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Stories by author Robert Munsch Deliver Fun, Creativity & Imagination: kids book review

Updated on April 4, 2012

Kids Love His Stories

great kids author
great kids author | Source

Readers from Around the World

Author Robert Munsch has been delivering kids books since 1979. His many tales keep children wide-eyed as they wait for the stories to unfold with the creativity and imagination only a child could muster; or Mr Munsch.

Fun to read, funny endings to "everyday" problems and situations that are too silly too believe, his readers are from around the globe. His collection is well appreciated with over 30 million books sold worldwide, and have been enjoyed for years in our house.

50 books and counting

Robert Munsch's first book was Mud puddle and he's written 50 more since. He has a knack for being as creative as a child would be if they were telling the story; even I get wide-eyed as I read them sometimes! His ability to tell stories on a level that the kids can relate to is indeed very special. He is a very special writer.

Books of all Kinds

Some of the stories deal with everyday issues as in the books "Andrew's Loose Tooth", "I Have to Go!" and "Get Out of Bed!". Some books look at the absurd things our children do as in "Mmm, Cookies!", "Purple, Green and Yellow" and one of my favorites "Deep Snow". There are also many stories where Robert dares to go way beyond and pushes the imagination as in his stories like "The Snowsuit", "The Paper Bag Princess", "Show and Tell", and "Angela's Airplane"; to name a few.

... And no book ever starts or ends the way you think it will!

read by Robert Munsch

Love You Forever

The first book I ever read to my daughter was "Love You Forever". It's a fabulous book that I think every child should be given by their parents. Several years ago my mother was very ill in the hospital and I stayed with her every night while she was there. One night when I was very discouraged and worried I brought the book into the hospital and I read it to her. As the tears streamed down my face and I held her hand softly and read, I felt the circle of life and knew that this book was for her now. I knew if this book had existed when I was a child she would have given it to me. I tucked it under her arm as she slept and she keeps that book at her bedside to this day.

Munsch More Munsch


Munsch more ...

Besides his books he also has audio recordings of himself reading his stories which are available on his website. He also has dvds and has spent years doing many personal reading tours. His website is great and very kid friendly, jammed packed with books, information, kids story submissions and more; definitely worth visiting.

Reading is an Opportunity

Reading is one of those great activities we can do with our kids that brings us closer together with them, is a bonding opportunity, and is so important for their future development. Robert Munsch's stories are the kind of books that encourage laughter, imagination, fun discussions and creativity. The books can be the starting point for activities such as crafts, art and even book and story writing! The books have brought all of these ideas and more to our house; I let the kids take the lead on what activity they are inspired to do after story time, I just try to make sure it doesn't turn out like in the books!

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Books like no Others

A great gift idea any time of year, Robert Munsch's books are like no others I've ever read and are guaranteed to be read over and over till the pages are worn. Thank you Mr. Munsch for sharing your incredible imagination with our world!

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      what a beautiful gift for your grandchild, and it will bring back wonderful memories and opportunities for your son to talk about his childhood with his son.

      Robert Munsch has given us some wonderful moments to treasure.

      thanks for sharing; it really is a book every child shoud have.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 6 years ago

      Love You Forever was my son's favorite bedtime book, maybe the only one he willingly let me read to him! He's 21 now................ and I've sent that book to his son, my first grandchild. It's a beautiful book!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      me too :O)

    • Trueshortstories profile image

      Trueshortstories 6 years ago from Canada

      My favorite was I'll love you forever. I can't read it without crying.