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Girls Names And Meanings

Updated on September 17, 2017
Girls names and their meanings.
Girls names and their meanings. | Source

Choosing a name for your new baby girl can be difficult. There are so many to choose from, depending on whether you want a modern name or something more traditional. Then you might want to know what the name means and if it will suit your new addition to the family.

To help you choose, I have put together a collection of names for girls from around the world, with some helpful descriptions of what they mean. For boys, names check out the bottom of this page.

Names Starting With A

Abbey: Of Hebrew origin and is a shortened form of Abigail meaning father is glad

Abigail: Of biblical Hebrew origin meaning father in exaltation

Abilene: Of Hebrew origin meaning grass

Acacia: From Australia, it is the name of a flower and the myth is it has the power to ward off evil

Ada: German name meaning of noble kind

Adele: Another German name meaning noble

Adriana: Of Latin origin and means girl from Adria

Agatha: Greek name meaning good and honourable

Agnes: From a Greek word meaning purity

Aiesha: Of Arabic origin and means living

Aimee: French name meaning to love

Aisha: A name of Arabic origin meaning prosper

Aiyana: Of Native American origin where it means flowering

Alana: Latin name meaning rock

Alexandra: The feminine form of Alexander meaning man's defender

Alexia: It comes from a Greek word meaning helper

Alice: French word meaning of noble kind

Alison: French word meaning of noble kind

Allegra: Italian name meaning happy

Amanda: From Latin origin meaning lovable

Amber: English name from the fossil Amber

Amelia: German name meaning work

Amera: Arabic name meaning princess

Amiee: French name meaning loved one

Amy: Taken from the French name Amiee meaning beloved

Anastasia: Russian name meaning resurrection

Andrea: Greek name meaning man warrior

Angela : Greek name meaning messenger

Angelina: Latin name meaning angel

Anita: Hebrew name meaning favourite of God

Annabelle: Latin name meaning loveable

Annaliese: From German origin meaning noble and promised of

Anna: Hebrew name meaning God has favoured me

Anya: Gaelic name meaning brightness

April: Latin name meaning ‘to open’ probably associated with flower buds opening in spring

Aretha: Greek name meaning excellence

Arianna: Greek meaning most holy

Ariella: From Hebrew origin meaning lion of God’

Arina: From Greek origin meaning peace

Arwen: Welsh name meaning fair skinned

Ashanti: The name of an ethnic group in Ghana

Ashleigh: English name meaning field of ash

Astrid: Norwegian name meaning fair, beautiful goddess

Athena: A Latin name meaning war goddess

Audrey: English name meaning noble strength

Aurora: Latin word meaning dawn

Ava: From Latin origin meaning bird

Ayana: From African origin meaning flower of beauty

Aysha: Arabic meaning alive

Azra: Hebrew name meaning helper

Girls Names Starting With B

Barbara: Greek name meaning foreign woman

Beatrice: Latin name meaning happy

Becky: Hebrew name meaning to tie or constrict

Bella: Short for Isabella a Hebrew name that means my god is a vow

Belle: French name meaning beauty

Bernice: Greek name meaning bringer of victory

Bethany: Hebrew name meaning house of figs

Beverley: English name meaning ‘Beaver stream' was originally a surname from an East Yorkshire settlement

Bianca: Latin name that means white And pure

Bibi: Persian name meaning lady of the House

Blanche: French name that means fair skinned

Blanka: It's a pet name and more popular name of Blanche

Blessing: An unusual English name meaning blessing

Bliss: English name meaning happiness and ecstasy

Blossom: English name meaning flower blossom

Bluebell: English name meaning ‘grateful’. It is also the name of a pretty blue flower that grows in English woodlands near where I live

Bobbi: German name which means shining with fame

Brandy: English name meaning distilled wine

Breanna: English name meaning the strength of grace

Bree: Irish name which means the exalted one

Brianna: The English feminine form of Brian meaning high or noble

Bridget: Gaelic name meaning the exalted one

Bridie: Gaelic which means powerful and virtuous

Britney: A respelling of the English name Brittany

Brittany: English name meaningBrittany

Bronte: From Gaelic origin meaning literary scribe.Made famous as a surname by Emily, Charlotte and Anne Bronte, known in British literary history.

