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"God won't give you more than you can handle"... RIGHT!

Updated on September 26, 2014

Is God trying to break me?

Sometimes you have to wonder, how much can one human being put up with, what will be the breaking point? Naturally everyone is different,your innate ability to withstand stress, turmoil, pain and suffering are not the same as the person before you, not even the same as the person standing beside you, perhaps your spouse, your parent or your child. Stress, or your perception of stress is completely subjective.

So going back to the title, why is it, why? Why do people always say he won't give me more than I can handle?

For some I think it's simply that they don't know what else to say and this statement is offered as a token of support and to be helpful, uplifting perhaps and it used to feel that way, at one point I would hear it and think to myself, Okay, this person cares. Now, after hearing it so much it's actually painful to hear. Sure I still nod my head and smile slightly and thank people for their kindness, because surely they couldn't possibly mean what my overwhelmed tired brain thinks..(OK, thinks on a bad day) that the stress and misery is going to keep piling on..because apparently I've been "handling" it, so obviously I'm up for more right?

Should I keep pulling my sleeves up just a tad higher each time because I'm not broken yet..oh, I've teetered on the edge, sometimes wishing I'd just take the fall and yet mysteriously, I bounce back with a new resolve a new direction, a plan.

Maybe that "plan" is gods plan.


I myself, do not know the answer to that

so, for now, when I hear the old, "God won't give you more" etc etc..I now respond with a kind humored "well with any luck, someone will let him know I'm about maxed out"

I try to never say this to people I meet who may be struggling in some capacity especially given I have no clue if they've carved out a relationship with god, in fact I realize in hindsight I actually kind of stink at the whole sympathetic musings... I think some might call it.'emotionally spent'

In any event, do YOU have kind words to support someone, what are they?

I know from personal experience that a strangers kindness has pulled me through bad times and they would have never known the gift they shared with just a few words.

Is saying I'm sorry enough? Do we show our sincerity by pairing the comment with a reference to God?

Well, Maybe God won't give me more than I can handle, but he's getting awfully close.


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    • profile image

      Madnessreigns 2 years ago

      JMGadoury, please know that your kind words brought tears to my eyes, in a good way. It is very difficult to feel as though you can withstand no more and yet turn to see five children looking at you. Knowing you are their everything, their rock, their chance at any semblance of a future. I am a strong person, always have been. The issues that brought me to my knees were things that needed time. A LOT of time to sort through and that's not my usual way of dealing with things..when things need to be dealt with, I pull up my sleeves and delve into the problem, I never wait, I will work on it day and night to resolve, so having to wait and wait, intensified my feelings of failure, of being powerless.. In any event, thank you.

    • profile image

      Madnessreigns 2 years ago

      It may be of interest to know that while I have certainly had my doubts with regards to God, or his plan as most times it really felt like 'his punishment' I can say with heart felt ease.. I have felt his support, in some very severe depths of darkness, in some of the worst moments in this past year, with help from a friend who guided me with patience and love and support through my journey into this unknown and oft times willfully ignored area, and what did I find.. Not a pot of gold, not an easy way out, I found... Peace.. And it came just in the brink of time..

    • mayerbeshai profile image

      Mayer Beshai 3 years ago from Assiut, Egypt

      Yes, its true,, JMGadoury ,, God is always good,,,,

    • Karen Ray profile image

      Karen Ray 3 years ago from Oklahoma

      I, too, mulled over this hub for some time. It hit home with me in more ways than one and I wanted to respond, but just couldn't find the words. JMGadoury's response reflects much of my thoughts on the matter, so my thanks to him for expressing his thoughts.

    • JMGadoury profile image

      J M Gadoury 3 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      The phrase originates in 1 Corinthians 10:13, speaking to the promise that the Christian will not be tested or tempted by sin greater than they can withstand. The verse means that we always have a choice. Seems to be misapplied as words of encouragement doesn't it?

      I believe it is best in impossible situations to speak compassion and sympathy. Recognizing the weight of the burden and taking the time to help bear it, even if just by offering encouragement and hope, can be a powerful act of kindness.

      I like Romans 8:28 because it offers hope and meaning at the same time. I think that it is hopeful to believe that even in the hardest suffering or darkest moments, "all things work together for good for those that love God and who are called according to His purpose."

      Health challenges, financial struggle and fatigue from troubles are heavy burdens that remind us how little we can control. A world without God can't offer any help other than a heart felt good luck. But a world with God contains hope that peace and strength can be had through any circumstance.

      I read your profile and I spent almost 1 hour at 3:30am thinking about your situation and writing this comment. I think you must have incredible strength and willpower as a mother to support your family. I don't pretend to know your beliefs, but I believe God of the Bible loves you and your children and has a plan that includes you. In my own way, I circled you in prayer and asked God to give you peace, rest, health, and provision and a clear sign of His care for you.

      Thanks for writing an interesting and thought provoking hub.

    • cathylynn99 profile image

      cathylynn99 3 years ago from northeastern US

      "i'm sorry," is good. if you can say it sincerely, add, "is there anything i can do to help?"