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Girls Password Journal 2011 Review

Updated on May 3, 2011

Voice Recognition Secret Diary

My 6 year old daughter insisted she use her allowance to buy the Radica Girls Password Journal. Unfortunetly it wasn't as fun as the TV advertisement claimed as you will read further on in my Password Journal Review.

We grabbed one of the very few purple electronic password journals from Toys R' US. They must be selling like crazy because another mom and daughter were grabbing one of these at the same time we were.

I had heard of this electronic diary for girls but didn't pay nearly as close attention to the TV ad as my daughter had so after opening the package and taking stock of what she had picked out, I was quite impressed.

Password Journal By Radica USA

The password journal contains a spiral writing pad housed inside the locking plastic case. The part I liked about this electronic toy was that she could write and color on the blank pages of the little notepad and when she had used them all, I could just buy another small notepad to put in it's place.

It also came with a marker that when used, the writing could only be seen when using the light attached to the case. This light had 3 functions. normal, a glow setting for reading what the secret pen wrote, and off for when not being used.

Below the writing pad was a small compartment, big enough to hold a small amount of coins, jewelry, or other little items.

Password Journal also has a jack for an MP3 player and comes with 2 batteries.

Moms Password Journal Review

I wished I had something like this when I was growing up, but I think the technology still isn't there for this to be appropriate for young girls. The voice recognition software was awesome. There was no way that I could mimic my daughters password in order for me to get the case open. Unfortunetly, it was just as difficult at times for my 6 year old to get this Password Journal open.

The voice recognition software was so sensitive, that pronouncing her password had to be done exactly as it was said when she set the password. Slightly different tones would not allow the journal to be opened.

After changing the password more then 3 times, we finally gave up. The more she struggled to get it to open, the more her tone of voice went from happy to frustrated. Imagine trying to sound as excited as one can be to start using and set a password and the tone of voice you might have after repeated failed attempts. The Password Journal did not take well to my daughters emotional distress and rejected 85% of attempts for her to get in.

Possible Improvements

Even I struggled at times to get this electronic locking diary to work with my own voice after setting a password. The creators really should lighten up on the tones needed to match the password in order to open.

Otherwise, it's a cute toy for those who might have more success with it. We returned ours the same day. I would recommend to anyone that if you do choose to buy it, keep your receipt just in case your daughter has trouble as well.


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    • profile image

      Selena (Saira) 6 years ago

      My dad bought this for me when we went to Toys R' us. It is a really good electronic for girls. Sometimes it's hard to get into but at least it keeps your secrets secret. The more we say bad things the more the makers will feel hurt. I think others girls should by it as well. It is a great making. I think all the people who have bought it like it!

    • profile image

      zay 6 years ago

      nice :) i want one for my birthday in a few weeks thank you

    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      my mom got me this for my birthday and i absolutely love it. when my friends come over they try to open it but it only opens to my voice. thank you mom love my password journal. i am going to get one for my best friend she will love it too.

    • capncrunch profile image

      capncrunch 6 years ago from New Orleans

      Hello sunstreeks,

      I never knew things like this journal even existed. Thank you for writing this aritcle. It sounds like it could be beneficial for the right little girl. I appreciate the review. Good Hub!!