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Graco Twin IPO Double Umbrella Stroller vs Graco Duoglider

Updated on November 28, 2015

I am hooked on my Graco Twin IPO stroller! As a frequent traveler, I knew we needed a double stroller when our second child arrived. We started out with a Graco Duoglider stroller but have since purchased the Graco Twin IPO umbrella stroller and I couldn’t be happier. When we planned a recent trip to a popular amusement park, my husband really pushed for getting a double umbrella stroller. Being of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp, I was a bit reluctant to spend close to $200 on a new stroller when we had what I considered a perfectly good double stroller in the garage. I am so glad he insisted! I now can’t imagine getting along without the new Graco Twin IPO Stroller . I’ll highlight some of the differences between the Graco duoglider and the Graco Twin IPO double umbrella stroller in this article.

There are several double umbrella strollers on the market, but they are not all created equally. The biggest request on our list was the ability to fit through a standard door. I was surprised how many of the double umbrella strollers can’t fit through a doorway! The Twin IPO fits easily. We even easily maneuvered the stroller through an exit turn style at out local zoo! No way we were doing that with the duoglider.

The biggest driver for moving from the duoglider to the umbrella stroller was the compact size. When expanded, the two strollers have a fairly comparable footprint. But, when collapsed, the umbrella stroller has a definite size advantage. I couldn’t believe the amount of space still available in the trunk with the umbrella stroller. The duoglider double stroller essentially took up the entire trunk, leaving sparse room for anything else. This was especially important while traveling, given the amount of luggage we were hauling around. And, now that we are home, we can actually keep the umbrella stroller in the trunk instead of lugging it in and out for each outing. Considering how much time it takes to get two kids and their accompanying gear loaded in the car, any time we can save is helpful. In a few short weeks we have used the double umbrella stroller more times than we used the duoglider in months.

I also really love the side-by-side design of the umbrella stroller over the front-to-back design of the duoglider stroller. Both kids are able to see what is going on. With the duoglider, I felt like the kid in the back position was spending way to much time staring at the back of the seat in front. As a short person who always seems to get stuck behind the tallest person at the movies, this struck a personal chord with me. I wanted both kiddos to have the experience of the seeing the panoramic scenery. I also know that over the years I will referee more than enough arguments over who gets to sit in the front seat – no reason to start hearing them yet.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop there. It’s easy to maneuver and even seems to ride smoother than the Duoglider. It starts, stops and swerves on a dime. The seats recline independently – a huge selling point for our family. This feature allows one child to nap while the other child stays awake, something that comes in handy for those long all-day outings.

There are a couple of drawbacks to the stroller. First off is the lack of cupholders, but I suppose this is quite common with umbrella strollers. Also, the canopies, while they adjust and lock independently, are on the small side. I will definitely be adding an after-market shade before the summer heat sets in. I am also planning to purchase a weathershield. After getting caught in the rain on our last trip, this is an accessory I would highly recommend.

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