Bronwyn: Welsh name meaning white breast

Brook: Old English name meaning stream

Bryony: Greek name meaning vine

Girls Names Starting With C

Cadence: English name meaning flowing rhythm

Caitlin: From Gaelic origin meaning pure

Callie: Greek name meaning beautiful

Camilla: Italian name which means sacrifice

Candace: Latin name meaning whiteness

Candice: Latin name which means Clarity

Cara: Italian origin meaning dearest

Carina: From Latin origin meaning loved One

Carla: English name meaning free man.The feminine form of Carl.

Carmel: From Hebrew origin meaning garden and orchard

Carmen: Hebrew name meaning garden, thought to come from Carmel. It can also mean song.

Caroline: From German origin meaning free man

Carrie: A shortened version of Caroline

Carys: Welsh name meaning love

Cassandra: Greek name meaning entangler of men

Catherine: English name with Greek origins meaning pure

Cecilia: Latin name meaning blind

Celeste: French name which means heavenly

Chanel: French name meaning wine.Can also be spelt Chanelle.

Chantelle: From French origin meaning stony place

Chardonnay: French name which is also a type of wine

Charis: Greek name meaning graceful

Charleigh: French name which means unbound

Charlotte: French name meaning free

Chelsey: English name meaning landing place.Can also be spelt Chelsea.

Cheryl: Latin name which means the love of a Christian

Chiara: Italian name meaning famous

Chitose: Japanese name which means strength of a thousand

Chloe: Greek name meaning green

Christabel: From Latin and French origin meaning beautiful Christian

Christine: French name meaning follower of Christ

Ciara: Irish name meaning dark

Claire: French name which means bright and famous

Clarissa: From Latin origin meaning bright

Claudia: Latin name which means lame

Clementine: From Latin origin meaning mild mannered

Cleo: A shorter form of Cleopatra which is Greek and means fathers glory

Cloe: French name meaning youth and vitality.Also spelt Chloe.

Codie: From Gaelic origin meaning obliging

Colette: French name which means victory of the people

Connie: From Latin origin meaning constancy

Constance: From Latin origin meaning steadfast

Cora: From Greek origin which means maiden

Coral: English name meaning coral

Cordelia: Latin name which means heart

Cosima: Greek name meaning order and decency

Courtney: French name meaning short nose

Crystal: English name meaning crystal

Cydney: English name which means long island. Can also be spelt Sydney.

Cynthia: From Greek origins meaning from Mount Cynthus

Girls Names Starting With D

Dahlia: English name it is also the name of a flower. In Sweden, it means valley.

Daisy: English name which has been taken from the flower name Daisy. It means day's eye because of the way the flower uncovers a yellow centre during the day.

Dania: From Hebrew origin meaning God is judge of all. It is the short version of Danielle.

Danica: From Slavic origin and thought to come from the word Dane so would mean from Denmark. Can also be spelled as Danika.

Danielle: The feminine version of the Hebrew name Daniel which means God is my judge

Daphne: Greek name which means Laurel tree

Darcey: French name which has been taken from the name Darcy meaning person from Archy. Darcy is also an Irish surname which means descended from the dark one. It can also be spelled as Darcie.

Daria: The feminine form of Darius, it is of Persian origin and means guardian

Darya: From Persian origin meaning wealthy

Davina: The feminine form of David thought have originated in Scotland. It means darling.

Dawn: English name meaning daybreak

Deanna: Old English name which means girl from Dean

Deborah: From Hebrew origin meaning bee

Delilah: From Hebrew origin it is an old biblical name meaning flirtatious

Demi: French name meaning half

Denisa: A variant of the name Denise. From Greek origin meaning follower

Destiny: Latin word meaning the power of fate

Diamond: English name and it is the name of a precious stone

Diana: From Latin origin and means pure and virginal

Dilara: From Persian origin meaning hearts desire.

