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Gloop - How to make Cornflour Play dough Fun for Pre-Schoolers!

Updated on December 28, 2011

Make Gloop Playdough for Texture Fun

Gloop is a wonderful activity for those long sunny days in the back garden during the summer holidays but it is also a brilliant learning activity for use in a Daycare setting. It contains many language and learning opportunities but most of all it is great fun!

What Do I need to make Gloop?

1 box of Corn flour

Water to mix

Food colouring - optional

Place the corn flour in a deep tray (cheap cat litter trays are ideal - or plastic storage boxees) Whatever you use ensure it is big enough for the child to explore.

Encourage the children mix this with their hands as the water is slowly added and listen for the giggles and the squeals! You can make this up to be very runny or quite thick. It’s up to you!

Pick it up and squeeze, it feels solid yet when you relax it runs through your fingers. This activity is brilliant for discussing texture.

A Learning Experience

Gloop is very very messyplaydough that is great fun for children of all ages. As it is made entirely of food product it is also very safe even for the little ones who tend to put everything in their mouths. Children will spend hours playing with this and will be amazed at the texture. As you play with the gloop with the children keep in mind that some children do not like to get dirty and may wish to wear an apron.

When the children play with the gloop there are opportunities to use words such as runny,wet,dirty,sticky,dry,clean,solid,liquid.

Making the Gloop with the children will also will also give the opportunity to discuss mixing pouring, stirring etc.

If you decide to try this inside some tips for cleaning up. Cover the tables with a plastic table cloth. When you are finished wait for the gloop to dry up and you will be able to brush the cornflour off the surfaces quite easily. If you try to clean it while it is dry you will find yourself with an impossible job!!

Have fun.


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