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Baby Photography

Updated on November 10, 2009

One of the best pieces of advice that I got right before we had our first child was to take lots of pictures because babies grow up so fast.  The earlier you start thinking about how you will approach baby photography for your child the better.   Will you be relying on professional baby photography to document how your child grows and changes from a newborn to a toddler and beyond? Or do you plan on taking the vast majority of pictures yourself?   Here are some things to consider as you decide what the best approach is for you and your family.

Professional Baby Photography

Professional baby photography is becoming more and more popular.  In fact, there are services that specialize in newborn baby photography that will come to the hospital to capture your baby’s first hours of life before he or she even comes home.  One such service is Bella Baby photography.   They are an excellent service that hires local freelance photographers to take pictures of your baby.  Each freelance photographer must use high quality digital SLR cameras and have an excellent portfolio before they are allowed to take your baby’s first photograph.  Bella Baby also insists that their photographers use natural light if at all possible.  Flash photography can give your baby a pale and washed out look.

Baby photographers not only visit the hospital to take your baby’s picture, but some of them even come to your home.  If you find the right artist, they will come into the setting where your child is most comfortable to take baby photographs.  Another popular professional option is going to a studio.  There are private studios and more public ones like the chain stores you find in shopping malls.  A private baby photography studio is a good choice for you if you are thinking about taking pictures of your baby in the nude.  This is extremely popular perhaps because nudity is pure and babies are pure.  One very famous artist that has made a living out of photographing babies in their birthday suits is Anne Geddes.  Her use of baby photography props and baby photography poses are very famous and are copied by amateur photographers like you and me all the time.  If you just want cute pictures of your baby for a reasonable price then you might want to visit one of those mall stores like Picture People.

Taking Baby Photographs at Home

Even if you hire a professional to take picture occasionally, you will want to be able to take good pictures on your own because your children do new and exciting things every day when they are young.  There a few baby photography tips to keep in mind.  First, make sure the camera you choose has a fast shutter speed.  Young ones move quickly and are not very interested in posing so it is important that you get the shot before your son or daughter move on.  As we said above, use natural light whenever possible.  In addition to helping your baby’s complexion, flashes tend to scare young children.  It is better if you do not have to use it.  Another helpful hint is to try to shoot from the baby’s level whenever possible.  Pictures taken from above never look as good as the ones right at eye level.  You will be able to see your kid’s face and expression much more clearly when you get down to their level.

If you are going for more artful portraits rather than just fun everyday pictures then there are a couple of good baby photography ideas to try.  First, try to remember to use simple backgrounds.  Nothing should distract the viewer from your baby.  If there is too much going on around the baby, the beauty of your child will not shine.  The picture to the right, for example, focuses on the infant.  Even though there is a background, it is understated and even slightly out of focus so that our eyes are drawn to the infant.  A second helpful hint is to shoot shots of all the tiny little baby parts.  A compilation of tiny hands, feet, ears, and noses is a popular page in many scrapbooks.  An additional baby photography tip is to try and snap a picture when your child’s attention is focused elsewhere.  The looks that young children have on their faces speak volumes and remind us of how much is going on in their little heads.  Some of the best and most beautiful pictures I have of my daughter were taken when she was not looking at the camera.


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