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Good Books to Read Aloud To Your Children

Updated on September 26, 2010
Some of our favorites.
Some of our favorites.

If you want to develop a love of reading in your children one of the best ways to do that is to read to them from a very early age. Reading aloud to them helps them understand how sentences are structured to make sense, how things should be pronounced and the basics for all reading and writing to develop. Kids have a natural love of learning that can be helped along by reading to them; especially if you read books about things that interest them.

One of the great things about reading aloud to your children is that you can read books to them that would be too difficult for them to read on their own. Reading to your child is a great bonding experience and you can help them learn about the world by answering questions, pointing things out, and talking about the books you read. Well, as you can see I think reading aloud to your children, even after they know how to read, is one of the best things you can do for them. Let's talk about some great books for them.

The Little House on the Prairie Series is a favorite at our house. We have read the books multiple times. Laura Ingalls Wilder chronicles her life growing up in Wisconsin and South Dakota. We have so much fun reading about how things used to be and how they did things like cook, travel, make cheese, butcher pigs, trap fish, etc. These books are delightful for children to listen to and they learn a lot too.

If you fall in love with The Little House books like we have then you can also read about her mother (Caroline), grandmother (Charlotte), great grandmother (Martha) and even her daughter (Rose). There are series on all of them and they are all just as wonderful as the original Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

On a lighter note we also have some very funny favorites at our house. Mr. Popper's Penguins written by Richard and Florence Atwater. This is about a man who is sent a penguin from the Arctic and ends up with a whole family of penguins. They travel around the country entertaining people. Owl's in the Family by Farley Mowat is about a boy who gets a couple of owls as pets. This is a very funny book that my kids want me to read over and over again. Both of these books were read aloud to 5-7 year olds and my kids have read them on their own when they were a bit older.

My Father's Dragon is a favorite of my sons, but my daughters loved it too. There are three books in this series which also includes Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland all by Ruth Stiles Gannett. These are easy to read chapter books and you could read them in a few nights each.

If you like historical fiction, the American Girl series is a great place to start. We have read them all at my house and even my sons like to listen, although they might not admit it when they are older. Right now we are reading through the "Kit" series again about a girl growing up during the depression. There are characters set in many different time periods and it is a great way to teach your kids about history while also introducing them to people of different races and cultures.

If you really want to get educational then you can look into the "Let's Read and Find Out Science" books. These are science based books written for the preschooler or early elementary aged child. These books are not like textbooks but will teach your children in a fun and easy to learn way all about nature. There are books on butterflies, apples, puppies, manatees, recycling, trees, weather and much, much more. If your child shows an interest in a particular subject and you are looking for a book on their level to explain it and make it even more interesting this is a great series for that. The ones we own are literally falling apart and taped back together they have been read so much.

My list could go on and on there are so many great books out there. These in particular are great for reading aloud to your children and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. If you have some favorites of your own, please tell me in the comments, as we are always looking for new books to read.


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    • pgupta profile image

      Partha Gupta 

      7 years ago from India, Kolkata

      Yes, I have developed reading habits in my son. Your recommended books will be of much help in selecting books for my son. Thanks a lot.

    • katrinasui profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such wonderful suggestion. Dragon books are very popular these days.

    • Susan Starts Now profile image

      Susan Starts Now 

      8 years ago from California

      Excellent recommendations. My ten year old son is really into dragon books, even more so than Harry Potter. My girls are in college now, but really enjoyed the American Girl series of books and each had a doll. I just finished rereading the Little House series last year, and enjoyed it as much as ever. Reading is the key and it opens doors to so many worlds.

    • heymcs profile image


      8 years ago from Utah and DC

      I am so thankful my mom instilled a love of reading in me and my siblings. The benefits go way beyond the intellectual! To this day, we trade book titles and books and both of us stay up many nights trying to finish a good read. I don't have children but often buy books and read to all the children in my extended family. Reading to children is so important and special. Thanks for the good book tips. Nice hub.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for such wonderful suggestion.

    • Whidbeywriter profile image

      Mary Gaines 

      8 years ago from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington

      Great info - reading to your children is a blessing and they are blessed when you read to them. Like DiamondRN stated, the Bible is an awesome book to read as well. Thanks for sharing....cheers.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      8 years ago from Great Britain

      I couldn´t agree more. The first presents I remember myself were books and being read to. Great hub as always

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      As noted above, reading is what we do and our children are our future... "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

    • DiamondRN profile image

      Bob Diamond RPh 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, NC USA

      Getting your children to love books is one of the best things you can do for them and their future. Don't forget the most important book; the Bible.

    • Seakay profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Dragon books became very popular after Harry Potter. My students devoured many dragon books!


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