited to receive and use for a long time. Kids will love getting stationery or stamps for all kinds of occasions. It’s a gift that helps them express their creativity and personality. Giving a stationery set is not very expensive, but it’s very personal, and sure to be met with excitement. Personalized stationery was once only for the very privileged among us, but the prices are now very reasonable and you can certainly find something to fit every budget.

Having nice stationery will encourage even the most surly young child to write their thank you notes. After all, his name is on it! Add an icon like an airplane or a frog and half the battle is done. Nice stationery also reinforces the importance of the written word and writing outside of the school environment. Whether you let kids use the stationery all the time or save it only for special occasions, kids will love to write notes and letters on their very own special paper.

One of my very favorite things are the custom stamps by Expressionary. These are a really inexpensive way to personalize anything. With the stamp, kids can make their own stationery, labels, and tags. Plus kids will just love to stamp anything that crosses their path.

If you want to go all out, get matching paper, pens, and some stickers to go with. To make it affordable, order the personalized stationery and then add the other items from an inexpensive store – even the dollar store will do. Package it all up in a cute box or basket and make it cute with filler and ribbon.

Don’t Forget the Teenagers
Even the best pen pals seem to let go of the habit by the time they’re in high school. Email and text message could spell the end of handwritten notes. However, the personal note is still valuable and you can encourage your teenager to adopt the tradition with a nice set of stationery and return address stamps.

Once you order from a personalized stationery, label, or stamp provider you will most likely start receiving specials from them. This is wonderful! If you’re organized this can really help out your gift buying budge. I often receive coupon codes for 40% off select products and try to stock up then.

Once you start buying kids stationery and other personalized items, you’ll be hooked!

Image Credit: lindaaslund, Flickr


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  • Teresa McGurk profile image

    Sheila 8 years ago from The Other Bangor

    I loved paper and pens when I was a kid. Still do. Have boxes of different kinds of paper, stationary, and bundles of pens of every sort. Yes, Staples is my favorite store. . .