Dima: Arabic name meaning ‘torrential rain.

Divine: English name which means heavenly.

Dolcie: Spanish name meaning sweet one.

Dominika: Polish name which means from the Lord.Can also be spelt Dominica.

Donna: Italian name meaning lady.

Doris: Greek name which means woman from Dorian.

Dorothy: From Greek origin meaning God's gift.

Dua: From Arabic origin meaning prayer.

Dulcie: From Latin origin meaning sweetness.

Girls Names Starting With E

Ebony: English name meaning dark wood.

Edith: Old English name meaning rich in war.

Eesha: Arabic name meaning desire.

Efa: Welsh name which means alive.

Effie: From Greek origin meaning beautiful silence.

Eiko: Japanese name which means prosperous child.

Eileen: Gaelic name meaning pleasant.

Eilidh: Gaelic name which means bright bird.

Eiliyah: Arabic name meaning in peace and love.

Eira: Welsh name which means snow.

Elaine: French name from Greek origins meaning bright.

Eleanor: French name which means pity.

Eleri: Welsh name which has been taken from the river Eleri in Wales.

Elicia: German name meaning of noble birth.

Elin: From Gaelic origin meaning mischievous.

Elisa: From Hebrew origin which means promised of God.

Elisabeth: From Hebrew origin meaning my God is a vow.Can also be spelt Elizabeth.

Elisha: Can be traced back to Germany and Greece and is thought to mean noble.

Ella: German name meaning bright light.

Elle: French name which means she.

Ellen: Greek name meaning ray of light.

Ellena: Greek name which means bright.

Ellie: French name meaning bright one.

Eloisa: French name which means famed warrior’and is a variant of Eloise.

Elsa: English and Scandinavian name from Hebrew origin meaning my God is a vow.

Elsie: From Hebrew origin which means my God is a vow.

Elvie: From Gaelic origin meaning bright white.

Elyse: From Hebrew origin meaning promised of God.

Elysia: Latin name which means blissful heaven.

Emelia: From Latin origin meaning rival.

Emilee: From Latin origin and taken from the name Emily which means one who excels.

Emma: German name meaning entire.

Emmanuella: Hebrew name which means God is ever present. It is a variation of the name Emanuelle.

Emmeline: From Latin origin and taken from the name Emily.

Eniola: African name meaning wealthy one.

Enya: Irish name meaning kernel.

Erica: From Norse origin and taken from the male name Eric. It means eternal ruler. and can also be spelt Erika.

Erin: Irish name meaning Ireland, can also be spelled as Eirinn and Eryn.

Esha: Arabic name meaning desire.

Esmerelda: Spanish name meaning Emerald.

Estelle: French name meaning star.

Esther: From Persian origin meaning‘star.

Ethel: Old English name meaning noble.

Eva: From Hebrew origin which means living.It's taken from the name Eve.

Evalyn: Latin name meaning bird.

Evangeline: From Greek origin and means good news.

Evelyn: This was originally an English surname and is thought to mean bird.

Evie: Hebrew name meaning life.

Ewa: From Hebrew origin meaning mother of life.

Royal Names

Girls Names Starting With F

Faith: English name meaning faith.

Fallon: Gaelic name meaning chief.

Farah: Arabic name meaning cheerful.

Faria: Arabic name meaning happiness.

Fatima: Arabic name meaning chaste.

Faye: English name meaning fairy.

Fearne: English name meaning fern.

Felicia: Latin name meaning happy times.

Felicity: Latin name meaning happy and fortunate.

Fiona: Gaelic name meaning fair and white.

Fiza: Urdu name meaning breeze.

Fleur: French name meaning flower.

Flora: Latin name meaning flower.

