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Green Mountain Diapers: Cloth Diapers

Updated on March 26, 2013

When thinking about babies and baby products, diapers (also known as nappies), are one of the first things most parents or soon to be parents think of. Along with becoming new parents, being eco friendly is also becoming more of a concern in society today. When you have a new born, it can get very hard to be environmentally friendly but cloth diapers are making a comeback to help cut out the trash. Having a newborn is like having a poop machine, anywhere from 5 – 10 diaper changes a day. This also means 5 – 10 diapers in the trash a day, which means up to 3650 a year in diapers. According to more then 4 million babies are born every year in the USA which means A LOT of diapers are going into landfills every year. To try to save our environment, many new parents going green by choosing to use reusable diapers. Green Mountain Diapers is a company that makes reusable cloth diapers that is not only environmentally friendly but also user friendly and with adorable designs.

One of the obvious benefits of using cloth diapers is the fact that you will save a lot of money, an average baby will use about $72 worth of diapers a month and $20 worth of wipes per month which comes up to be more then $1000 a year so over a two year period, you will spend more then $2000 in diapers alone. While using cloth diapers the initial cost is about $300-$500 (can cost more if you choose to buy extra for convenience) but after the initial cost all you have to worry about it the detergent and laundry cost for the two year duration of diapering your baby (this cost will depend on where you live.)

Green Mountain Diapers have made it very easy for parents to get started on cloth diapering, they have a great facts and extra information page on their website as well as an video to show parents how to use a pre-fold diaper. They also have a few different package options sold on their website to help parents that are new to cloth diapers get started. Their packages ranges by budget so you get a good idea of what you can get for the budget you want to spend. Green Mountain Diapers is one of the biggest cloth diapering companies that many mommies rave about, (there are many other great cloth diapering companies out there with their pros and cons, I just found Green Mountain Diaper a more rounded company).

The reason disposable diapers were developed was for convenience, ease of changing (old cloth diapers required folding and pins), leak proof and smell proof. But cloth diapers have come a long way from those days and they are made much better now. You can buy diapers that you do not have to fold and pin that are called Workhorse Fitted. These resemble the look of disposable diapers. Even if you are using pre-folds, you often do not need to use pins, as there are diaper covers available that can be used to hold the diaper in place. Now, the smell proof part is not completely there since with disposable diapers they often use a lot of different products to make their diapers smell proof as with cloth diapers it will be more smelly but at least there are no unknown chemical that will be touching your babies bottoms. Plus, you shouldn’t leave your baby in a wet or poopy diaper for too long anyways so I guess it is a good reminder to change your baby! Leaky diapers are another concerns of mothers that were using cloth diapers in the past but now there are almost no complaints about leakage with cloth diapers. If there is a leak with cloth diapers, it is probably way too much its time to change your baby! Green Mountain Diaper information page actually gives great information on this.

With cloth diapers, you will also have to consider what kind of material you would want to use. With Green Mountain Diapers, they only make cotton cloth diapers the reason being is because they believe that cotton is always going to be the most gentle on your babies skin and the way that cotton is produced it leaves the least amount of carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.

Another great benefit that many parents who are choosing to use cloth diapers is that their babies are potty trained faster! Now which parent wouldn’t like that? According to many parents, when babies are being cloth diapered they adapt to using the toilet faster because they feel the wetness and discomfort which disposable-diapered babies do not feel therefore there is no need to rush the potty training for them. Of course, this is what parents are saying and there is no scientific evidence behind this.

Although cloth diapering to save the environment is a great idea, please remember that you will still need to wash these diapers which means you need to use extra detergent, water and energy to get these diapers clean.

To this date, there is still on going debate to which way of diapering babies is the most environmentally friendly. Cloth diapers means reusability even after the baby no longer needs to be diapers (maybe for baby number 2 or 3 or maybe even used as a rag,) can be resold to another family that wants to save money and the environment but it uses more detergent, water (each cycle is approximately equal to five toilet flushes a day for a whole week), and energy. Disposable diapers is easier to clean and handle (since all you have to do is throw it in the trash after) so for visiting friends and family or if you have a baby sitter it might be easier, also it means less water and energy being used and which the amount of baby clothes you have to wash already do you really want to wash diapers? However, it does create more landfill, it has less smell compared to cloth diapers, it does cost more over the period of baby being diapered (unless you are an extreme couponer living in the USA (in Canada, couponing doesn’t work)).

I am sure there are still many points that I have not yet covered to cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers and many parents will have their own opinion about this topic. Please keep in mind, that this is only from my own research as I am about to become a new mommy myself and I do not know which way to go yet. I love the idea of cloth diapering and Green Mountain Diapers seems to be a very promising brand but I also will be returning to work after six months and the convenience of disposable for my family is very alluring. The decisions of parenthood.


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