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Great Ways to Help Teach Toddlers and Preschoolers about Emotions

Updated on October 29, 2013

There are some great ways to help teach toddlers and preschoolers about emotions. Not only can parents teach it to their toddlers by showing examples but there are some amazing products out there that can do the trick with books, DVDs, and materials to do some artwork and crafts. I know this because my three-year-old was playing with one of her books on the TAG System of where it would say some of these words: angry, sad, happy and etc. All of a sudden, she was saying “Mommy I’m angry.” It never dawned on me to teach her about emotions, I don’t know why it never did, but it occurred to me this will be a great way for her to tell me how she feels instead of her pitching a fit, maybe this will be the key to help reduce her temper tantrums.

My Happy Girl


Why is it important to teach about emotions to toddlers and preschoolers?

It is very important for toddlers and preschoolers to be educated of emotions. Humans use emotions to express themselves whether we are happy, sad or angry it happens from time-to-time and I think that these little ones should know what kind of emotions that they are dealing with. Maybe, it could help reduce temper tantrums, if your child does that. I’m still learning this as I go but I have seen some improvement in my child since she has been learning about emotions and what they mean.

Another reason of why I think it is important to teach children about these things is because some adults do not know how to deal with their emotions, I have seen people throw things across the room because of them getting mad, and children pick up on that. If we teach them earlier on, we may not have to deal with so many issues of when they get older and hit their teen years. I’m not saying that they will not do anything for when they get mad, but maybe they will have it in their brain do not throw their property or someone else’s property around the house, or how they should deal with what they are feeling head-on.

The Feelings Books

Books about Emotions

Books are a great way to teach toddlers and preschoolers about emotions. They have a lot of pictures in them, and they are colorful that is why a lot of toddlers love playing with books so much, and they like to ask questions of what is going on in the book that they are looking at. There are pop-up books, picture books, and ones for the TAG System that parents can find that shows and talks about emotions.

“The Feelings Book,” by Todd Parr that brightly demonstrates a huge selection of moods that we all go through. This book is great for younger children who are just now beginning to read and it will motivate kids to talk about their emotions in a kid-friendly way.

Review from a customer- “This book was a big hit with my first graders. It showed them that there were ways to let people know what they were feeling, sometimes without saying anything. They now also have an idea of why they are feeling the way they do about things. I loved this book as much as the kids did.”

Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show

DVD's on Emotions

Watching DVD’s is a good idea to teach your child of emotions as well. Kids love to watch movies and cartoons that will keep them interested, my daughter has learned plenty from TV shows and cartoons, if there is a DVD out there to help her with emotions, and then I’m all in for it.

Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show is a great DVD that shows children about feelings, it is 45 minutes long and it will help preschool children to come with terms and show them how to use their feelings.

Review from a customer- “I am a therapist in a residential treatment facility for children, and I found this DVD on a whim searching I am so pleased with my purchase!! I love this DVD!

Ruby Studio: The Feelings Show Sneak Peak

Expressing with Artwork

Artwork is a fun and an expressive way to educate on emotions. There are so many activities that you can do, it would be a great idea after you read a book, watch DVDs on emotions, or if you did both then you can do some art projects with the kids to go over on what they have learned. I think a real neat project would be to get some finger paint, whatever paper you can find, and let them paint faces of being happy, sad, mad, crying and etc, they can even paint their favorite animal and put a happy or sad faces on them. To get more creative get some craft materials googley eyes, pop-cycle sticks, glitter, and whatever you can think of to put on that paper or poster board even. Also, another good idea you can ask them to paint what makes them happy, sad or whatever feeling or emotions that you can think of, you could cut out things out of a magazine for them and have them paste it onto a poster board too, there are just so many options of what you can do when it comes to expressing with artwork.

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