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Grandmas Don't Rollerskate

Updated on August 5, 2013

Grandmas on wheels can be dangerous

This Grandma just wanted to share a childhood experience with two of her granddaughters that she enjoyed at their age, rollerskating at a roller rink. So Grandma tries to show off some of her old moves and it doesn't turn out as she expected.

This is a children's book that was written by a friend's mother. This is her first published book with three or four more in various stages from being written to getting ready to be printed. Grandma's Don't Rollerskate is a true story that begged to be written. This grandma is having a hard time growing up and admitting she can't always do the things she once did. Some might think that's sad, but the material makes for some pretty funny stories! We can't wait to see what she is working on next.

Jeanette Eggers is a mother of three, Grandmother of nine, and Great-grandmother of one. She recently adopted a kitten which surprised everyone because she has always been allergic to animals. Amazingly, they are doing fine together. Even Grandpa grudgingly plays with Squeakers the cat. An accomplished knitter and very artistic person in many areas. She is currently writing a book about Squeakers the cat. He can be a very naughty kitten.

Jeanette achieved her bachelors degree in Human Development from UWGB in the 1990's and is a certified teacher. Then Jeanette ran a daycare out of her home for about 5 years. To this day many of these children, now grown, keep in touch with her and tell her they wish she still had the daycare. She is currently the Director of an assisted living community in the small town where she lives.

Jeanette is very active with her grandchildren and has a few over almost every weekend. She is always baking treats for them - and sending them home with the children!

The artist for this book is Benjamin R. Miller. He grew up and still lives in Onalaska, Wisconsin. He lives with his wife Crystal and five growing boys. He works full time as a truck driver, but has many interests and hobbies. They include motorcycles, old cars, and model airplanes. He's very involved in Cub Scouts and spends a lot of his free time helping his boys with activities.

Although Ben has no formal art schooling, drawing has always been one of his

passions. When Jeanette, his aunt, gave him the chance to illustrate this book he was more than happy to. Doing something you love is more enjoyable when you're using it to give joy to others.

Just your average Grandma


This Grandma loves to bake cookies. She knits sweaters, socks and blankets for her Grandchildren. She has a LOT of cool toys they can play with too.

It is always fun to go to Grandmas house. Grandma has a motto at her house, "Anything you want, anytime you want it dear." The grandchildren think this motto is great, their parents aren't always so sure though. Grandma loves to give her grandchildren surprises.

Sometimes though Grandma forgets that there are just some things you shouldn't do anymore, like rollerskating.

Grandma has a surprise!

Aren't you excited?

This was scary. Marisa thought this might be one of Grandma's not so regular times and probably not such a good idea.

We followed Grandma into the building, and looked around at all the people putting their skates on while Grandma went up to the counter and ordered two pairs of skates - one in my size and one in Sydney's size

Grandma helped us put the skates on and lace them up tight, but when we stood up we were really wobbly!

That's when Grandma decided she had better put skates on too so we wouldn't be so scared.

If you want to stop just run into a wall


Grandma put her skates on her own feet, but when she stood up she was wobbly too! She laughed at herself and told us, "Well, it has been a pretty long time but it will come back - don't worry."

The three of us held onto the wall and went out onto the rink where other people whizzed by us. It wasn't much fun just kind of walking around holding onto the wall.

Grandma started going around faster and faster, and if she wanted to stop she just ran into a wall. CLUNK!

"Watch," she said, "I can go backwards!" So Syd and I watched, but it didn't go quite as Grandma planned.

Grandma learns an important lesson

Grandmas Don't Rollerskate

You will have to read the book to find out what Marisa and Sydney found out about Grandma three days later.

This is a true story about Jeanette and two of her granddaughters, Sydney and Marisa. Jeanette wrote the book for 8 -12 yr olds and it is funny and well written.

Grandmas Don't Rollerskate - Find out why ...

Grandmas Don't Rollerskate
Grandmas Don't Rollerskate

A hilarious true story. Great gift from a Grandma to your grandchildren. Softcover, 18 pages, full color, easy to read.


I created this lens for Jeanette and hope that you enjoyed it. If you are interested in knowing when her next book is published, leave me a note here and I will contact you when it is available.

The next book will be about two of her grandsons and a amusement park ride. We can't wait to read it!

What was your Grandma like? - Want to know when Jeanette's next book is published?

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    • Kandy O profile image

      Kandy O 

      7 years ago

      Great lens! I miss my Grandma, but somehow I don't think that she'd much be in to roller skating. But would watch all her grandchildren do it until they couldn't stay up anymore.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Grandmas CAN ride on wheels - check out my lens on Beach Cruisers !!! I'm gonna lensroll your grandma lens with my baby boomer lens ! 5 Stars !

    • TimeHacker profile image


      9 years ago

      Looks like a nice book for children. Once I have a children I'll have to buy this one.

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      9 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Very cute book. I would like to hear more about her second book. Looks like a hit to me.


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