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Graco Spree Travel System Review

Updated on June 11, 2011
Graco Spree Travel System
Graco Spree Travel System

Transporting children with care and safety is a matter of great concern for all parents. Graco is one company that continues to manufacture quality products parents can be proud of. Graco is a brand name famous for designing comfortable and safe car seats, strollers and high chairs. A high value product of this company is its Graco Spree Travel System (Barcelona Bluegrass). Read on to learn more about some of the amazing features of the Graco Spree Travel System - Barcelona Bluegrass.

Complete Travelling System

Graco Spree Travel System is a complete package offering you a stroller, an infant car seat and a stay-in-car base. By ordering just this one amazing product you actually get a complete system for traveling with your baby in comfort and style.


Graco Spree Travel System is not only designed to ensure baby’s safety and comfort, but it is also designed with parents in mind. The stroller comes with a Parent's tray, a storage compartment and two deep cup holders to help you carry your baby’s necessary items without having to use an extra baby bag. The stroller’s folding system is so convenient that you can easily fold it single handedly without even bending your back.

High Standard Car Safety Seat

The car seat of the Graco Spree traveling system is more than any other ordinary car chair. The Graco safety car chair is designed according to the United States car safety standards for babies. The car seat meets the federal requirements.

Comfortable Seating For Your Baby

The seats of both, the stroller and the car chair of this Graco Spree Traveling System are super comfortable for your baby. Both of these items have multi-position reclining seats, so you don't need to worry at all if your baby has to stay in the stroller or car seat for a longer time.

Child’s Tray

The Graco spree stroller is also equipped with a child’s tray that sits in front of your baby. The tray has a cup or snack holder for your baby’s easy snack time. So wherever you are, your baby will be able to eat and drink comfortably.

Removable Seat Cushions

The cushions of Graco Spree Travelling System stroller and car safety chair are easily removable. No doubt the chairs are designed wisely for your baby. If the chair gets dirty you can easily remove the cushions and wash them with a mild detergent and warm water. The cushions will be as good as new.

Pros and Cons Of The Graco Spree Travel System

Now let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Graco Spree Travelling.


First we will look at the brighter side of the picture, the great features or the pros of Graco Spree Travelling System are as follows:

• It is easy and simple to put together or assemble.

• The car seat base is very easy to install, even in small cars.

• The color is cute and gender-neutral, perfect for your baby boy or girl.

• The system is light weight.

• It easily folds and unfolds.

• The stroller basket is a good size.

• The chair cushion material is soft and cozy.

• You can easily wipe clean the chair cushions or even wash them if needed.


There are not many cons reported for this travel system. But a couple of customers pointed out the following minor drawbacks:

• Some felt that the style of the system was not very trendy or "sophisticated". However, this is subjective and each person will have their own opinion regarding style.

• It may not be the lightest stroller around.

• One of the users complained, "The seat straps tighten separately and adjust at the back of the seat. Older Graco SnugRides adjusted at the front of the seat with a single strap between the baby's legs. The back adjust does allow you to adjust each side more accurately, I suppose, but it requires two hands to do it right and takes more time."

Cost and Shipping

If quality and safety is what you are looking for then ordering a Graco Spree Travelling System is the right choice. You can purchase this system on for a discounted price. Currently this item can be shipped through Amazon marketplace only within United States and here will be no additional shipping charges applied for shipping this product to your home.


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