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Grab Those Kids!

Updated on July 30, 2012

Family time is an important time for families to connect.

As kids get older they do not want to hang out with their parents anymore. Parents are lame and being seen with us makes them want to throw up. Not all kids are like this but some are. I was different I wanted to hang out with my mom and she never wanted to because we did not have the money. So I came up with some inexpensive ideas that can be family time.

Game night

One thing that always seemed to interest me was playing games. It can be a lot of fun and no matter what ages kids are they can get along and almost forget about the age difference. Playing UNO was one of my brother and sisters favorites. We never got along so when it was time to skip someone or make someone draw cards we got a little satisfaction.

It doesn't have to be board games but it can also be a favorite video game. Grab the extra remotes plug them in and have some fun. Your kids will love trying to beat you in a good racing game or fighting game.

As an adult, we do family game nights with my mother in law playing Band Hero, and different kinds of card games like UNO, Phase 10, and most recently Ratuki. With my daughter we play UNO for ages 3 and up and a princess matching game.

Family Dinners

There was 7 of us kids living in one home. Dinner time was crowded but we managed to all fit. All of us except my parents and step-dad. They ate at the couch watching T.V.

Now that I have started my own family we do family dinners almost every night. We can talk about plans for the next day, work, anything we want to. Of course its easy to do with a toddler. Once in awhile we watch a movie and eat dinner on the couch. It is something that is special to us all.

So many families split up for dinner. Dad goes to his office, kids go to their rooms, and mom is stuck all alone at the table staring at the mess she has to clean up later. Once kids are in school parents start to lose time. Weekends they're out with friends and on week days they're doing homework and studying for the next exam.

Movie Night

Make some popcorn or get out some chips and dip. This is by far by 3 year old's favorite night. She thinks it is so much fun to sit on the couch with some popcorn while everyone watches a movie of her choice.

Watching your kid sit and enjoy a movie in the same room is satisfying. You know exactly were they are and what they are doing. So no worrying about them doing something to get themselves in trouble and no worrying about someone harming them.


Another favorite activity of mine is to go to the store pick put some already made sandwich and a quick dessert and run to an empty picnic table. After we are all finished we throw a ball or Frisbee around. Its doesn't cost much, and it is a way to get everyone together. Exercising and enjoying a perfect day.


Hiking, taking a walk, playing on the swings and slide (okay maybe not with a teen, and enjoying a day can be a lot of fun. Watching the boys throw around a football and the girls gossip and sit in the sun isn't boring it is watching them be them.

If you start family activities at a young age it will turn into a routine. As a family you can do something together once a week and just enjoy each others company.


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