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Checking Your Baby’s Readiness Level for Potty Training

Updated on July 24, 2016

Potty training is the most important phase of every baby’s life. Most of the moms think that potty training is the most complicated phase as it requires a high amount of patience and dedication. Your baby won’t just tart peeing on its own after having the diaper removed. Without a doubt, 3 days potty training method requires proper planning and continuous struggle.

Most of the moms claimed that they have passed through hell while potty training their babies. Your babies won’t know when to convey, how to convey, how long to sit on a potty-pot, the interval between one potty sitting and the second potty sitting, and many other facts about potty training. These are the things that you have to teach your baby with extreme patience.

The biggest issue for most of the moms is to select the right timing for the potty training. Remember that every baby has different learning capabilities so if you think your baby is not ready, then you must not rush the things. Instead of just taking off your baby’s diaper and forcing the baby to sit on the potty-pot, you must first learn to understand the signs that will convey the readiness level of your baby.

Most of the mothers think that providing potty training to your baby at the age of 18 months is a nice start, but again we must emphasize the point that you must not rush things up. Try to read the signs whether your baby is ready for potty training or not and if the baby is not ready, then you must not force your baby yet. Its best to wait till your baby attains the age of two and a half years or three years before potty training him.

You must keep in mind that if you start training your baby early, it doesn’t mean that your baby will get trained at an early age. Some of the mothers who start early have to spend longer time training their babies for the toilet. If your baby seems to behave in an independent way and can clearly understand your instructions, then it means that it is ready for potty training.

Here are the readiness signs that you must keep in mind before starting your baby on potty training.

Physical Readiness Signs

If these physical signs are present in your baby, then it means that your baby is ready for potty training.

  • Your baby has started walking smoothly. If your baby can easily run, then it’s a plus point for you.
  • Your baby passes a reasonable amount of urine every time he feels the need to pee.
  • You baby has developed a constant and regular pattern for his bowel movements.
  • Your baby can stay dry or control his pee for maximum two hours.
  • Your baby can stay dry while sleeping for two to three hours.

Once you have sensed these physical readiness signs in your baby, you must check for the behavioral changes in your baby.

child potty training
child potty training | Source

Behavioral Readiness Signs

  • Your baby is able to sit for five minutes in one place (although this one seems impossible at first).
  • You baby shows a great independence with his pants i.e. he is easily able to take his pants off or wear them back.
  • Your baby hates the wet feeling of a dirty diaper and urges you to change it the moment it gets dirty.
  • Gets curious each time other people or siblings take a trip to the bathroom.
  • Displays physical signs or strange (funny) facial expressions whenever he feels the need for a toilet. Some babies even start saying their special terms in order to convey that they need to go to the toilet.
  • Feels excited to receive potty training.
  • Likes to co-operate.
  • Feels proud whenever he accomplishes new things.
  • Can convey his toilet needs as soon he feels them before he loses control over them.

Once you have realized that your baby clearly reveals all of the above-mentioned signs, then it’s time to move on to the practical phase of potty training.


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