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* Graco Pack N Play Mattress Guide

Updated on August 18, 2011

Looking for a new Pack 'n' Play mattress?

The mattress pad provided with your Graco Pack N Play is designed to be folded for maximum portability.

This is great when you are storing the play yard, or transporting it in your car.

It also makes a good stable surface for playing on.

However, the pad is pretty thin, and your baby may prefer a thicker mattress to sleep on in their Pack N Play.

Graco Pack N Play Mattress Size Dimensions

The dimensions of the base of the Graco Pack N Play are 28-inches by 39-inches, but Graco do not make a thicker softer mattress especially designed for their Pack N Play travel crib.

Graco do make a quilted porta-crib sheet that gives extra padding on top of their regular mattress. It is available in cream, brown, blue or green. You can see the quilted sheet here.

For a more comfortable night's sleep for your baby, you can use any standard size travel crib mattress. The standard mattress measurements are 24-inches by 38-inches. This gives enough space around each side for the mattress to be easily dropped into the play yard.

Buying a Porta Crib Mattress Online

The mattresses to the right are available to buy online from Amazon.

Look out for either a waterproof cover, or a removeable washable cover so you can keep the mattress clean.

There are also hypoallergenic models available.

A great way to make your choice is to go to the product page (by clicking on the photo or blue link) and read the many customer reviews left by other parents.

Travel Crib / Pack N Play Bedding

You can buy top sheets and fitted sheets desgined to fit a standard porta-crib mattress.

If you find it difficult to get a good fit for blankets, or you find your baby keeps kicking the bedding off, take a look at sleep sacks - the zip-up blanket your baby wears. This stops them wriggling under the covers or getting cold while asleep. The baby is placed on the sleep-sack, baby's arms go through the holes, and the whole thing is zipped up. Be sure to buy the right size so it fits your baby safely but you also have a little room to grow, and be aware that the sleeping bags come in different thicknesses so you may need to switch between sacks depending on the time of year.

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