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Good pets for toddlers

Updated on August 8, 2011

I would say than in general getting a pet for your toddler is a good idea. They can learn much, about life, by caring for a pet. Also you can spend a lot of quality time, with your toddler, teaching them how to responsibly look after it.

My toddler seems to find some emotional stability from loving and caring for his pet.

Goldfish are good pets for toddlers. They love to look at them swim and feed them. Toddlers have a habit of sticking their hands in the tank and picking the fish up. To stop this from happening always keep an eye on them and don’t store the tank where your toddler can reach it.

The rest of the animals all have a few things in common

  • They can all carry diseases, so you should take them to the vet to get shots and be checked out, before you move them into the house.
  • Your toddler is capable of hurting all off them and they are able to hurt your toddler back. Initially you need to teach your toddler how to handle the animal and don’t let them play unsupervised, for the first few months.
  • Teach your toddler to wash their hands after playing with the animal.

Before you get a turtle read up on the breed. Different breeds of turtles have different living and dietary requirements. Some of them become huge and might outlive you, don’t get one of those.

In general turtles are fairly low maintenance, you need to clean their cage every week and they need to see the vet once a year.

Parakeet also known as a Budgie
These birds grow fairly attached to their owners. Toddlers like their colors and sounds. They are fairly fragile so handling is an issue and you will have to clean their cage regularly.

Guinea pig
If you want small and fluffy, I would say go for a guinea pig rather than a hamster, because they are sturdier and longer lived. Guinea pigs make odd sounds when you play or stroke them and toddlers love that. It might be best to get 2 females, so they don't breed, but can keep each other company.

Cat or Dog
Cats and dogs are more expensive, than the other pets that we discussed. They also require much more time and attention. If, you go with one, you should consider it your pet and your toddler as your helper. Get a kitten or puppy, if the animal grows up with your toddler it will create a better dynamic between the two of them. The animal will also handle the toddler’s behavior better and be less inclined to bite or scratch them.

Go for a sturdy and sedate breed of dog like a Poodle, not a Doberman.

Having a pet is a big commitment, but if pick a good pet for toddlers. It can really ad to the family and to your toddler’s development.

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These dogs are clearly use to the toddler


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    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago

      wow! choose a sedate type like poodle over doberman!?

      poodles are easily the most vicious breed of dog out there.

    • profile image

      Jsnapp 7 years ago

      Parents should never, ever assume that a cat or dog will not bite or harm a child. I was always around animals while growing up and was bitten badly by dogs twice. Everytime I hear, "oh he just loves kids," I think get real, every pet has it's bad days. And one bad day, being tired of having a toddler wrestle with them or having their ears pulled may equal a precious child being disfigured for life.

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      i only had dogs as pets when the kids were toddlers. and one of the dogs bit my daughter.. they were both playful, the dog being a cute little puppy and my daughter was only two years old.