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Guilt Free Parenting

Updated on November 26, 2009

As parents we face many different challenges daily. Many times we seek the advice of parents, friends or even experts to solve our problems. It can be extremely frustrating when you get contradicting advices from various sources. Worst so if you act on the advices given and the results were catastrophic.You end up regretting being brash and have lots of " What if?" popping up in your mind.

I'm sure this is not what you would like parenting to be. Here are some tips on how to indulge in Guilt Free Parenting.

Tips on How to be Guilt Free

  1. Take head of what you are taking in

    Ask yourself what you believe in. Who is influencing your train of thought? Are you focused more on the positive or negative comments? Are you proud to be yourself or easily swayed by flashy media images and fads? It may not be easy to self reflect but once you manage to get it done you will have a better understanding of your needs.

  2. Listen to your inner self/voice

    Meditation will help to muffle the voices you hear in your head. It would help you connect with your inner voice/self. Let’s take a simple task of choosing what to wear to work in the morning. Should I wear a dress? Pants or skirt? Do you really want to wear that fancy looking dress or comfortable pants with a blouse? Think back to when you’ve listened to your inner self before making a decision. What did it feel like? Was it stressful? Did it feel good?

  3. Build on your Victories

    Note when you are listening to your inner self. Like the time you were extremely tired and rejected an offer for a night out with your friends. Ask yourself, “What is important to/for me?” Even if it is just taking some time out for ME TIME is that something that you want to do?

  4. Communicate your desires

    Upon noticing what you want, it is important to have your desires communicated. Say it out and say it clearly. Even though your friends may or may not ask you it is important for them to know how you feel and what you want. You may not get your way or desires each time and that’s how life is. However, if you haven’t said out your piece you will NEVER get what you desire.

  5. Balancing what you learn or hear

    It is tough to judge whether the advice you have got is good or bad. Sometimes advices from our parents and friends help us while at other times their good intentions may turn out to give us more problems and stresses. Worst to say, some individuals may deliberately mislead you with bogus information to give you a false sense of assurance.It is necessary to use your own judgement  to decide on what is the best course of action.


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