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Grandma's First Night In Assisted Living

Updated on December 22, 2009

 I should start by saying that this wasn't really her first night in assisted living. She had moved into a place that she didn't like at all. She lived there for a few months and after much debating and many meetings we finally worked it out to move her into a place that she loved. We all loved it. The workers were all very accomidating and friendly, the residents were happy and active. Everything was clean and safe. It was perfect and she couldn't wait to move in.

We move her in and it's wonderful. She has her own room and bathroom. There are emergency cords in both rooms in case something happens. Her first night there she decides to take a nice relaxing bath to try and melt away the months of stress it took to get her here. She takes her bath and eventually gets out of the tub. All is good. Except then she realizes that the lock on the door is jammed and she can't get out of the bathroom. No big deal. She'll just pull the emergency cord, right? She pulls the cord, and it comes out of the wall.....So she decides to wait. They had to bring her her bedtime pills soon. She waits 45 minutes and decides it's been too long and she wants out. So my 80 year old grandmother, who's life basically consists of playing bingo, crocheting, and watching yankee games, tries to MacGyver her way out of the bathroom by picking the lock with the shower curtain rings. That doesn't work. A lesser person would have given up. I probably would have gotten back in the bath and relaxed til someone came.  Not her. She goes to where the cord was and pulls the base off the wall. She then took the wires and tried hitting them together to activate the alarm the cord should have set off. During all of these attempts she was yelling "Help me" into the vent.

Eventually, her next door roommate heard her and I think the wires did activate and they got her out. She was ok and not even really bothered by the whole thing. She was still thrilled to be there. We all just thought it was hilarious that she thought of all those ways to get out and never panicked. She may be old and a little bonkers but you can't say she isn't smart. And hey, it's the crazy ones that live forever.


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