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Gluten Free Fun for Kids

Updated on March 27, 2011

A Little History

Many people are familiar with gluten issues - the propensity to have an unfortunate reaction in the body when gluten is ingested. This can range from moderate to severe, and may be due to actual documented food allergies or sensitivities, such as celiac disease. Either way, avoiding gluten is the sure way to keep the body feeling well and those of us who have children, know how important that is.

I am the mother of three, with the youngest being diagnosed with multiple food allergies during her first year of life. As a breastfeeding mother, this has also means that I am avoiding these reaction causing foods as the proteins travel through my milk to her.

Recently, I answered a request about wheat free bread. This brought to mind the awesome journey I have taken with my daughter through food allergies and how to live life in light of them. Not spite... light!

I have to say life is different, but in many ways it is similar. I do have two older children who eat most all they desire so we're not in a complete bubble. Although bubbles can be nice at times.

Today, I found something I'm very excited about and I want to share, along with a couple other gluten free ideas for kids.

Gluten Free Play Dough!
Gluten Free Play Dough!

Gluten Free Fun for Kids

  • At the top of my list: Gluten Free Play Dough from Aroma Dough (R). This is revolutionary, in my opinion, as little ones always like to taste test. While some parents wait until the child is out of that "phase", it lasts longer with some than others, and it's fun to play, even if they taste a little. Now, even children with food sensitivites can play with dough, too!
  • You can also make your own gluten free play dough and goop if you're crafty. Here are recipes from the Celiac Sprue Assocation - scroll to the bottom.
  • I use oat flour whenever I want to substitute for wheat, but it is not always regarded as truly gluten free. Rice flour is and one can always grind some uncooked rice in a heftly blender to make a flour, or just keep some on hand. While alternative flours do not always substitute exactly, you can really use them whatever way you choose, expecting some variation. We've made paper mache with alternative flours such as rice, oat, millet, and potato. It works.

About Rainbow Recognizer

Amy Phoenix is a gentle, yet direct parenting guide and healing facilitator dedicated to sharing insights and practices to transform frustration and anger, heal the past and nurture conscious relationships – to appreciate all aspects of life. Visit her at


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