Florence: Latin name meaning flourishing and blossoming.

Frances: French name meaning girl from France.

Francesca: Italian name meaning France.

Freja: Scandinavian name meaning goddess of love.

Freya: Scandinavian name meaning lady.

Frida: German name meaning noble woman.

Girls Names Starting With G

Gabriella: Hebrew name meaning my strength is God.

Gaia: Greek name meaning earth mother.

Gail: Hebrew name meaning father of exaltation.

Gemma: Italian name meaning gem or jewel.

Genevieve: German name meaning woman.

Georgia: Greek name meaning earth worker.

Georgina: Greek name meaning farmer.

Gianna: Italian name meaning God is gracious.

Gina: Italian name meaning queen.

Giselle: German name meaning one who was promised.

Gladys: Welsh name meaning country or nation.

Gloria: Latin name meaning glory.

Gracie: Latin name meaning effortless beauty.

Greta: Swedish name meaning pearl.

Gwen: Welsh name meaning fair and blessed.

Gwyneth: Welsh name which has been taken from the town of Gwynedd in North Wales.

Girls Names Starting With H

Hadia: From Urdu origin meaning to guide on the path of righteousness.

Hajra: This is an Arabic name meaning she will migrate.

Halia: A Greek name meaning island nymph.

Hallie: German name meaning home ruler.

Hamnah: From Arabic origin meaning dark berry.

Hannah: A Hebrew name which means God has favoured me.

Harleen: English name meaning hare and eagle.

Harmony: English name which means harmonious.

Harriet: A German name which means home ruler.

Hawa: From Arabic origin meaning full of life.

Hayley: English name which means Hay clearing can also be spelt Hayleigh.

Hazel: English name which means light brown Hazel tree.

Heather: English name which has been taken from the word heather which is a moorland shrub in England.

Heidi: German name meaning of noble kind.

Helen: Greek name meaning ray of light.

Henrietta: German name which means ruler of the home.

Hermione: A Greek name meaning to travel.

Hetty: Greek name which means star.

Hilary: This is a Latin name which means cheerful.

Hilda: A German name meaning battle.

Holly: English name meaning holly can also be spelt Hollie.

Honey: English name which has been taken from the food honey.

Hope: English name meaning hope.

Humaira: Arabic name which means a reddish colour.

Girls Names Starting With I

Ianthe: Greek name meaning violet flower.

Ida: German name which means hard working.

Imani: Arabic name meaning dependable.

Imogen: Welsh name which means maiden.

Inaya: Arabic name meaning empathy.

Indiana: English name meaning India.

Indigo: English name meaning Indian plant which is used to make the colour indigo.

Ingrid: A Scandinavian name which means beauty.

Irina: Greek name meaning peace.

Iris: Greek name which means rainbow.

Isabel: From Hebrew origin meaning my God is a vow other variations are Isabella and Isabelle.

Isadora: Greek name meaning gift from Isis.

Isla: English name which means from Islay which is an island in the Hebrides.

Isma: Arabic name meaning protection.

Ismene: Greek name which means knowledgeable.

Ivy: English name which has been taken from the climbing plant called Ivy.

What kind of girls names do you prefer?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great article but it didn't have evytrehing-I didn't find the kitchen sink!

    • christin53 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      Thank you for your comment Vinaya I will be adding more names from the alphabet soon.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      6 years ago from Nepal


      Recently I was looking names for my niece. I'll recommend some of the names on your list to my sister.


    • christin53 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      Thank you for your lovely comments everyone. I will be working my way through the alphabet when I have the time.

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 

      6 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      great idea, beautiful names and fun to read the definitions! thank you!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Fun to see these names and what they mean. Great hub.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I think I would have to go with Aurora! No idea why; I just love the sound of it.

      Useful list for new parents! Well done!

    • Life and Luxury profile image

      Life and Luxury 

      6 years ago from South Beach, FL

      These names are quite beautiful, especially Astrid.


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