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Christmas Gifts for 2-Year-Olds 2015

Updated on April 5, 2015

What to buy a 2 year old for Christmas

Are you searching for good gifts for 2 year olds? You can find a variety of different gift ideas here, some are suitable for girls, some for boys and the majority are unisex.

Two year olds are not difficult to buy for and there is a large range of things suitable for different budgets, whether you want to buy toys or clothes. It is important that you check the recommended age range when buying toys as many contain small parts which a little one may put in their mouth.

I hope that the ideas featured here help you in your quest to find the perfect gift for your two year old!

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Good Gifts for 2 year old Girls

Two year old girls love dolls and pretty pink toys and clothing. Find some gift ideas below to make them smile on their Birthday!

Soft bodied dolls are always a hit with little girls. They will want to take them everywhere they go. I love the fact that there are lots available for less than $20 meaning that these will suit most budgets. This will be something they carry around with them everywhere no matter where they go.

There is also a range of trikes and quads for little girls to use outside. One of my favorite is the Dora the Explorer one shown below. Even better is the fact that this currently has a $30 discount versus RRP! Or treat your little girl to a Barbie quad if she wants something a little more pink. But do not forget to buy matching helmets!

Quads for 2 year old Girls

Cute dresses for 2 year olds

Little girls like to look pretty and I remember that my niece started to love clothes particularly dresses whenever she turned two! Why not treat her to a cute dress for her second birthday, or a whole wardrobe of new dresses!

Most of these dresses are bright and colorful! Bonnie Jean is a top fashion brand for toddler girls and I love their colorful polka dot dress shown to the right. This is great for a special occasion!

Best Gifts for 2 year old boys

Two year old boys love to build and explore so give them a present that lets them do this! Find the best gifts for 2 year old boys below!

Treat them to a car or truck and watch them spend hours pushing it around or alternatively crashing them into each other, which is what most little boys love to do. Unlike older boys two year olds need more stimulation and this is provided with toys which make sounds. The Fisher-Price safari truck below comes with animals, which they can load and unload into the truck as well as a driver. The animals make sounds.

Little boys love all vehicles, even fire engines. The one shown below is one of the best selling ones available right now.

Like little girls, boys will also love a quad. These are more expensive than the cars and trucks, but are well worth the money. If your little boy is a fan of Toy Story he will surely love the Disney Pixar quad shown below. There is an alternative quad shown should your little one want something different.

Unisex Gifts for 2 year old boys and girls

Below you can find some gifts that will suit both 2 year old girls and boys! Summer is coming so why not treat them to an outdoor toy like a sand pit, slide or water activity table! The good thing about these toys is that they can be used by kids of all ages.

Cool Water Activity Play Table

This water activity table is suitable for 1 year olds right up to 4 year olds.
This water activity table is suitable for 1 year olds right up to 4 year olds. | Source

Outdoor Gifts for Toddlers

Outdoor Toys for 2 year olds

All little ones love to play with water so this water activity table makes a good gift! It comes with two boats, cup and a water wheel tower. This activity toy is one of the best sellers on Amazon and has an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars after over 500 reviews! You can also buy other water toys and use them with this table, as well as in the bath!

Every toddler wants a sand pit to play with. Give them a piece of the beach in your own back garden. This particular sand activity table is suitable for kids as young as 2 and old as 5. It has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars after over 100 reviews. It is great for 2 kids to play together as it comes with 2 shovels and 2 rakes as well as a bucket for them to fill and them empty again.

A slide is a must have item for a 2 year old! I handpicked this slide as I like the fact it has a castle theme! It would make a great first slide for a toddler and also has an adventure tunnel as well as a small slide. Watch your toddlers play on this all day long. It is suitable for 1 to 4 year olds.

Did you find a good gift for a toddler here?

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    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Wow. Great ideas. This hub will be very helpful to me as my niece`s 2nd birthday is close by. Thank you for sharing.