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Updated on June 30, 2012

Emma, 6 and Adam almost 3

Being a Gramma is the most amazing feeling in the world! Not only do I get the joy of having precious babies to play with and spoil and sing to, I also have the wisdom to make sure I treat them better than my own kids when they were growing up. I get to be calm enough to never raise my voice, learned enough to never spank them, respectful enough to overlook some of their temper tantrums, loving enough to value their individuality, understanding enough to accept their choices and forgiving enough to let any other thing that makes them human, run off my back like water on a duck!

Seeing the world through the eyes of a grandchild is even more awe-inspiring than it was when I saw the world through the eyes of my children. As my kids grew older, many times I forgot to view the world through their eyes. I forgot to see the wonder in learning something new or realizing all the things others take for granted are all totally brand new to a child who just made their entrance into the world over the last five years.

My Adam again!

Being with my grandchildren has not only touched my heart, it has healed my heart. When I am with them, holding them, rocking them, singing to them, laughing with them, playing with them or teaching them to count, sing the ABC’s or learn their colors, it literally has slowed my heart rate, lowered my blood pressure and has given me tingles all over, as if I was in heaven and time could never change the feelings that emanate from my the core of my being. My baby grandson, Dash, was just born on July 23 and every time I held that precious baby, my pulse slowed down, my heart was calm and all the busy and stressful feelings from the day totally just vanished from inside me. On the few days I got to see my almost-four-year-old grandson, Adam, I smiled more and laughed more and felt more peace and contentment than all the other days before and after. That precious child has such an outgoing, funny, intelligent personality that I couldn’t help but smile when I was near him. Even when he was tired and sort of crabby because of it, I still couldn’t be upset with him. I just stood back and watched how he reacted to things in those moments and did my best to make him understand that being crabby didn’t get the result he was looking for. When I was around my granddaughter, Emma, who will be seven in ten days, I had flashbacks to when I was a little girl and saw how different the world is for her than it was for me. I took her to see Christmas lights in the area last year and she was so amazed by their beauty and all the cool figures and displays in the yards, it reminded me of when we did that for our kids. I was so happy to be with her because she was at the age she could appreciate it, where Adam and Dash wouldn’t have been so impressed. Emma and I sang Christmas songs while we were driving around and would always stop in the middle of a song at the same time to “oooooo and ahhhhh” over the most-“coolest-decorated-houses!” I had such a blast! I hadn’t done “Christmas-light-looking” in twenty years or so! It was the best part of Christmas, in my opinion!

I am thankful every single day that I have been blessed with the grandchildren I have. They always say the best part of being grandparents is that you can always give the kids back. That may be true. All I know is that when I am away from them, I miss them more than all the stars in the sky and will be totally happy when I get to see them again!

My Adorable Dash Alexander!


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